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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: The weather today is yucky.
    Rave: Actually got a good night’s rest last night…..I think.
    Rant: I’m still yawning though.
    Rave: Listening to 90’s hip hop in my earbuds while at work.
    Rant: Had director’s farewell party yesterday at work and psycho coworker had the audacity to stab celebratory cake with a knife in front of folks before the event got started. And it wasn’t even a joke. WTF?
    Rave: Got caught up on Once Upon a Time and Gotham with the ABC and Fox apps, respectively. 1st time using these TV related apps on my phone. They worked well so far.
    Rave: I am loving Snapchat for some reason right now.

  • Rant: Group projects. Ugh. Is it possible that I’m trying to remain in too close of coordination? I’m the project manager and I feel like I have close to zero visibility on two very important aspects of the project (in particular, an aspect where member(s) have not fully held up their end of the bargain). But I can’t really say anything because I’ve tried that and said group member(s) just get defensive.
    Rave: Entire office is suddenly out today. So I can actually focus on doing the really vague work they asked to be done. And I can listen to music in peace at my desk. This is great.

  • Rant: Georgia avenue is a modern day war zone.. The construction and lane swerves, along with pedestrians that jump out of nowhere on green lights, I need to pick another route to work. :I

    Rave: Happy Spring is here, not looking forward to summer and the crime spikes… I have a feeling DC will surge this year, especially with all the racial division that Trump and cops are stirring.

    Rant: Not looking forward to Mosquito season. DC bugs are the worst.

    Question: Does anyone know a really smart HVAC tech? I have a problem in my house with the air form my Trane system being too dry and I’m hoping someone can point me to a real specialist, not just a guy who does stuff on the side…

    • jim_ed

      If your air is too dry you can add a whole house humidifier to the HVAC system. That’s about it.

      • Has anyone done this? I’m intrigued, but when I’ve tried to figure out a ballpark estimate of what it would cost, I haven’t really found anything.

        • jim_ed

          The unit itself is roughly $250.00 if you’re handy. If you want to get the entire thing installed by a professional, it’ll run you about $500-$700. The benchmark and industry standard is Aprilaire.

      • Would normally do that, but I’ve been told that a humidifier causes the vents to rust/deteriorate… I’m hoping there’s an easier solution…

        • jim_ed

          Whoever told you that doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Most ductwork is galvanized sheet metal, which is rustproof. It sounds like you need to call a licensed HVAC company and discuss your options and have your questions answered.

    • Bear

      Our house is super dry in winter and super humid in summer – insulation specialists are telling us it’s because the house is poorly sealed. If we get that taken care of (in crawl space and attic) then we’ll see some normalization.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: applied for the job I may or may not want.
    Rant: forgot the cover letter b/c there system sucks.
    Rave: I feel better having applied than just being wishy washy about it.

  • Rave: Feeling better today. I didn’t go home early yesterday, but I did treat myself after work. A co worker gifted me with a blowout at the Blowdry bar. Then I ate copious amounts of pie. I checked in on my friend a few times, but let her take the lead in communication.

    Rave/Rant: I plan on switching over to A DC ID next week! However I may be a bit screwed on my forms of documentation. While I do have my renters agreement, I can’t figure out what to use for my second form. My utilities are included in my rent, and like an idiot, I haven’t switched my address over on my phone bill or bank statement. I do have my insurance bills and W2’s. Maybe those will work.

    • Glad you’re feeling better, skj! And I’d be interested to hear how the DC id switch goes. If I end up with a permanent job here after I graduate this summer, I’m planning to make the big switch, too.

    • binntp

      Your W2 should work fine. I had to get a replacement ID last year after my wallet was stolen, and I brought my passport and W2 and had no problem.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Proof of residency documents that they accept and that I bet you have at least two of include: unexpired lease or rental agreement, unexpired homeowners/renters insurance policy, bank/credit card/investment account statement issued within past 60 days, official government mail from any government agency *except DC DMV*, medical bill issued within past 60 days, student loan statement issued within past 60 days (any of those that you want to use to prove residency obviously have to include your full name and address). When I converted my license from out of state, I brought all of the above that I had (5 or 6 of them), just to be safe, and it worked.

    • phl2dc

      If you go to the bank could you get them to print out a statement with your current address? I think insurance bills or a W2 should work! You could always give the DMV a call and ask if they would accept that.

    • You can use your unexpired renter’s insurance policy as proof of residence.

    • Glad you treated yourself! Take it easy so you can be there for your friend but also try to maintain your own space, for sanity’s sake.

    • glad you are feeling better and had a little pampering yesterday!
      I second HaileUnlikely. When I moved here last summer, I took pretty much everything I could find in each of the categories just to be on the safe side.
      I also highly recommend the RI Row DMV location. I found it to be the least busy, and even when I showed up at 10am on a Saturday (hungover, unfortunately), the lines moved fairly quickly.

    • I’m really glad you were kind to yourself yesterday.

    • They accept a renter’s insurance policy

  • Rave: Vacation. Beach weekend with the bestie was fun as always. We’re pretty low key, but the time on the beach and at some local breweries and our favorite restaurant was nice.
    Rant: it’s my annual reminder that A. I have the worst hair ever and B. I can never move somewhere beachy or tropical, lest I decide to shave my head.
    Rant: back at work, not firing on all cylinders, and getting frustrated that we can’t seem to get our shizznits together in my group.
    Rave: my dog gave me kisses when I picked him up last night.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Work stress is less. Thank God for friends from grad school.
    Rant: Still so exhausted.

  • Query: We now have a parking spot available and our tenant is interested in renting it. It’s an uncovered spot in a driveway off of an alley in Mt Pleasant. Any suggestions on a fair price for renting it?
    Rant: Baby up three times last night & had trouble falling back to sleep two out of the three times. What’s up kiddo???
    Rave: Morning went super smoothly–kiddo was unusually compliant and on top of things.
    Rant: Still ran super late.
    Rave: At least I felt less stressed because we didn’t need to nag or cajole?

    • Our neighbor in Mt Pleasant has the same parking set-up and is renting their space out for $150 per month.

    • Tons of listings on Craigslist and easy to search by zip code. Should give you a good idea what the market can bear. Looks like off-street but uncovered and unsecured is running around $175 in that general area, give or take.

    • This is helpful, thanks!

    • $125 to 150 is the going rate in Mt. Pleasant based on what my friends pay. I wouldn’t use Craigslist as the barometer….people post all sorts of crazy “stretch” prices on there. They usually get negotiated down. We rented out an alley spot last year on 11th in Columbia Heights. No one even nibbled at $175. Got a few inquiries at $150, but no one committed. Got it filled in two days at $130.

  • Rant: employees who take advantage. I am the world’s most lenient manager, and the great majority of my staff deserve it. But this ONE woman is constantly coming in an hour late, announcing at 8:55 that she will work from home today, and having “appointments” in the middle of the day that last two hours. Her work is ok. Not great, but ok. And it gets done, which has always been my mental benchmark. But man, I’m getting annoyed. And when I gently brought it up, she got defensive. So glad her contract is up soon.

    • Seems like a case of a rotten apple spoils the barrel. This is the kind of thing that leads managers to set stricter rules thanks to one person’s abusing trust.

      • Exactly. And I’m accountable to my own boss, who I’ve carefully brought around to my way of managing by having an awesome team who deserve every perq I can give them. If someone on my team abuses the privileges I’ve fought for, he won’t hesitate to clamp down on everyone. And then the morale spiral begins…
        My hesitation with being harder on the employee in question is that I suspect she’s dealing with a health issue. She hasn’t said as much; it’s an intuition thing.

    • Ummm…this could be me. But I feel better that my boss is potentially wasting time during the day on a blog 🙂

      • If your boss gets the work done, and done well, it’s no concern of yours how he or she spends the actual minutes. And a good boss knows that this applies to everyone.
        (Me, I have stretches where I simply cannot work. Nothing happens. So I fart around on the web, or, more productively, have overdue conversations with staff until the mood hits, and then I get more done in two hours than most people do in a day.)

    • AGREED. I’m at a new job overseeing three people, and they all sort of come and go at random times. One has to do an early daily task, so he does it from home in the morning, but he’s supposed to be here by 10 and often wanders in at 10:30, 11, 11:30. But he always leaves at 3 on the button. Another, I don’t even know for sure what he does aside from his core task, which just generally takes WAY longer than it should (you don’t need five days to write an outline, dude). Like wdc, I don’t care if they spend some time every day wandering around PoPville or whatever as long as they’re getting their s#!t done and meeting deadlines, but they need to physically be here because our work is really collaborative and we need to be able to stick our heads around the corner and chat regularly as things arise. Since I’m so new, I’m not quite sure how to get into this without seeming like a micro-manager. My boss has been helpful, but I can’t depend on him forever.
      Related, somewhat contradictory rant: I slept *terribly* last night, got in five minutes late (first time–usually at least 10 minutes early), and expect today to be incredibly unproductive because my brain is nonfunctional.

      • Laying out clear expectations is helpful. Old manager may have been perfectly cool with the lax times. Saying you need to be here at 10 or stay past 3 to make up the missed time isn’t micromanaging.

        • I agree.
          Also, I’d add that clear expectations for work helps too. For the guy that takes days to do an outline… he could be lazy, but is it possible he doesn’t really *get* the purpose or vision for whatever he’s outlining? Or is there a way things are usually outlined that he’s unfamiliar with? I have been tasked with extremely vague things at my current position that my supervisor can’t seem to clarify (I’m convinced she doesn’t know what she wants), and it takes me a long time just trying to figure out what the best way to approach the task is…

          • The worst thing a manager can do is assign a task with no instructions, and when asked for clarification, say “just take a crack at it and we’ll review when you’re done”. It’s basically telling someone to spin their wheels and waste their time until the manager gets her/his shit together.
            That, and inconsistency, are the two worst things a manager can do, IMO. (That’s my opinion today. I might feel differently tomorrow.)

          • Thank you, wdc! It’s frustrating because it’s so easy to recognize when managers do this, but I still always feel like it reflects poorly on me and like I should just be able to pull things out of thin air. (BTW, adding insult to injury, i’m pretty sure said manager has never actually looked at the work i submitted. She’s never referenced it or given me feedback. Until i find a new office, I’ll just do the best I can… that’s all anyone can do.)

          • Been there! It was instructive.
            Most people don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses. Maybe your boss will get her comeuppance someday. Turnover is disruptive. Disruption affects productivity and quality. Unproductive teams reflect poorly on managers. So management is in large part building a good team and then *keeping them happy*.
            Then again, there are lots of crap bosses out there who have always been crap and carry on with their crap forever. And there probably always will be. 🙁

          • I totally agree and have been consciously working to ensure my guys understand what’s needed and what needs to happen to get there. Just creating a calendar with task deadlines has been a huge help. But in this situation, he knows what he’s supposed to be doing, is a specialist in the field, and still takes forever to do the needful without apparently producing anything else in the meantime. I just worked with him to develop a detailed schedule with each step in the process. We shall see when the first deadline hits on Friday if it works…

          • Ah, Q. You actually sound really on top of things. I hope that step by step schedule thing helps.

          • Thanks. I needed that. The new job has me feeling like a pig on roller skates most of the time. 🙂

  • Rant: just moved to DC recently, right on Georgia Ave. I’ve never lived in a city environment and I’ve had weeks of extreme paranoia. I read up on way too many crime reports that freak me out. I made an oath to stop doing that, and just follow the most recent trends to keep myself in the loop of what’s happening. I’m really not even fearful of my life. What pains me is when I walk around U St, or 14th, or even downtown, and I see young kids dealing drugs in broad daylight. I can’t waste my energy being mad at them, or their parents, or the cops, or whoever you want to blame…because it’s just damn depressing to see people that live that lifestyle and they think it’s the only way.

    Rave: DC is AWESOME. This week has been awesome.

    • In more than a decade in DC I’ve never seen kids dealing drugs and the only crime I’ve experienced is twice having a car window broken. NW is fairly safe, just be sensible late at night and don’t leave anything valuable in your car.

      • I Dont Get It

        Don’t leave ANYTHING in your car regardless of value.

        • I will leave my empty water bottles/chewing gum wrappers in my car if I want to! You aren’t my mom!

          • As an MPD officer once told me after the car window was busted in (nothing of value left in the car): “A junkie will break your window for anything”. Just saying.

          • I Dont Get It

            How do you know I’m not your mom?

      • Thank you for the replies. I have slight anxiety, so of course moving into a dense city for the first time is bound to spike my nerves.

        Nony Mouse — what part do you live in? I see it everywhere I go, especially when I drive up and down Georgia Ave and by the Columbia Heights metro. Maybe that’s because when I walk I’m very observant of people and what they do. I also could be totally mistaken, but like I said I’m not even going to worry about it anymore.

  • Clueless

    Rant: 8am dentist appointment, woof.
    Rave: was offered a free (and very nice) toothbrush.
    Rant: getting irrelevant reply-all emails at work. AHHHH

    • Oh man, reply all is literally the thing to do at my company. Some of them are seriously hysterical, like when IT is coming around to install an update or updating a database over the weekend, so many people write back with “WHERE ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS/HOW DO I DO THIS/MY PRINTER IS BROKEN” and then IT has to clarify that you don’t need to do anything at all and a reminder on how the ticket system works. I cannot.

  • Rant: So so so not on board with daylight savings time – my schedule is so messed up right now, and I’m so tired
    Rant: After a week of no coffee at all, I jumped back on the coffee wagon yesterday and promptly had intermittent palpitations for a good 4-6 hours. Whoops. Trying again today, with slightly less coffee….ease back in there….
    Rave: California vacation is getting closer by the day! Can’t wait
    Rant: Need a new suitcase. Will probably just see if they have anything semi-decent at Marshalls or the like….
    Rave: the sun is coming out now!

    • Don’t understand the anti DST movement. Adjustment period is really not that long – it’s not like you’re jumping 5 time zones. All of a sudden the internet goes nuts about it, I don’t get it.
      Personally, I like daylight until 8-9pm during the summer and really makes a difference especially these days where we went from 5-6pm sunsets to 7pm and later.

      • I find DST to be mildly annoying (though grateful for the timing because it’s reset my daughter’s sleep and she’s getting more nighttime sleep as a result!), but Wonkblog had an interesting post about it last week, showing the share of days with a “reasonable” sunrise or sundown under different DST regimes.

      • for me, it’s not whether I’m pro or anti DST; it’s that i’m anti unnecessary change. i don’t think i’d care as much when the sun goes up or down as long as humans stop making it abruptly change.

        • Agreed! I was enjoying have sunlight shortly after I woke up – it makes it easier to wake up! I don’t object to long evenings of light, I just hate the abruptness of it, it really does mess up my schedule.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I hate it b/c I’m not able to quickly adjust to the time change. It messes up my sleep for way too long. I think it’s unnecessary. I say we move back 1/2 an hour and leave time the f alone!

      • I grew up in Indiana, and we didn’t have daylight savings till I was a senior in high school. So even though I hate losing an hour of sleep in the spring, and I hate that its no longer light out enough for me to run in the mornings before work, I still get really excited about changing clocks, because it’s still sort of a novelty to me.

  • Increase in mini-panic attacks and a massive one this weekend make me think it’s finally time to talk to someone to work through some issues. Any recommendations for a therapist specializing in anxiety in the downtown/Dupont area? I think a lot of it is related to the recent sudden death of a family member, so bonus points if they also have some experience in grief counseling.

    • Following this thread because I’m in the same boat, in many ways! I’m sorry for your recent loss, hang in there M!

    • I don’t know of anyone in those areas, but I’m glad you’ve decided to get help! If you don’t have experience with therapy, I would recommend trying to find someone who does more than one type of therapy – i.e. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and something else – in case one is significantly better than the other. CBT tends to be helpful for the symptoms, and something like grief counseling for the causes. In any case, good luck finding someone who can get you the help you need!

  • Reminder: Gin & Gardening gathering this Sunday at 6:00 pm at The Heights, and you don’t have to like gin or be a gardener to join 🙂

  • Rant: Can’t figure out where I’m going to live when my current rent runs out. I was looking to buy but everything is insanely priced, poorly maintained and in bad neighborhoods with horrible HOAs/Condo fees.
    Rant: My coworker is pregnant and about to be out in less than a month and I’m about to have 2x as much work for the same pay and I already don’t like it.
    Rant: My coworker leaves her radio on at a barely audible volume so that I can only hear it and it is driving me crazy.

    Rave: this complaining feels good.

    • My advice would be to not buy a condo. Prices for condos in DC have been stagnant for almost 10 years now.

      • I can’t disagree with this statement more. I’m sure, as with all real estate, it depends where you buy, but my experience has been that they are rising right along with SFH prices. I refinanced my condo 1.5 years after purchasing and my appraisal was 4.5% higher than purchase. My neighbors sold their condo 2 years after purchase, this was last month, at an 11% increase.
        When you’re looking at condos make sure you find out everything that is included in the condo fees to see whether they are exorbitant or not and find out what the reserves are. You don’t want to go into a situation that is rife for special assessments. Otherwise, they’re just like owning a house, you pay for water, gas, yard maintenance, and save for major repairs, you just don’t do it voluntarily.

        • You can make a good investment if you get into a neighborhood on the rise. But any established neighborhood condos prices aren’t going anywhere. My brother and sister in law bought a Condo in upper NW in 2006 and sold for no gain in 2012. I checked current prices of the condos in the neighborhood and there has been no change since 2012. At the same time there has been a significant increase in housing prices in the same neighborhood. Condos can be good investments if you choose wisely. But by and large condos are worse investments than a house. So my advice remains to avoid condos.

          • Because many younger people don’t want to live in upper NW. But in any case, they were presumably able to recoup much of the equity that they built during those 6 years, and can now put that money towards another property. Had try rented throughout that time, they wouldn’t have the same chunk of cash.

          • I sold a condo for 9% profit in an established neighborhood after 2.5 years. It can happen.

        • It’s highly neighborhood dependent. We are in the market for a condo and seeing the Redfin histories on lots of places. Lots of condos in boring, affordable parts of NW are not even breaking even once all the fees and closing costs are taken into account. The Redfin history is pretty amazing. If you bought in Shaw 5 years ago, you are golden. If you bought in Glover Park in 2007, you probably are taking a loss if it’s a ho-hum 1BR.

      • binntp

        This is wildly dependent on the neighborhood. As jeslett mentioned, in “hot” areas this couldn’t be further from the case. My own condo (and others in my area) has appreciated in value about 25% since I bought 6 years ago, and we’ve kept our fees quite low thanks to strong reserves.

        UhDC, if you’re considering a condo that you think you’ll want to sell not too far down the line, your best bet is to get into neighborhoods that are slowly becoming revitalized, rather than older established ‘hoods (like upper NW/Van Ness/Glover Park).

      • I agree with jeslett and binpetworth. We were looking at condos and homes almost two years ago and I cannot believe how much more expensive the same condos are now. For me I always worry about the maintenance fee increasing. One time we were looking at a condo and the dude showing it said “…and the maintenance fees are really low, which is good because in my experience condo fees do nothing but go up!” Great selling point buddy!

      • Bear

        Hmmm…this might depend on the area. I bought my condo in 2010, sold it in 2014 for a pretty sizable profit – 50% of the original purchase price. At that point I couldn’t believe that they would appreciate much more. Today? Units in that same building are going for $50k more than they were in 2014.
        Bottom line, to me, is that if you can more or less cover your mortgage payment with what you would otherwise be paying in rent, you should buy.

      • We made six figures on a condo we bought in 2009 and sold in 2015.

        • HaileUnlikely

          That’s cool. More relevant to the OP’s current situation, though: I would not necessarily expect the buyer of your condo to experience the same rate of return over the next 7 years that you experienced over the last 7 years.

        • You timed the market after one of the worst real estate crashes in US history. That’s dumb luck and will probably never be repeatable in your lifetime.

          • Real estate markets going up, or how much, isn’t really predictable. One way to look at is is that if prices have been stable for a decade, they only have one way to move…barring another economic catastrophe. Which could happen, but may not. It all depends on what you think the future over the next decade is. No one really knows.

            In NYC (and likely here, though I wasn’t here), prices dropped after the housing bubble burst a few years after the stock market crash of ’87. When I started looking to buy in ’96 people were all selling 2 bedroom places in my neighborhood for 25% less than they paid before ’89. I was also nervous, as the original poster above is, as I saw this as a bad sign, as I feared they could drop further. What I didn’t understand then is that prices had no place to go but up. By ’97 prices had recovered. By ’99, when I bought they were 100% more than they were in ’97.

            I bought because my goal was to lock my housing price, as rents went always seem to go up. I didn’t expect an increase in value, given the recent run-up in prices. But prices kept increasing. When I sold in ’07, I sold for over 2.5 times what I paid. And prices have kept going up (there) at a fast clip ever since, with only a small blip after 08.

            I would ask the original poster why they want to buy. If they want a stable home, with relatively stable prices (expect monthly fees to rise some, as cost of goods and services does), then go for it. If they are happy living where they are and looking to make a real estate investment, that’s a different story. (If I were buying a condo as an investment, I’d be buying in a neighborhood I wouldn’t want to live in. But I would never buy a condo in DC solely as an investment.)

            DC could continue to boom, as the predictions of lots more people living here in coming decades indicate, which would be good for prices going up, if salaries go up. Or, given that we haven’t really fixed the problems that caused the last financial crisis, with respect to housing and other wall street issues, evidenced by our not yet recovering from the crisis, with unemployment still high and wages not rising for years, we could be in for round 2 of the crisis any year now, and it could be worse.

            I’d suggest buying if you want to buy with an eye toward where you want to live long term, and forget about the investment potential – as you can’t really predict it. You may get lucky and prices could rise. But even if you don’t, you would have a home you own (if that has value for you) and your housing prices would be more stable, most likely, than paying rent all the years you own. Even if, when taking transactions costs of buying and selling into account, you eventually sell at as loss. You have to factor in what you would have paid in rent all those years, and the value to you of having your own home to renovate, paint, etc., as you want. And taking into account the income tax savings owning afforded you. It isn’t a clear picture what a win actually is, and it varied from person to person, based on what they value about their home.

            Also if you want to be more likely to have an increase, buy a cheap house in a not as quite desirable neighborhood, rather than a condo for the same price, or more, in a neighborhood you love. Yes, you will have to spend some money over the years, and the hassle or renovating, but that’s a better investment. Unless you know you’d rather not spend your time and effort that way, as I knew I wasn’t in a position, financially or due to demands on my time by my job, to do.

    • You can stay on month to month indefinitely (if owner hasn’t given proper notice to move back).
      I’m sure some neighborhoods fit the stagnant bill, but that hasn’t been my experience. I refi-ed at an over 50% increase within 6 years. Ymmv

  • justinbc

    Rave: St. Patrick’s Day is almost here! What’s everyone doing? I’m torn this year between The Dubliner (Kyle Bailey’s first month overseeing the menu) and IWPH.
    Rant: All the Facebook posts I’ll surely see calling it St. Patty’s instead of Paddy’s. Everyone pretending to be Irish doesn’t bother me in the least, since I’m not from there, although my grandparents were. But at least get the names right if you’re going to indulge!
    Rave: By the end of the night I won’t care, and won’t have to work the next day. Tournament time and Irish festivities in one, best time of year!

    • I have rehearsal in the evening which limits my fun time. I’m actually thinking about getting breakfast before work. Dubliner starts serving at 8:30 and is on my commute. I get out of rehearsal by 8pm, but I’m usually too tired to do anything but go home.

  • The amount of crap I’m going through at work is unreal. They’ve held a panel to decide if I should stay or go and said they’d get back to me immediately. When I reached out they said they weren’t at liberty to tell me because of some due process hoops they had to jump through. It’s been almost a week and still nothing. Appeals are supposed to start this week. Wtf. Meanwhile I’m putting myself through all this extra work and scrutiny when it might all be for nothing. I need a new job!

  • Rant/Question: Looking for a cobbler to repair loose sitching on a pair of women’s oxfords. Perhaps resole some flats as well. Preferably downtown (Farragut) or upper NW.

    • There’s one in the basement of the building at Connecticut and L, right at Farragut North. Can’t personally speak to the quality of the work, but I have a shoe-loving friend who takes things there.

  • Rave: I made banana bread last night and I feel accomplished.

  • DC1

    Rant: Received an email from the DMV stating that is time to renew my driver’s license. No problem! I switched over to the new “REAL ID” a couple years ago to be able to renew online, WRONG! Received an error stating that I don’t have a “REAL ID” what the heck? It gets worse, after contacting the DMV, they say that I am not a US-Citizen?!?!
    I have renewed my license in the past with no problems (before the REAL ID) and now the DMV decided that I am not a US-Citizen anymore? Is the DMV profiling me because I have a “foreign” sounding name, and just assumes I’m not a citizen?

    • Are they typing your name or an identifier (your license number, etc.) in wrong? My ex was told he couldn’t be found as a U.S. citizen during a background check one time and it turned out the person had mistyped something -_-

    • Maybe the DMV has decided, along with much of the rest of the country, that the District of Columbia is not in the US because it is not a state. (That could be an interesting form of protest against taxation against representation).

      I’d chill – I’m sure you can prove your citizenship (passport or birth certificate) and straighten it out. Their systems are likely just massively screwed up with the changeover. I’d ask if they are comparing names to some federal list – perhaps someone else has the same name as you causing the mixup.

    • Please check that all the info on your license is correct. I recently found that the birthdate on my Real ID was off by several months with no apparent explanation.

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