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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Revel: it’s spring break!
    Revel: spending it with one of my teacher friends with lunch and a movie
    Rant: when you work in PG your friends tend to live in inconvenient places. We’re going to Laurel.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Fun night last night
    Rave: Productive morning (out of necessity, but I’ll take it)
    Rave: Almost the weekend
    Rants: None…I can tell it’s spring, my mood is so.much.better

    • Andie302

      Additional rave: Airbnb now has saved message. No more copying and pasting from previous messages because you need to convey the same info to each guest. Yesssss

  • Rave: Most efficient, productive volunteer shift this year!
    Rave: Getting a nice second wind from all the chuckles yesterday.
    Rant: Stayed up too late.
    Rave: Weekend brings pot roast.

  • Did anyone else see the man walking on NH Ave this morning (around R St) with a huge owl on his arm? I love DC.

  • Rave: Day care is as on top of things as it can be when it comes to keeping sick kids at home
    Rant: Getting caught up in the mix of a theoretical stomach bug when your kid’s GI system is inconsistent because of a food sensitivity.
    Rave: Theoretically having family who can back you up and take care of not-really-sick kids
    Rant: It’s too damn stressful to invite judgment on the state of my house, so I stayed home instead.

    • That is huge re: daycare. I’m a working parent – I get it – sometimes you try to whistle past the graveyard but oh man, sending a sick kid in that then gets everyone else sick is the worst.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Donna is not doing her job. Starlings keep stealing my seedlings and she just lets them.
    Rave: sending silly postcards to my aunts.

  • Rant: Saw a group of 5-6 teens yesterday acting the worst I’ve seen on the metro. They were trying to get on the metro at Chinatown, and instead of letting the (many) people disembark, they rammed their way in, pushing and hitting people to get on. It was legit scary. I hate the metro.

    • Why blame the metro? It’s the idiot kids who were causing the problem.

      • I think it was more I hate taking metro because of crappy kids.

      • It’s metro that fails to routinely discourage this kind of behavior. If there was an expectation that being too rowdy would get you removed from the premises there would be less rowdiness. But metro has created this permissive culture through their inaction.

      • I wasn’t blaming WMATA (although there are lots of things, including violence, to blame them for), more- I hate being trapped in a small space with people that have displayed violent behavior.

  • Clueless

    Rant: Did anyone else struggle with the northbound 42/43 bus lines yesterday afternoon/evening?
    Rave: I ended up walking home after work yesterday – the gorgeous weather made it 100% worth it.

    • maxwell smart

      I don’t know what was going on last night with downtown buses. I was trying to get the L bus around 8pm at M and Connecticut – the one that was supposed to show disappeared, the N bus was 30 minutes away and I noticed the 42/43, which usually comes every 5 minutes had 15-20 minute headways. I gave up and took Uber.

    • Yeah, I waited 30+ minutes before I threw in the towel.

    • Traffic was all jammed up around Connecticut and Farragut Square due to some kind of accident (all I saw was cops trying to remove a bike from under the front of an SUV.) This was around 6:30 maybe, so that all probably messed up the 42/43 buses.

      • There was also an accident on I St. between 18th and 16th somewhere that was backing traffic up from east-to-west (bus pulled out into the side of a van). Accidents everywhere.

    • Traffic was awful EVERYWHERE yesterday. I also walked most of the 3 miles home.

      • I was heading out of Georgetown last night on the Circulator and we noticed that somehow, a pickup truck (the front of it) was on top of the hood of a car. The entire bus was trying to figure out how that could happen. I was looking for some kind of information on it, and so far I haven’t seen anything. Lots of emergency vehicles everywhere – really hoping everyone is okay.

    • Yesterday evening I was waiting for S2/4 bus near Federal Triangle – Next Bus showed S2 then S4 arriving & one minute out. Then both were five minutes away, then 15. I took a 53 instead.

      • I’ve learned the trick is to click the “map” button on mobile to see where the buses actually are. The times never seem to be GPS-based, but the bus locations are SUPER accurate on the map.

  • FtLincolnLove

    Rave: Friday! And I got over 9 hours of much needed sleep.
    Revel: Our one year wedding anniversary is Sunday!!! Celebrating Saturday night πŸ™‚ I can’t believe it’s already been a year!!
    Rave: No rants.

  • That One Guy

    Rave: sister dropped off food for me.
    Rant: already ate breakfast.
    Saw this no parking sign yesterday, has anyone else encountered on and what does it mean? https://flic.kr/p/FByVod

  • Rant: Did you know that state taxation departments can just take money out of your account because they think you were evading taxes one year, when in reality you never lived in that state? They can! They can and it’s legal! Here’s to day 2 of being on the phone.
    Rave: My coffee, I suppose, is helping today. I come back from vacation and all I have are some rough rants, so I’m trying to stay positive.

  • Rave: I had an excellent birthday and a great time last night.
    Rant: my dog started limping for no apparent reason last night, so he had to stay home for most of happy hour. I’m hoping short walks and rest and it will be better in a day or two.
    Rave: when your insurance covers things you never thought they would.
    Suggestion: don’t leave your phone with your friends as collateral, you never know when your mom is going to call.

    • Could he have sprained a toe? It’s a common and invisible injury with dogs. They catch a claw on a bit of rug or something.

    • My dog did this a few years ago the first time he threw out his back. If you notice further mobility issues as the day progresses, definitely take him into the vet for some anti-inflammatories and painkillers. I hope he’s back to his usual self soon!

    • Uh oh on your suggestion–sounds like there’s a story there. Collateral for what? Glad you enjoyed your birthday! πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Lovely time with friends last night
    Rant: Pollen. My lungs ache.
    Rave: I am thisclose to being on vacation! I can’t wait to see my bestie and her little boys, meet up with my brother, and just explore California!
    Rant: so many things to finish up here at work before I go, I’m feeling frantic at this point! And dreading the inevitable mess of an inbox I’m going to come back to!

  • Rant went to the doctor recently and I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. Lots of work to do.

    • you and me both. How is your doctor responding? Did you get blood tests and all that? Now that I’m old and post-child, it doesn’t come off as easily as it did a few years ago. I had amazing success on weight watchers if you’re open to that (then I had a child, a horrible post-partum recovery, and PPD so it all came back on)

      • Doctor didn’t say anything as I just went to a specialist. I did weight watchers in the past and I lost about 10 lbs so maybe I’ll try that again. At this point, I’d like to lose about 40-50. That sounds like such a big number so it’s easy to feel discouraged.

        • I’ve had great luck logging what I eat in My Fitness Pal. I’ve slowly lost 12 pounds in the last four or so months. It’s a little tedious to log everything but once you get the hang of doing it, it barely takes any time and it’s hard to argue with the results! I still have more to lose but I have tried to set realistic goals for myself and have set up little rewards (e.g. a manicure) for every five or ten pounds that I lose.

        • take it a few at a time. aim for a percentage vs. a total number. You can do it. Set goals and rewards. I’m on MFP and do it pretty well (sometimes I round the foods!) and am happy to have you add me as a friend if you want – POP can put us in touch if you’re interested.

        • Don’t focus on the number, just start taking steps. Walk as much as possible, cook meals at home, try not to consume high calorie drinks, lots of water.

    • Trying to tread delicately here, so please bear with me! Is it that you are no longer at a healthy weight, or you are just not at an ideal weight?

      • I haven’t been at a healthy weight in a while. Not morbidly obese but I guess slightly obese?

        • I would start with checking your BMI – I always had this though in my head that I was Obese, but I’m actually only Overweight. Then, get a biometric screening (a lot of insurance plans offer them for free now, and many employers do them periodically). If your BMI is higher than it should be, but your cholesterol, BP, resting heart rate, and glucose levels are all good, then you are actually healthy. If something out of whack, then at least you have something to work towards instead of just losing weight. But also, be kind to yourself. I struggle at times with thinking that I am fatter than I actually am. I’m usually very self-confident, but I’m also human, and honestly, although I’m the smallest I’ve ever been, I’m also the fattest woman by BF has ever dated. We all struggle with that shit, no matter how much we say we don’t.
          When I was my heaviest, Weight Watchers worked very well for me. Now, I’m like .2 points or 5 lbs away from being at a “healthy” BMI, and Weight Watchers does absolutely nothing for me except cost me money. If I want to lose now, I have to increase my exercise, that’s all that will work. But, WW really did help me to learn to eat healthily, something I never learned as a child. I also love my FitBit, and even before I had one, I really got into tracking my steps/distance with my iPhone. It was just a good motivator for me.
          These are just ideas based on what worked for me. I hope you can find something that works for you. Good luck!

        • yeah, you are most definitely NOT obese! Anonamom’s suggestion of getting a biometric screening is good. Be kind to yourself, start by taking little steps like walking more, cooking your own meals, and – this has helped me a lot in the past when I’ve been faithful about it – try tracking your calories. Know that you’re going to take two steps forward and one step back for a little while. But you can do it!

    • As someone who has struggled with weight issues, I know how stressful this can be. I still dread the scale at the doctor’s to this day. What eventually worked for me was my strong desire to “get healthy” versus my desire to be a certain “dream weight.” That doesn’t mean those two competing interests don’t sometimes still get confused to this day, TBH. I eventually went to a nutritionist about 12 years ago for a few sessions and found it enormously helpful to figuring out what a good weight would be for my frame (higher than what I thought!), how to eat healthy, exercise, etc–likely things you have already done but I found continued sessions made it almost like therapy.

      • amen – but I finally have a great doctor and don’t get scared because I know I wont be shamed. I hate when doctors shame you. also, the GW weight loss clinic has EXCELLENT doctors if this interests anyone – they do complete blood work, are helpful, will provide medicine (metformin is a good place to start). My current doc finally diagnosed my metabolic syndrome, which explains a lot about me after having my son. I’m thankful to have found good care.

        • I think that to doctors have a responsibility to inform patients of the increased risks associated with being at an unhealthy weight. However, knowing a lot of doctors, this should be approached with tact and care, something that can be woefully lacking in providers!!

          • I completely agree with this. As silly as this sounds, I was heavy as a teenager and didn’t really even realize it. Not one of my doctors ever mentioned that being 200+ pounds was unhealthy. I think they were probably afraid of hurting my feelings or that I would feel like I was being shamed when in reality it probably would have been the wake up call that I needed. I’m down to a healthy weight now but it has taken years and I wish I had started losing weight when I was younger.

          • and also provide a plan and help the patient implement. Not just say, “you’re fat” and then leave. That’s what I appreciate about my doctor – it’s a plan with regular check ins and a whole of health approach (I’m insanely nutrient deficient in many areas).

          • J – I think this is really key. No one would go to a doctor to get a diagnosis of say, cancer, and just be sent away with “you got cancer”. I think Obesity, and especially Morbid Obesity, should be treated as a diagnosis and given an actual plan of care. The increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, asthma, dengenerative disc disease, etc are just too high. Also, because most people who are very heavy do not eat healthily, they are very often vitamin insufficient/deficient and in an odd state of almost malnourishment. At minimum, a person who is told the need to lose weight by a doctor for medical reason should have blood work taken, and really, meeting with a nutritionist probably isn’t a bad idea.

        • Do you think this is worthwhile for people who aren’t morbidly obese? I’m just slightly obese.

          • I do…. I mean, I think that the patient should always be looked at wholisticaly and not just a culmination of systems. I don’t think people always realize that weight can play an important factor in many health issues. For example, when I was at my heaviest, I had significant, chronic back pain relating to my scoliosis. At one point, I was told my best options were pain management or surgery. But what actually helped was just losing weight. That’s not to say later on down the line as I get older I won’t have issues again, but no one ever explained to me that my pain might be improved by losing some weight.
            But, I must emphasize that I do not think shaming works at all, and it is a sensitive conversation that should be approached tactfully.

  • Rave: Seed starting – 21 varieties of tomato (althogh some seeds are a few years old and may not germinate). And a bunch of hot pepper varities. Fortunately everything else will be direct seeded
    Rave: No rants the last few days
    Looking for someone to come to my office and do chair massages for me and my colleagues. Any recommendations?

  • Rant: Some kind of police activity in CH yesterday, close enough to hear, but not close enough to see. One car kept switching its siren on and off, for the “woop woop!” effect, over and over and over again, for an hour or more. How is that ok? Seriously, it was like someone left a toddler in a cop car, except a toddler would have lost interest within 10 or 15 minutes.

  • Rave: GORGEOUS photo.
    Rant: Having some issues with colleague who is never in the office. I earn 50% what she does, which is fine, but more and more and more work is being dumped on me so she just ends up handling one large thing. I’m now in charge of our annual gala (though she ‘helps’ with centerpiece and menu selections) and I’m a new employee. So when I said I feel like it’s trial by fire and I would appreciate some guidance, her usual response of, “everything is on the shared drive” is anything but helpful. Each year is different, and whenever she says, “it’s on the shared drive”, it usually means some of the important info is also in her email. I don’t know…I really do like my job, but if I’m going to be doing a HUGE amount of work, I think I should be compensated as such. She’s the assistant director of the organization, but doesn’t assistant direct. She does her responsibility – which is important, mind you, and I’d never want to do – but everything else has fallen on me. I thought I was going to be assisting. So between this and all the other work, it’s becoming a really incredibly task saturated job with little remuneration. I don’t know how to address this without being complainy. So I just suck it up, which means I get more and more work.
    Rave: I worked from home yesterday most of the day.

    • Can you document all of this (in terms of everything you have managed/accomplished) and then bring it up at your annual review?

      • we don’t really have “annual reviews” like in the government. But I have a document with a list of all the work to be done for our annual event and 98% of the work has my initials next to it. With no guidance. It’s very weird. She’s also NEVER in so a lot of our work is done via texting and emails. It’s frustrating to me.

    • I am so sorry about this situation! And I agree you should be compensated. Have you tried just saying, “Hey, I’m happy to help you with [insert things here] but I really need to finish those before I can help with anything else.” Or something like that?
      I’m not in quite the same situation but I totally feel you when you said you mentioned trial by fire… (however, instead I got an earful about how I shouldn’t blame my boss, which wasn’t really what I was doing but whatever.)

      • definitely – but it’s not so much ‘helping’ as being given bunches of work. It’s hard to explain without giving too much into the workings of my organization, which isn’t necessary. But I have two coworkers. I’m a FT assistant to both, and both pile on and pile on. Ugh.

        • That’s understandable. But I’m also thinking that if you confront them as “being given bunches of work” that they might get defensive and snap back about you assisting. But you know the situation best. Btw, do you think they’re giving it all to you because they themselves don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing?

          • I definitely wouldn’t phrase it that way πŸ™‚ So, I’m supposed to be a support role and I’m not. That’s the problem. I am happy to NOT be in a support role, but pay should be accordingly esp with the huge pay cut I took when we moved. I think the one gives me the work because she doesn’t want to do it. She wants to do her main function (edit) and that’s it. it doesn’t require being in the office, so she wants to give me everything that does so she can stay home more, I’m guessing. But i’ve never complained about it, but now as we get closer to our big annual event, I’m seeing for realz how little help I get. If I’m doing this all myself, it should be accompanied by pay. IMO.

  • Rant: Today is brought to you by the letter F for Filing and any other alliterative word you should choose to put in front of it. I hate filing!
    Rave: Four day weekend!
    Rant: Have to attend a funeral with my BF tomorrow. While I really don’t mind going, I also really don’t like going to events where people who you rarely see and who don’t quite get all the family gossip will be figuring out for the first time that he and his ex split up a few years ago. Tit for tat though – he had to go through the same thing when my grandfather passed away.
    Thought: Divorce announcements should be a thing.

    • Are you on FB? I think divorce is way more obvious in the days of Facebook than before!

      • He is one of “those” who hardly ever posts, and didn’t even get a FB until after he split up (from my understanding, he just got it to join Tinder lol)

    • Apparently in the Netherlands, divorce announcements ARE a thing. But as my partner says, the Dutch like paperwork that makes everything official. πŸ™‚

  • Revel: Watching the DC eagle cam
    Rant: I’m worried about the less-dominant chick as the other seems to be snatching all the food.

    • Thank goodness I’m not the only one worried about this…is it my imagination, or does the less-dominant eaglet seem kind of weak and listless the last couple days? I’m worried he/she is starving!

    • I came late to Eagle Cam #1, so I’ve shifted my attention to Eagle Cam #2….

      Still just sitting on the eggs, waiting for them to hatch.

      Kind of nice to have an array of eaglets to fuss over

  • Rave: Two more weeks in current position and off to the next adventure. Used a quiet Good Friday morning to pack up all the artwork and pictures in my office–bare white walls are so sad. Looks like the timing is perfect, boss’ boss made a surprise departure announcement, so no desire to be part the chaos!
    Rave: Very rare bachelor Friday night. Could go for some cocktails and live music, pretty much anything but country. Any suggestions for tonight?

    • The Hamilton is always a good choice, as is Jojo. I was going to suggest Hill Country as that’s my #1 recommendation, but not with your caveat. πŸ™‚

  • Rant – Had my last cup of coffee at Swing’s this morning before they close. πŸ™
    Rave – It’s finally Friday! Also the cherry blossoms. I walk around the tidal basin to see them every year, it never gets old.

    • Wait… Swing’s is closing? How did I miss that? I would stop by that shop every day when I used to work in that part of the city. That is so sad.

      • They are closing for at least 14 months because of building renovation/construction. I will miss them so much – their staff, their coffee, and their delicious, fluffy pumpkin muffins.

  • Not really a rave — but major props to the two girls who I saw calling 911 for a homeless man sprawled on the sidewalk by the bus stop outside the U St. Dunkin Donuts yesterday evening. I try to be a good citizen, but I honestly wouldn’t have noticed him, and he was clearly not doing well. I hope everything ended alright and I appreciate that they took the time to wait with the man and call 911.

  • question: Freya (2 y.o. rescue pit that we’ve had for 1.5 years) is suddenly refusing to eat when we give her food. she used to eat her whole bowl, plus whatever was leftover from Porkchop’s bowl once Porkchop was done eating. now she’s acting like she’s afraid to eat or like she’s in trouble (runs away, lays down, acts very submissive). she has eaten a couple of times when we just left the food out, or when we put the food in her crate, but seems to be really anxious about it suddenly. we wonder if maybe Porkchop snapped at her during a meal and we didn’t notice, so now she’ll only eat when she’s alone. but they’ve NEVER had any problems before. Freya always let Porkchop eat, and then once Porkchop waddles away, she’ll clean up any leftovers. but in any case – anyone experience anything like this or have solutions?

    • That One Guy

      Check for dental issues, that could contribute or be a cause

    • Is Porkchop otherwise dominant? Have you tried feeding them in separate rooms at the same time? Maybe get them both together with some high-value treats, sit them side by side and give treats to one then the other to re-establish fairness.

      • 1. Yes I think Porkchop is generally dominant, but Freya holds her own. 2. Yes – we tried feeding Freya separately in a different room. Also tried different food & different bowl. She reacted the same to all of it. Basically since this started a couple of days ago, she has only eaten when none of us are around – either in the other room or not home at all. At that point she’ll eat everything that we left out (her whole bowl plus any of Porkchop’s leftovers). But that has also been after she skipped a meal so I assume she’s extremely hungry at that point. She will still take treats for tricks (sit, lay down, come) without issue. She also hasn’t had any noticeable stomach problems (normal poops, etc).

        • It sounds like you are doing everything right and are aware of potential physical issues, so I’d suggest just don’t worry, wait and see what happens. Maybe add some goodies to her regular dog food – like sweet potato (microwave for 6-7 min. – my dog loves it!)

          • that is a good suggestion. she’s usually really food motivated, which is why this whole thing is so weird.

  • Rave: It’s finally the real Friday instead of yesterday’s fake Friday!
    Rant: Woke up to a serious stomach ache after a bad night of sleep.
    Rave: Action packed Saturday planned followed by a do nothing Sunday. Pretty much my perfect weekend.
    Rave: Carrot cake will be ready for pick up tomorrow. It sounds silly but I haven’t been able to eat one in over 5 years so this is really exciting for me.

    • topscallop

      Can you say more about this carrot cake? Where is it coming from? Why haven’t you been able to eat one until now? Carrot cake is my favorite so I’m curious πŸ™‚

      • I was diagnosed with celiac disease 5 years ago. While I have been able to replicate most recipes, my carrot cake one fails on a ridiculous level. Luckily, The Happy Tart (my fav bakery in the area) has an adorable carrot cake decorated with a bunny’s bottom for this Easter. I totally splurged and got a small one this year. I’m hoping this cake is as good as I remember carrot cake being in the past.

  • Rant: Excuse the TMI ness of this post. I had to get an ultrasound this morning which showed that I have fibroids. I’m glad that its not something super terrible, but fibroids are not something to dismiss. Which brings me to second part of my rant, I felt the doctor was way to flippant about my diagnosis. He was like “well it probably isn’t that big of a deal unless it bothers you” even though I mentioned I’ve been feeling discomfort. He didn’t ask my family history(both my mom, sister and paternal aunt have them), or offer any form of treatment. I’m 31, this could seriously affect my fertility. And its worrisome that he treated me like was not an issue, I have the presence to get a second opinion. But many other women don’t I worry his attitude could keep someone from getting serious help.

    • Did the dr give you indication of size/location/how many firbroids? If they are causing you discomfort and you have quite a few, definitely seek out a second opinion! I hate how flippant doctors can be about this stuff! You deserve to know what options you have, whether this is the cause of your discomfort, and how the location of your fibroids could affect fertility.
      From what I’ve read, fibroids are very common, especially for those in their 30s-40s. I found out I have one small fibroid a couple years ago (I’m 31 now) but was told it’s small and not a concern unless I was having continued discomfort. After doing some research and my discomfort receding, I decided that I was fine leaving it alone, especially learning my mom had fibroids as well. In fact, I did get pregnant and during my first ultrasound the tech pointed out the fibroid and told me given the location everything looked fine. Unfortunately, I did end up having a missed miscarriage discovered upon my next ultrasound, but it was so very unlikely due to the fibroid. From what I’ve read about fibroid surgery, it does come with risks including redevelopment of fibroids and scarring. Hope you get more information and better care.

    • go to GW and see Dr. Frankfurter at the fertility clinic. He is amazing and can help with the fibroids, I think. They CAN become bothersome and they DO affect fertility!

      • tonyr

        Off topic, slightly, but if you do see Dr. Frankfurter, please make a Rocky Horror joke. I’m sure that it’s something that he hasn’t heard before. Unless he is a she, in which you’re still covered: there’s a remake in the works which stars Laverne Cox as the good doctor, and Tim Curry in a different role. Who knew?

        • oh my god. I need to see that, even if I’m slightly nervous about a remake in general. I LOVE Laverne Cox!

    • You absolutely should get a second opinion. Yes, for some women fibroids are not bothersome and don’t affect fertility, but there is no way to tell whether you would be one of those women. As someone who suffers from a chronic gynecological condition (not fibroids), I can attest that finding the right doctor who will not only work with you, but understands you and the condition, is absolutely essential.

      • Have you found the right dr in DC? I find myself continually unimpressed by the OB/GYNs I’ve been seeing and would love a recommendation if you have one.

        • I have a found a great doctor for my condition, but she is only GYN, not OB. When I was pregnant, I had to go somewhere else for that care/delivery. I love them too, but I wouldn’t go to them for the management of my chronic stuff. Happy to share more for either one!

        • Capital Women’s Care in Foggy Bottom! Have seen several of the doctors there and really liked them all.

    • I’m seeing this late, but wanted to chime in because I really went through years of nonsense trying to get a good diagnosis and treatment plan for my own fibroids and feel like I could write a book on the subject. To cut to that chase, the doctor is actually right to say that it isn’t a big deal unless it bothers you — a LOT of women have asymptomatic fibroids and they aren’t a problem in themselves.
      BUT if you do have fertility issues down the line, it’s important to know that you have fibroids and find out more about them: Are they located inside the uterus? In the uterine tissue? Outside the uterus? The location is important when it comes to fertility because only the fibroids inside the uterus can cause fertility problems and “need” to be removed if you’re having trouble conceiving.
      I literally got seven “second” opinions before feeling comfortable with my own situation and eventually got the best help from Dr. Humm at GW. She is SUPER thorough and can walk you through treatment options for your specific situation. Even though she’s in the fertility clinic, my insurance covered my appointments with her like a regular OB appointment.

  • Rave: Ran 9 miles yesterday.
    Rant: Ouch my hamstring. I injured it almost 3 years ago on a ten mile run and it never fully healed. It always flares up once I start running over 7 miles or 20+ miles a week.
    Rave: The weather yesterday was awesome! Great date night outside.
    Rave: Easter weekend. I love the mass at my church, it’s so festive!

  • maxwell smart

    This is a long shot but… looking for a brunch recommendation location walking distance from the mall, 6 people, on a Saturday in 2 weeks.

    • Founding Farmers is semi-close. But make reservations NOW.

      • maxwell smart

        Tried – that was my initial thought, but they are already booked, which is not surprising. The last time I went there we had to book 2-3 months in advance for a Saturday table.

        • Wow. I’ve never booked THAT far in advance. Maybe I just eat my meals earlier than normal people. Haha. I know it’s a struggle for 6 people to take the bus, but have you considered just taking the 50s line buses up the street to Logan Circle? It’s a short ride and then you’d have LOTS of options.

          • maxwell smart

            Actually we ended up taking a reservation at 9:00 am (which is before they serve alcohol, which sorta defeats the point of brunch) because everything later was booked. I’ve always had to book months in advance there.

          • maxwell smart

            Logan Circle recommendations? I almost never Brunch because it’s too much effort, but I have friends coming from out of town. I also want somewhere with a reservation – not worth spending 3 hours waiting for a table (I’m looking at you Ted’s Bulletin which is dead to me)

    • Old Ebbitt’s? The Hamilton? I’ve had decent luck at both those places with last minute reservations. Also, if you hop on the mall circulator and take it to union station, Bistro Cacao has a decent brunch and a wonderful outdoor patio if the weather is nice.

    • what about Central (11th and Penn), or Tadich Grille (10th and Penn), or the Source (and then you can go to the Newseum after!). Depending on how fit the 5 other people are, you could also walk up to Chinatown – Proof, or Matchbox.

    • Oyamel is also close-ish to the mall (7th and D), and has a good brunch & you can definitely make a reso.

    • Tonic in Foggy Bottom?

    • Clyde’s in Gallery Place? It’s reliable if not too exciting, and huge so you should be able to get a reservation.

  • Any idea what was going on around the Howard Theater last night, around 11:45/12? Huge police presence, ambulances, the whole block in front of the theater was blocked off.

  • As a very Catholic child, we were not allowed to do anything fun on Good Friday. No TV, books, games etc. but we were allowed to read our “Classics Illustrated” comics. I had one about the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, so every Good Friday I still think of as the destruction of Pompeii. Also – fried Smelts!

    And don’t miss the Sacred Heart church Good Friday procession going on tonight. It starts at 8 p.m., but I can’t find out the route for this year.

    • I had a Sunday school teacher tell us, when teaching about the crucifixion that when the Roman soldier put a spear in Jesus’ side, the blood came out separated like the oil and vinegar in salad dressing before you shake it. Our parents could never figure out why every kid in church ate our salads plain for years.

      Enjoy the salad at brunch everyone!

      • Oh damn – I remember that too! But our family never ate salads, so I didn’t know what to fear. My main problem has always been that Friday evening to Sunday morning is in no way 3 days in the grave. Also when I found out that crucifixion was a really common, ordinary and terribly frequent means of execution, so the whole passion story lost all it’s torture-porn impact.

    • Raised Catholic but went to non-Catholic college. Had a work-study job, and Good Friday was the only day that the staff had as a holiday, but the students didn’t so we were still in town. The office was open 7 days, so normal weekends were out, too, SO Good Friday was the only day that our boss could have an event that both regular staff and student employees could attend. We planned a picnic, which I attended despite feeling a little ‘off’ about doing it that day.

      Off we went to the country, and it was cold and dreary and miserable – from noon to 3pm, when almost immediately the clouds cleared and it became a very nice warm spring day. It may or may not have been a sign, but it sure has fed my superstitions ever since.

    • When I was a kid my siblings and I begged my parents to take us to the Big Apple Circus. They were finally able to get tickets for the whole family – all of us, some aunts, uncles, cousins, and my grandma. The problem: it was for a show on Good Friday. My strict Catholic grandmother was horrified and laid the guilty trip on us heavily. It worked, but only on me. I felt so bad that I stayed home with her and we went to church while my entire family went to the circus.

  • Rave: Philz Coffee soft open this afternoon. They were giving out free drink. The mint Mojito iced coffee was ridiculous.
    Rave: the nice lady at the Adams Morgan post office. Always so sweet to me.
    Rave: day off, great weather, got tons of personal stuff done

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