Cookie’s Corner robbed on “its last day of operation”

cookies corner
1970 2nd Street, NW

Thanks to all who sent emails:

“did you also here that cookie’s corner was robbed on its last day of day of operation and it’s now closed? a diversified food truck was also robbed around the same time at 4th and Bryant.”

Another reader writes:

“While Cookie’s didn’t have a lot to offer, it had a mysteriously good beer and ice cream selection that I will greatly miss from that location if it’s true.”

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  • yeah, i’ll be bummed if this is it for cookie’s! decent sandwiches, too.

  • That spot is prime to become something better utilized with its open space off to the side. I saw, what I assume to be the new owners, sprucing up the grounds recently. They were Korean, so the possibilities are abound!

    Also noticed the heavy police presence the other day…I guess now I know why.

    • A little cafe/bistro that makes use of that lot would be amazing!

    • same, long time owners. hodari, the proprietor of cookies, tried to renegotiate the lease and morph into a beer garden, no dice. We’ll see what the owners have in mind, I’m not confident though…

  • It looked pretty much cleared out when I walked by this morning. The light up “Open” sign wasn’t just off, it was gone.

  • A coffee shop or restaurant /bistro would do the neighborhood good!

  • Bummer, they were always really nice.
    WTF is a diversified food truck tho?

  • Our 5 year lease was over April 15th. We made an offer on the property which was not accepted. We have turned the business back over to the building owners. Thanks to all our customers and family for making the past 5 years the opposite of boring. Rest in Power Cassius Ezra Fredd.

  • While I really liked their wing night… I’m excited for something with some more solid options… and a patio???

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