Two Shot in the 1300 block of Brentwood Road NE

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From MPD around 2am:

“The 5th District is currently investigating a shooting which occurred in the 1300 block of Brentwood Road NE. Two (2) victims were injured and currently being treated at local hospitals.

Any person with information in this case please contact the CIC at 202-727-9099”

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  • The liquor store that’s right there always has a group of people loitering out front who don’t appear to be pillars of the community. I was sitting at the light once and a cop chased a guy from there right past my car. It’s a terrible area.

    • The liquor store has closed recently, as part of the redevelopment going on with the apartments and strip mall. And the larger group was always loitering out back.

      • Details on the new development, for reference:

      • Maybe you’re thinking of somewhere else, but I drove by the liquor store this morning and it’s open. Just north of Rhode Island Ave.

        • I live a few blocks from here. There are atleast 3-4 “Liquor stores within a 10 min walk from here. So it’s whack a mole until more development draws in more density.

        • There’s the one in the “Woodridge Vets” building on the north side of the ave (with the papa johns). Better still however is Good Old Reliable, which is about two blocks East, on the south side of the ave (you don’t have to shout through bullet proof glass to get something, and the staff is much more informed; however they close earlier in the day).

  • The strip mall across the street on the South Side is closing for redevelopment along with all the yellow apartments. This looks like it took place on the North side of Rhode Island by Woodridge Vets Liquour, a pizza place, Chinese place, and a corner store adjacent to the fire station.

    There are always several people hanging out at all hours of the daytime, but this is the first time in two years I have heard of such an incident.

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