Bread & Salt: “We Close for Changes coming.”

bread salt
4619 41st Street, NW

A reader reports:

“Bread and Salt has signs on its front door saying it’s closed “for changes coming.” Same message on its website.

The restaurant is well-liked by some in the neighborhood, but it’s a huge space and seems mostly empty much of the time. It was ambitious to open such a large space for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Anyway, we shall see…”

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  • I’m amazed it lasted this long. It was awful– really one of the worst places I’ve been in DC– and empty.

  • This seemed inevitable. The restaurant’s in a bit of an odd location. The food is a bit hit-or-miss but I always liked the staff. I wonder if they’re going to move to the Guapos site after they move?

  • Dead since the day it opened. I believe it lasted this long because the proprietors own the building. If this restaurant were self-sustaining it would have closed many months ago. A very confused concept and space.

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