Scuttlebutt: Chads For Sale in Friendship Heights?

5247 Wisconsin Ave, NW via Chads’ Facebook

A reader reports:

“Chad’s/Chadwick’s near Mazza Galleria is for sale. $1M for the name, $1 M for the assets, and of course taking over the lease.”

Updates when/if more info is known/confirmed.

Chads website says:

Since 1982, Chads Friendship Heights has been a mainstay of locals and visitors alike. Our inviting atmosphere, friendly staff, delicious menu, and expansive drink selection have made regulars out of first time customers time and time again. Chads is not a chain or franchise; we are real people, hands-on from management, to the kitchen, to your table. Conveniently located across the street from the Jenifer St exit of the Friendship Heights Metro station, Chads Friendship Heights is a perfect place to unwind and relax for happy hour or take a break from shopping.

Come enjoy a quiet dinner in our dining room, have a seat at the bar and enjoy our beer and cocktail selection, or dine on our outdoor patio and enjoy a beautiful day with friends (open April-October). Chads is also a great location to host your next work party or family get (please call for reservations and availability). We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere for all customers, whether you are stopping in for a beer, having a nice dinner, or out on a date, Chads has always been a great choice for good food and good times in Friendship Heights.

Our menu features the best in American cuisine, from old time favorites, to fresh seafood, burgers, sandwiches, and wraps in the area. At Chads Friendship Heights, there is something for everyone young or old. Come by and see why Chads has been a Washington DC favorite for more than 25 years!”

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  • Wonder what “wraps in the area” are.

  • A million for the name..that’s some chutzpah. They changed the name from Chadwick’s just a few years ago.

    • Yeah, I thought they were a Chadwick’s spinoff.

      • The one in Georgetown (now closed) and the one in Old Town were never affiliated with the one in Friendship Heights. They tried to be another Clyde’s but it kind of failed.

  • Jerry Grundle

    It’s hard to believe the name is worth $1 Million, when it seems like they’ve been in decline for the past 20 years.

  • They were all owned and operated by the same people for a number of years

  • Chadwicks preceded Clydes in Georgetown & was a college semidive bar while Clydes was more upscale. The 3 restaurants were affiliated and then not. The interesting question is the lease/ownership of the space.

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