Redline Sports Bar Closing After Sunday Service?

707 G Street, NW

A couple months ago we learned that Redline Sports Bar was ordered to pay “$687,000 in damages after finding [an employee] was the victim of discrimination”. Now I’m hearing that this Sunday, March 27 could be the last day Redline will be open. I’ve sent an email for more details and will update when/if more is known.

Redline’s website says:

“Washington DC’s newest luxury gastropub Redline is located in the heart of DC’s Penn Quarter, steps away from the bustling Verizon Center and just across the street from the National Portrait Gallery.

Featuring built-in table taps, Redline offers a 130-seat sportspub and an 86-seat restaurant presenting “American cuisine with a French flair”. An 11-foot projection screen and over 40 flat screens provide instant visibility to your favorite sports games and news channel powerlunches.”

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  • Christ, that place sounds like the worst.

  • This place has been dead ever since that article ran in the post. I thought it was already closed. Business dropped off big time. Empty during March Madness when a few years ago they were reserving booths because they were packed to the brim.

  • Not surprised. It is the type of bar that has become the norm in Chinatown – a tired, soulless, corporate food and alcohol trough. No tears.

  • Good–they don’t deserve to be in business.

  • orderedchaos

    Redline is awful — so while it’s unfortunate for the employees, its death is overdue.

    As for bars in that area that are good/non-soulless: Iron Horse Pub, The Irish Channel, The Partisan (more Penn Q but still close), Rocket Bar, District Chop House… anyone have any other suggestions?

  • Sounds like the same pattern we saw with the Reef. 1) Business if booming 2) Lawsuit 3) Shutter the business and file for bankruptcy to avoid paying…………….

  • Are there any decent bars in that area worth visiting before a game at the Verizon Center that aren’t packed to standing room only or so loud that you can’t hear yourself think?

    • No, so just stay home

    • Jackpot, Denson, and the noodle spot Daikaya Ramen has a real nice happy hour. I usually go there before Wizards games. Standing room after say 5pm on Fridays but the HH menu always changes so its always something new to try.

    • I like Bar Deco a lot, new spot across from Verizon Center on 6th. Went to a HH on a game night and it was busy but not unruly.

  • I love(d) Redline. I have been going since it first opened. The bartenders are completely amazing. Well, Brooke and Zarko are amazing. I am an African American woman and was super upset to read the WashPo article. I was in a crunch last week and needed something to eat so I went in there and sat at the bar. My fav bartenders were there and told me they were closing. It was sad to hear, but I understood. Here’s the kicker, there was actually an African American female bartender there. She was the ABSOLUTE rudest person I probably have ever met in my life. She mistakenly gave my order to another customer. No problem, I’m legit the nicest person in the world. (too nice). I asked her if those where my wings and she replied “I did not take your order and didn’t know you ordered wings. You will get the order when the next one comes out” She was super rude but hey ppl are rude so whatever. But then I wanted to make sure my order came out right so I gave her some specifics (fried hard no ranch or blue cheese)and she was even more rude. She replied “I told you he ordered the exact same thing”. Then walks away. My boyfriend and I are a little stunned but again I’m nice so I say nothing just mention her rudeness to my boyfriend. She then walks over to me and screams: “IS THERE A PROBLEM” I cannot make this stuff up. It was as if she wanted to fight me because she gave my wings away. I told her i didn’t have an issue, it wasnt her falut she really didnt know I ordered wings and to please stop being rude to me. She told me I was the rude one, gave me a piece of her mind, rolled her eyes and walked away. I was shocked!!!! My boyfriend told her there was no reason to be rude and yell and she began to list her customer service resume. It was so bad she made a complete fool of herself and of course the order came out wrong (all flats, soggy with ranch and blue cheese) because duh, it wasn’t my order. :-/

    • Sounds like you met an asshole. They make them in white and black models. Just an FYI

      • Yes I agree. I only listed her race because of the WashPo article and the irony that they now have black bartenders . 🙂

    • palisades

      I love stories like these. There is literally no possible way the interaction went exactly like this, but it’s so entertaining and absurd. Makes my Fridays even better.

      • Promise you it did. You have to understand, she didn’t care because the place is closing and she told her coworkers she was quitting the next day. I dont believe she would have done this if the place wasn’t closing. She was rude as can be without a care in the world. I didn’t do anything to her at all. If you knew me, you would know, my friends make fun of me for being someone who gets “pushed around” because I refuse to step out of character for others. The bar was full of regulars who work at the Verizon center, they can all attest to the story. I do agree with you that whenever I read long rude reviews on Yelp I think about what “really” happened. (I actually refuse to write bad reviews on yelp because of that) But this right here is verbatim.

      • I agree, palisades. The story is dubious, for sure.

        Worst of all, I fail to see how any of this relates to the fact that anemployer engaged in prohibited employment discrimination practices against a particular African-American employee.

        This is like me reading a story about a woman that Company A passed over for a promotion because of her gender. And my response is to share an anecdote about this other random woman who also worked at Company A, but seemed to have a real ax to grind with men. Ironic? No. Irrelevant? For sure!

      • Thank you palisades; SWchick is a troll. NO self-respecting black woman -NONE, and I mean ZERO!- would have patronized a place that had been slammed by a jury for discrimination where there are dozens of other places they could have gone instead.

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