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  • rich tradition others should see

  • Where is it located?

  • I live around the corner from here. these guys are always crushing a new & fun window display every week. And yes, pysanky is a funny word.

    • the word “pysaty” means to write or to paint in Ukrainian. So pysanky just means “painted things”.

      • and пісате is to pee, so be careful with your pronunciation or your friends will think you want to pee on eggs.
        Damn you І & Й!!

  • When we were very young (in the 60’s) my parents took us out to Little Washington because (?) a shop there was having a Ukrainian Egg painting class. For many years after at Easter we made Ukrainian painted eggs and it is a wonderful family memory. Some of the eggs have survived to this day. Thanks mom!

  • Yes! Supplies are often hard to find in person!

  • :-O !!!!!
    Awesome! I need to check this out. Haven’t made them for years, but would love to get into it again. It’s a really nice tradition, my mother used to come into my class in elementary school each year to show my classmates how to make them and go through the history.
    I love finding Ukrainian stuff around here. As it is I get unnecessarily excited just by seeing a tryzub/flag decal on a parked car. Even though I wasn’t as active as my relatives, I still miss having the community around.

  • Gorgeous but really hard to do.

  • I passed this a week or so ago. Glad someone captured it. Ah, a childhood friend’s Ukrainian mom had us make these eggs. What memories the window swept up on the beach! But boy, it’s hard to make Ukrainian eggs. I never mastered it. And you burn your fingers to smithereens. The smell of beeswax is pleasant.

  • New Baby Kitty crushed my Ukrainian egg. He can be a real asshole.

  • Best frame shop in DC!

  • I Dont Get It

    My deceased partner’s deceased partner apparently was into making Ukrainian eggs. They are beautiful but I’ve never been sure what to do with them. Not my style and i’d love to give them to someone who would appreciate them. BTW he was estranged from his family so that’s not really an option.

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