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  • Oh no! The kid is going to be so sad to hear about Bloo Moo. We haven’t broken the news to him about Sweet Frog yet (that one was our favorite).

  • Blue Moo is becoming a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins… Donohoe leased it to them about a month ago.

    • ah

      If true, that could be an upgrade!

      • Agreed. Kid would be happy. My thighs, not so much.

      • maxwell smart

        Really? I didn’t grow up in an area with Dunkin Donuts. I have had the coffee exactly once in a moment of freezing desperation in New York. It tasted like what I imagine gas station coffee tastes like. I don’t get the hype. Plus there is already Starbucks and Panera a stones throw away, which already covers the bad coffee / pastries route. Would rather see something a little more inspired in this location than a generic chain.

        • ah

          But ice cream!

          I grew up near Boston, so, yeah, don’t dump on DD. That said I’ve never gone for the coffee, but the doughnuts are good, and BnR is solid ice cream.

          • maxwell smart

            I’m one of those weird people that doesn’t like donuts and I’m good with about a spoonful of Ice Cream annually, which is all to say, literally nothing excites me about this. The District Taco opening down the street… now that is a different story.

  • Please don’t take away Mr Yogato

  • How about Lovely Yogurt at 11th and U? That place has to be a front for some other activities, and I don’t mean bagel activities. Looks altogether closed lately.

  • Seems like the frozen yogurt fad is slowly passing again, for the second or third time.

  • I never understood how those froyo places stay in business, especially in the winter. Too bad they’re closing right before their peak season (and I know on of the managers; good kid and I’m sorry he and the other employees will be out of a job).

    Glad Kitty’s is not closing, although I rarely frequent it; very awkward space for a bar (immediately before Kitty’s there was a really good kebob place there; not sure why they closed).

  • I’m shocked it was still open. I went in last summer really wanting some and after sampling 3 or 4 flavors was disgusted by how bad it was and walked out.

  • Seems that the FroYo at Booeymongers on Jenifer recently removed the FroYo signage and is now a generic frozen yogurt store.

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