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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: I’m pretty sure I ate something the baby is allergic to over the weekend, but I can’t figure out what.
    Rave: Hopefully that means that as symptoms continue to wane, nighttime wakeups will continue to improve to where they were a week ago.
    Rant: Watching someone walk right by a working elevator to take a stroller up the escalator. Argh.
    Rave: My daughter has picked up the word “dubious” in the context of the Green Eggs & Ham book character who doesn’t want to eat the green eggs & ham (does he have a name?).
    Rave: She pronounces it “dope-ious” and corrects me when I pronounce it correctly.

    • Emmaleigh504

      lol cute kiddo story!

    • lol… Sam. Sam I Am and I do not like green eggs and ham. And that is adorable!

      • Sam I Am is the guy who’s pushing the green eggs and ham, not the guy who’s resisting them. I don’t know if the picky eater has a name…
        I really like Kukki’s definition of dope-ious.

        • Clearly, I have not paid enough attention! Or maybe it’s because we have our own Sam I am in the house who does not like green eggs and ham (or anything else that isn’t spaghetti, pizza, or pb&J πŸ˜‰ )

      • Sam-I-Am is the character that is trying to get him to eat green eggs & ham. The guy who is resisting eating the green eggs & ham doesn’t have a name. We named him Steve because our daughter kept asking his name (can you tell it is one of her favorite books right now?)

  • From yesterday’s RRR I posted on beginning yoga (figured my reply would be more likely to be seen here than if I posted now on yesterday’s!)
    @saf: no, I’m doing a series at a studio in Clarendon. Thanks for the recommendation though, as I will likely be checking out other studios after the series is over to compare!
    @Emi G: thanks for the encouragement, and I’ll definitely report back in early May when it’s over!

  • Close to a rant, but not really:
    Does anyone know why there are sidewalk barricades around the intersection of Connecticut Ave and Calvert Street and then on downhill towards Rock Creek Parkway? There are Chinese flags posted around there, so I’m guessing it has something to do with the Nuclear Security Summit (maybe delegates are staying nearby?), but I was wondering if anyone knows anything more.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Chinese big shots like to stay at the Marriott. I guess they are expecting a big turn out for the visit.

    • Yes, I think that there are some permitted protests against the Chinese government anticipated in connection with the Summit’s delegation, plus some non-permitted events also anticipated. My fiance’s office sent a pretty doom-and-gloom overview of the expected disruptions throughout the rest of the week.

      • maxwell smart

        There were protests this evening in this area, which basically shut the L bus down. I sat at work and watched the L bus arrival on NextBus sit at 18 minutes away for about an hour before I aborted and went home on the east side of the park.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: We have thwarted the puppy’s mail-destroying ambitions.
    Rant: Had a horrible nightmare in which my mother called to announce that she was taking the Chinese bed back.
    Rave: In real life, the Chinese bed belongs not to my mother but to my awesome aunt, who wants it to live at my house.

    • How did you stop your puppy from destroying mail?
      Catalogs get ripped apart and envelopes end up with bite marks as my pup slays all mail that invades the house. Most time the carrier leaves mail between screen and front door, but I can always tell when there’s a substitute.

      • Quotia Zelda

        We put up a gate so the he can’t reach the landing where the mail slot is. He’s convinced that the mail,coming into the house is a mortal enemy from which he must defend us.

    • QZ, did you install one of those “cage” things that collects the mail after it comes through the letterbox?

      I had something like this at my apartment in Japan. (Not sure if I’ve ever seen it here, but then again, I’ve never looked.) It was actually solid rather than cage-like, so anyone who peeked through the slot would see only metal, not the interior of my apartment.

      • Quotia Zelda

        No, our house is a split foyer, so we put a gate at the top of the stairs to keep W on the main level and off the landing. It opens like a door for human acces.

  • Rant: laptop is dead, dead, dead. I was hoping to wait a few more months to replace it since I just spent a bunch of money
    Revel: picked up a couple spring break side gigs
    Revel: enjoyed seeing everyone at hh last night!

  • Rave: First day back on the water — rowing season has begun!
    Rave: Always (politically) pessimistic girlfriend, who deals with political data for a living and sees A LOT of numbers, crawled into bed last night and, out of nowhere, said”it’s going to be a landslide.”
    Rant: Unless our people don’t turn out.

  • I’m feeling itchy. It’s not allergies, it’s time for a change. I wonder if any carpenters/craftspeople take on apprentices. After the staircase discussion, I got to thinking. Custom woodwork would be interesting and satisfying and probably profitable, no? I wonder what the barriers are… training and expensive tools of course. What else?

    • That One Guy

      Working with your hands to build something physically tangible would be rewarding. If you take the plung please provide an update. Also, in case your interested there’s a place in crystal city that’s a sort of makers tinker shop. They may have the tools for wood working.

    • Talk to the folks at the Craftsmen Group – they might have some suggestions

    • I’ve often thought this, that I want to make furniture. Working with all the sawdust would be hard for my breathing, though.

      And I think the definition of what constitutes a good living is very different for those working in manual labor with their hands than that of the typical poster here who seems to be a well-paid government worker with a graduate degree. Might be worth the trade off for job satisfaction, but the lifestyle it affords one would likely be quite different. Even workers making fairly high end furniture don’t, I suspect, earn that much.

      Unless you go to the point of being an artisan, who makes custom pieces alone by commission for the extremely wealthy. But it would take some years to develop that skill, and you need a lot of expensive tools and a workshop space. And I wonder how much demand their is for their services. Many wealthy people seem to furnish high end houses with mass produced crap furniture. Maybe you meant woodwork as in house renovation – as in repairing beautiful old floors – the prices paid for that work often seem to be high.

      • I came soooo close to auditing a furniture making class at the Corcoran, but it was still expensive. I would love to make furniture or be a carpenter, but I feel like it would be hard to transition while living in such an expensive place.
        I do have a friend who’s father is an ER doctor and a master woodworker, so I guess even crazy busy people can do it as a hobby and become very good.

    • binntp

      You should read the book, Shop Class as Soul Craft. It’s about the meaning of work and manual labor vs. white collar occupations, and why a guy left his cube to repair motorcycles.

  • Ranty rant rant: I was scammed out of a not-insignificant amount of dollars recently. I might need to hire someone to serve the perpetrator. Can anyone here recommend an investigation service or person? This guy is a slippery eel.

  • Rant: Yesterday while I was at the office, someone cut and stole all five of my tulips that had bloomed as well as four of my tangerine-and-white fancy daffodils.
    Last year when I planted plain yellow daffodils, I was a little worried about that they’d walk… but when they didn’t, I breathed a sigh of relief and figured I’d be OK.
    So this fall I planted several different varieties and daffodils as well as a bunch of tulips. Feeling very cranky now. I’m never planting tulips again. πŸ™

  • Rave: Good seeing everyone yesterday at Happy Hour. Also a giant thank you to everyone for your kind thoughts.
    Rant: This is going to sound weird, but apparently my Grandmother had a different first name and I’m just finding this out. My mom sent a copy of her funeral program for us to look at and Grandma’s name is not the one I grew up calling her. I mention this to my sister and she’s like “yeah, we’ve been referring to Grandma by her nickname all these years.” NO ONE TOLD ME THIS! Even worse my sister has known this since we were kids and assumed I knew too! My family is not so great at communication. We are long winded talkers who tell each other nothing. I would not be surprised if someone moved and assumed everyone else knew.

    • Oh, that’s weird. My grandmother went by her middle name, but it was well known what her first name was. Seems like an odd thing not to point out, but then again, could also be one of those things that everyone just thought everyone knew? Now that I am thinking about it, my biological grandfather also went by his middle name, and my adopted grandfather (who my youngest is named after) when by a completely different nickname because his first name was something along the lines of A Boy Named Sue.

    • binntp

      Oh, I can relate to your rant. People referred to my dad as Junior for years, because he shares the same name as his father. But apparently he is not really a junior, because their middle names differ. As an adult, I listed my father as Name, Jr. on some form and he saw it and got all upset.

      • I can so relate. I thought my own middle name was spelled one way for a good portion of my life until for whatever reason my mom saw me filling out a form and she casually was like “you know your middle name has an e on the end, right?” No…mom…no I didn’t.

    • Andie302

      THIS HAPPENED TO ME TOO! My grandmother that passed away this time last year had the first name Beatrice, but everyone my whole life called her by something else. Who knew? I just learned my other grandmothers first name in the last ten years.

    • Wow, so going by a completely different name than your given one is a thing. It’s funny, my other Grandmother also went by her nickname, but it was very well known within the family.

    • “We are long winded talkers who tell each other nothing.”
      Ha! That’s my family, too.

    • Sounds like my family. When my grandmother died, we found a wedding photo album with my mother’s wedding pictures in it – too bad the guy wasn’t my dad. We never knew, and the album disappeared later that day and nobody will talk about it. And my family DOES move without telling people. I was living overseas and called my mother, but got a phone disconnected message. Had to call her secretary, who told me she’d moved a few weeks before. Um, maybe that would have been good to know?

      • Yeah, I found out I had a half brother when I was like 16. Some families are just not into talking… πŸ™‚

        • Allison

          I also found out for the first time when I was like 12 that my dad had been previously married and I had a half brother. These things aren’t as uncommon as you would think!

          • Allison

            Also, the way I found out was a little odd. I found a photo in the closet and asked my mom who it was. Her, nonchalantly: “Your half brother.” me: @_@

      • Oh wow…

      • “I was living overseas and called my mother, but got a phone disconnected message.” This happened to me, but I was living only two states away and was en route to her house. πŸ™

    • I wonder if this practice of picking a different name for yourself was related to the abrupt change in gender roles around WWII. I also know/ knew several women of that generation, which came of age at about the time women were doing other unprecedented things (factory and other war work), who were known by names they chose for themselves.

  • Additional rants/raves:
    Rant: Missed last night’s happy hour.
    Rave: … in order to run some errands that would have been difficult to run tonight/tomorrow/etc., including a long-overdue haircut.
    Rant: About 130 of the photos I took with my digital camera (I don’t have a smartphone) while on vacation are refusing to copy from the memory card onto my computer. I’m really, really hoping this doesn’t mean they’re forever lost to me. (Well, “lost” other than being able (sometimes) to view them by connecting a card reader to my computer.) πŸ™

    • binntp

      Does your digital camera have a slot for a USB adapter that can transfer the photos to your computer? (I’ve got one if you need to borrow one.)

    • I’ve never heard of a memory card that sort of works sometimes (not saying it’s impossible), so I imagine the files are fine and that you have a hardware (i.e. not the memory card and probably not the camera) or software problem of some sort. I can’t suggest a “fix” since I have no idea what your current setup is but I would either try to transfer them using a different computer or research an alternative way to do the transfer – one of those might help you figure out what the trouble spot is.

    • Thanks for the ideas, binpetworth and Anonymous!
      It has a mini- (or perhaps micro-?) USB jack. I’m not sure I have a corresponding USB cable (this was a camera my dad left behind at my house). Binpetworth, I’ll be in touch if I need to borrow your cable — thanks for the offer!

  • It was great to finally meet the Prince himself yesterday and have a very nice chat. And thanks to to the person who gave me the free beer!

  • Rave: Thank you soooooo much for the tax tip rfff924 and CHgal! I did a bunch of math yesterday and figured out that yes we would get a refund, not owe if we switched to married filing separately! Wife emailed the accountant and she is correcting it. If I still lived in DC I’d buy you both a drink with the refund! πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Busy at work and loving it
    Rave: Ex has decided to do the decent thing and not flake out on his kids this week. But of course….
    Rant: … he tried. Plus, he is supposed to have them until Sunday evening, and he is trying to drop them off after oldest’s game on Saturday (too many trips to DC, apparently). I just don’t know what to do with him.
    Rave: My kids are awesome anyway.

  • Rant: Fun night with the boy derailed when he came down with a stomach bug. Poor thing. First time we’ve been ill with each other (unless you count him going to me with the hospital last fall for a kidney infection). Hopefully I wasn’t too irritating a care-taker: I just did the dishes, brought him water, and didn’t make him talk too much.
    Rave: Feeling so focused these days. I know what I want to do, and I want to use the time I have in between my commitments to get things done. Don’t waste my time, I’ve got enough fun things to do with it otherwise.
    Rave: Loving this weather. Spring just makes me happy.

  • Rave: Milkshake and USMNT win last night.
    Rant: USMNT U-23 loss means no team in Rio.
    Rave: Got in a swim yesterday and now I just have 1000 meter swim and a 2 mile run left to finish off my March “Ironman”.
    Rant: Anxious friend hasn’t disappeared to middle of f’in nowhere yet – which is partially good. But it’s because the person who was supposed to give her a job just hung himself. I am physically ill with our lack of options to support her…her parents want to throw her out on the streets and our group of friends, her support network, have tried so many different ways to support that have not worked. Either she hits rock bottom and accepts treatment or we lose her.

  • Rant: I kind of wish my doctor had informed me of the post-surgery protocol before the surgery. I would have scheduled it closer to a weekend. Luckily I have no meetings the next two days, because I look like an idiot. I’m trying to hide at my desk, but at some point I’m going to have to go to the bathroom.
    Rave: It was nice to see PoPvillains at HH in the brief time I was there last night. I wish I could have stayed longer.
    Rant: I really just want election season to be over.

  • Rant: Can’t find a favorite ring, can’t remember seeing for awhile. Could be the house elf is being mischievous again…
    Rave: Enjoyed HH last night, thanks Dan for organizing!
    @saf, I saw your question about ramps late in the day. I ordered from a place in WVA (ramp farm) and from Pinetree Seeds. But if they’re out of stock, you could look for ramps bulbs with roots still attached at one of year round farmer’s markets

  • Rant: Car alarm on my street went off four times before my alarm rang. Useless and so irritating!
    Rave: Not sure what is currently reducing the severity and frequency of my migraines but it’s a good outcome.
    Rave 2: teleworking the next two days! that means I can watch a meeting that is blocked at work, go to the gym mid-day, and not be tempted by candy at work.

  • Rant: I have a coworker who recently had a baby and he keeps sending out group text photos of his kid. This has been going on for about 3 weeks now. Is there a polite way to say “dude I really do not care at all, stop sending email this crap”?

    • New parents are the most self-absorbed creatures on earth (with the possible exception of the new babies themselves). Unfortunately, there isn’t a polite way to say what you want to. Good news is, it wears off soon, or moves to social media where it’s easier to ignore. ‘Till then, you have to just grin and bear it.

      • THIS! Ugh, it’s all over my social media. Really dude, we don’t need 5 different photos/videos of your kid in ONE DAY. The kid is almost 18 months too…hasn’t worn off.

    • Say you don’t have unlimited texts, so you’d prefer to be removed from the list.

    • If you have an iPhone, you can use the “Do Not Disturb” function. They you can check messages from the chain on your own schedule. Or never.

    • There are probably some who keep telling him they love getting the photos, whether they actually do love them or are just being insincere and telling him so.

      Or maybe he is marking his turf as someone to be paid more, like the guys I used to work with – me, provider, important!!! Like the one with the stay-at-home-wife and kids who keep coming into my office to tell me how he had to pay the mortgage, as if I didn’t have to pay rent or a mortgage for a place to live. They did get paid much better, and still do. Single women were the lowest on the pay scale. And yet we picked up the slack doing more work, as we didn’t leave at the same time on the dot every night to go home for dinner, or disappear two afternoons a week to coach a child’s soccer game (apparently OK to do if you are a man, not a woman), or to take a kid to a parade, or disappear to babysit for days when wifey got a short-term modeling gig, or all the other things the guys with kids I used to work with would get away with. Not so much the women with kids, though – totally different standard for them about being out, usually – they seemed to be working all the time.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Very nice to see PoPville friends at the HH last night; I like that we were all sitting around the table.
    Rave: Photos of the happy hour https://www.flickr.com/photos/benavente/
    Rave: Trip to Cuba

  • Rant: Nearly got t-boned while riding my bike to work at 7:20-7:25am at 14th & P by a Maryland driver. He came to a screeching halt (literally) while turning left onto P as I came to a skidding halt while heading south. He stopped for about 2 seconds, gave ZERO f*cks, and swerved around me to continue on his merry way. At least the cabbie turning left patiently waited for me to collect myself and move out of the intersection. He nearly killed me to save an extra few seconds. The light was about mid-cycle, not about to turn, no one was behind me. I hate Maryland drivers.

    • Glad you didn’t get hit. The driver could have done what one who hit me (not terribly, as I swerved when I saw her coming) while making a left tun into me as I, like you, was riding straight through an intersection, and gotten out of the car and said “i didn’t see you.” I guess she stopped, as least, but I hate hearing that. Yeah, I drive a car too, and sometimes don’t see everything as early as I should (luckily haven’t hit anyone yet), but I DO know that it is my responsibility, as a car driver, to look before I turn.

      That, where you were, always strikes me as a dangerous intersection – I think because of the increased traffic to and from Whole Foods (where I’m often headed.) Even for cars v. cars. It might be a good intersection to prohibit turns off of 14th St. Oh yeah, we don’t do that in DC very much to make streets safer.

      • I once saw a pedestrian get hit by a driver while the pedestrian had a walk signal and the driver was turning left on green (no turn arrow). Not only did the driver not get out of the car, she said, “I’m sorry, but I had the right of way.” Um, no, you didn’t. The pedestrian didn’t want to exchange information, so they both just went on their ways.

        • This makes me sad. I drive, bike, run and walk in this city and try very hard not to kill people with my car and I follow pedestrian walk signals in an attempt to not get creamed by crazy drivers (especially since I get how frustrating it is to not have pedestrians follow walk signals). I know we aren’t all perfect and have flawless records, but come one, he should’ve felt a little teeny bit bad for almost killing someone’s daughter/sister/aunt.

  • Rant – All of my favorite food trucks are at the same location today. How will decide where to go? #firstworldproblems
    Rave – There will be Cadbury mini eggs for dessert.

  • Rant. Our boss is out on indefinite sick leave and the power vacuum he left is causing all sorts of drama and psychosis around the office. I’m not one for playing these nonsense power games, but co-workers I care about are more stressed out than ever, and there are never ending questions that don’t get resolved about decisions that must be made. Acting director is out of his depth but a nice guy. The sharks are taking advantage wherever they can. I actually like my job and want to stay, but am getting residual anxiety from co-workers. Just a whole lot of nonsense. We’re all just waiting for boss to admit that he’s got to retire. Until then … lots of happy hours.

  • Rant: The car alarm that wouldn’t stop blaring on Lanier this morning.
    Rave: Cake at the office today!

  • Rant: Super annoying flashing adverts on the sidebar of Popville now. Makes me crazy and I have to tape a piece of paper over that side of the screen. Especially, since I know they are supposed to be “smart” why are they showing me hotels for Phuket when I stayed there a month ago?

  • I’ve lived with a roommate in D.C. for almost three years and want to get a place of my own. Any recs where I could live for under $1,300 including parking spot and cat fee? I know the city pretty well but am wondering if there are places I am not considering. I’d prefer to be walking distance to a Metro, though I know that ups the prices a lot. Also I would want it to be in a very safe area. Currently live in Arlington, Clarendon area.

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