Armed Robbery 12:30pm at 13th and C St, NE

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From MPD:

“Robbery Hold Up Gun: our victim was standing in the vicinity of a metro bus stop today at 13th and C Streets NE at approximately 12:30PM today when approached by 2 male suspects, one of which displayed a black handgun and demanded C-1’s property. The suspects were seen fleeing the scene on foot then got into what was described as a Red Jeep Grand Cherokee that was staged in the alley. This is an OPEN case currently being investigated by the First Police Detective Unit.”

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  • Ugh, not another. I thought the police were supposed to be focusing on this area now?

  • Ah yes, the eighth sign of spring: spike in armed robberies in Capitol Hill

  • There was also a recent armed carjacking a block away:

    Saw a cop posted outside that 15th and C NE corner store one night, but otherwise no visible increased police presence from MPD.


    • I moved away from a block over from here a few years ago after the crime reports were more than I was comfortable with. A block south of me I remember a woman being carjacked in the middle of the day while loading her baby into a car, and a block west, someone carjacked around 9 in the morning. Everything just seemed to be so brazen. Sad that a few years later nothing has changed. So many things to love about that neighborhood too.

    • justinbc

      Unless you’re sitting on your porch all day long watching for cops your perception of “visible presence” isn’t going to be representative of reality. This is actually the bus stop I take in the morning, I live about 2 blocks away, and I definitely see police regularly on any given day. It might not be “increased”, but there’s been no shortage to begin with.

  • I appreciate the detailed description of the suspects. That should make it easy to find them. Let’s see, where was it . . . oh, right, here it is . . . ” 2 male suspects.” Oh. Apparently I am in the pool of suspects. Where should I go to stand in the lineup? Luckily, I have an iron-clad alibi.
    Seriously, WTF, MPD?

    • In many cases, MPD does not have a good description because neither the victim nor the witnesses (if there were any) can provide a good description. If they had a better description, I’m sure they would have included it.

  • Linc Park SE

    I bike home at around Midnight and have definitely noticed more police presence between RFK and Lincoln Park. Of course, more police at night doesnt help the day-time robberies/ carjacks.

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