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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • POPulace Query: Anyone have any ideas for a brunch spot on Easter Sunday for a party of 14 including kids?
    Rave: Had a great weekend.
    Rave: 70s this week!!!
    Rant: Childcare costs and options in the ‘burbs. I’m really not happy with the offerings or price tags. It’s not that I expect my “snowflakes” to have personal tutors to help them with their Mandarin and Haiku Poetry after school, but I do not want to spend $395 a month per kid for them to sit in a school cafeteria and play on their phone either.
    Just Ugh: Middle Anonachild and Oldest Anonachild want to begin participating in activities that will obligate them on weekends. This makes things incredibly difficult with their father’s visitation schedule. Up to this point we have avoided this by only doing school-sponsored activities at after care (since we have great after care programs in DC – unlike Maryland – see rant above), but this won’t be an option. Our custody agreement covers this stuff, and he is supposed to maintain his schedule and take them to that sort of thing. But, knowing him in practice, he will most likely just beg off having them. I can just see their already tenuous relationship slipping away and it makes me sad for them.

    • re: your Ugh: You never know. Every sign would have said my dad would have just wasted out of our lives. But he didn’t. We moved away, so there was no issue with weekend activities, but he really was around. The thing about my dad was he just wasn’t all that good at the kid thing, so my mom had to tell him – hey, I think the kids would really like a trip to the national parks. And he’d take us. Or – hey, I think kid X would like you to come to a band thing. I know you don’t like band, but how about coming to a football game to watch halftime. And he did. I don’t think any of us could have predicted that. Yes, it was a lot of work on my mom (note, there was no nagging – it was all suggesting and him taking the suggestion). But, in the end, I actually think I know my dad more than had they not gotten divorced. Had they stayed married, he would have been around, but not present. Working all the time, watching TV while someone else watched the kids, etc. After they divorced, when he had us, he had us. And we took wonderful trips – national parks, Cape Cod, heck, he even went to Disney once (much emphasis on Epcot). He had no choice but to pay attention, because he was THE parent for those weeks. We really are pretty close now. I have no idea what your ex is like, or if this could apply, but I just wanted to say that there might be hope even if the past doesn’t give you much. I wish much luck to you and the anonakids.

      • This actually describes our situation perfectly. I do think he is a better dad now than he was/would have been when we were married (one of the many reasons we split up). I hope I can continue to have your mom’s patience with the instruction aspect; I find it downright infuriating at times to deal with (seriously, thank your mom for this, it requires the patience of a saint). I really hope he does continue to be active, but he already has the tendency that when things are too hard or too outside of the norm, he just doesn’t see them, which is mostly why I have concerns. But thank you – it’s good to hear things working out; I really do hope that I am wrong!

    • Any chance there is a Boy and Girls Club nearby where you can look at aftercare options?

      • I don’t believe so. I think we may have to go the mother’s helper route for the mornings, I just don’t even know where to start with that. I need to find Listservs.

    • Isn’t Easter a popular day for Sunday brunch? You might have trouble finding a place that can take 14 people on three weeks’ notice.

    • We’ve done Mother’s Day brunch at Beacon Bar & Grill a few times. It’s buffet-style but the food is good and I’ve seen really big groups there on popular brunch days.

    • I would check with the Front Page. Decent priced buffet style brunch. My large family has been doing Easter there for a while. I think at most we’ve been 10-12 ppl.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: October’s Yay! Tights season! has turned into March’s Ugh, when can I ditch the tights?
    Rave: Warm weather later this week will allow me to ditch the tights.
    Rave: Got so much accomplished this weekend. New desk in my study, junk thrown out, stacks of books reshelved.
    Rant: Trying to work out my summer schedule. It’s going to be nuts, and I’m pretty sure I will run out of leave.

    • I didn’t wear tights today 🙂 Rebel!

    • Also so excited to stop with the tights! I wore them today (I was hoping not to, but it was 39 degrees when I left the house and I walk to work) but I am eyeing tomorrow as my first ditch day 🙂

    • I’m actually having a small complex about tights tomorrow. I want to bust out my brand new wedges, but I’m afraid my legs will be too cold. And I’m not really into the wedges, leggings look. These wedges are soo cute, I’ve been chomping at the bit for an opportunity to wear them!

    • I’m wearing my tights today, with boots! I love cold weather and I love my tights. I’m always sad when it’s too warm to wear them. Plus, 75 degrees in early March? Ugh. Too warm, too soon!

  • Rave: Finished all of House of Cards Season 4 – though, really, this is just a testament of how lazy I was this weekend (which was the ultimate objective)
    Rant: sorry as a mo-fo after a weekend class at solidcore. Not sure if anyone else has done a class there, but, wow, are my muscles yelling at me now!

  • Rant: Had to pay return shipping on a defective item this morning and it cost way too much (like $7 more than I expected) but you can’t really ask the post office for your box back after the fact. Blech. At least I will still get a good refund?
    Rave: Got a lot done this morning. My co-worker isn’t sitting at a desk directly behind me anymore and now I’m much more productive, I think.
    Rave: Summer is so close I can taste it.
    Question for the PoPulace: Bumble. Anyone tried Bumble’s BBF feature? Are there actually people just looking for friends? I really need some extra people to do things with outside of my small friend group in DC and I’m not ready to start dating again.

    • I haven’t tried Bumble’s BFF thing yet, but my roommate had a lot of luck with MeetUp groups – she joined a movie-going one, and now has a group of friends who not only get together to watch movies, but also hang out. If there’s an activity you’re into, you might try there!

    • Isn’t there an unofficial PoPville happy hour this week? (Either Wednesday or Thursday?)
      Justin, did you pick a place?

  • Rave: flying the nieces to their grandparents’ house went very smoothly. They were so excited and other than being a little hyper, they were very well behaved.
    Rant: getting them so excited about it had some rough consequences when we arrived. I didn’t get a lot of sleep and I wanted to nap when the little one napped, but she was so wound up she just screamed for an hour and I couldn’t take it. The next day, the bigger one just wanted to be upset for no reason, so she had an awful tantrum. My mom and I discussed leaving her in a muddy field of horses as we drove by.
    Rave: I’m taking a vacation, which is much needed after this weekend. Beaches and 80 degree weather, here I come! Thursday can’t come soon enough.
    Rave: I already ditched tights! Thank you weather!
    Rant: kind of sad for no reason.

  • Rave: In the same time zone, same country, and same city as my husband!! Hallelujah!!
    Rave: We had an incredible weekend together in Lambertville, NJ and now he’s back in DC with me and it’s so tickling to see how much he loves this city.
    Rave: Planning a bike ride this evening to the next state on my list – Nevada Avenue.

  • Rave: Started watching House of Cards this weekend. Wow.

    Rave: Found a gown for an event I’m attending in April, now to get it hemmed.

    Rant: The size of the gown is a lot bigger than I ever anticipated.

    Rant: A not-so-close friend of mine, after being hospitalized/on work disability for the last few months due to “medical issues” recently admitted they were an alcoholic (to no one’s shock). I’m having a gathering and this person is invited to it. Yesterday they said to me that they might have a small glass (of alcohol) at my party and this does NOT sit well with me. I told them that I did not want to be responsible for any relapses and I feel now like I need to secure all my alcohol out of sight so they are not tempted in any way. I’m not sure what to do because if they want to drink, they’ll find a way. I just don’t want to be responsible.

    Rave: I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to spring!!! I decided this was my final tights day for the season.

    Rave: Having lunch with a friend who is up here for work today and I am looking forward to seeing her.

    • +1 on final tights day. It might be my final pants day, if I can swing it with the weather. I’m sorry to hear about your conundrum with your friend, they should not be putting you in that position.

    • I don’t think you should be your friends keeper. As you said, they are going to drink if they want to drink, and if they have made a decision that they are drinking small amounts, it is better that they told you instead of sneak-drinking.

      • +1. It’s their responsibility to decide to drink or not drink. You do not need to monitor their consumption, or try to control it. But, you can certainly push back and say something about being concerned that they are not making the best decisions and that you are available if needed (if you are, you said you’re not that close). This is coming from a former alcoholic who was sober for 10 years and started (responsibly) drinking again 8 years ago and is fine.

      • Agreed with the above. Addicts have to learn how to function within normal bounds of society. If the person is not yet at a stage of their recovery where they can be around alcohol and other people drinking, then they should not attend; however, this is their decision. You are not responsible for your friend’s sobriety, they are.

        • I agree. Not to mention how awkward it might be for other guests if they thought drinks might be offered and then they also have to change their behavior to accommodate this one person. It’s good to be supportive but it’s on your friend to make good decisions for herself.

  • Rant: My delightful Sunday afternoon nap completely messed up my sleep last night. So very tired.
    Rave: Getting a much needed hair cut today.
    Rave: Lovely weekend spent with friends.

    • Allison

      I had a delightful Sunday afternoon nap too! I rarely nap, but we had the Nats v. Cardinals spring training game on the TV, and baseball sounds (at home on low volume) always put me straight to sleep. Husband nodded off too.

  • Rave: have really been enjoying going through “The Roosevelts” documentary with my roommate.
    Rant: said roommate is moving soon, so we won’t get to hang out as much and other roommate and I have to search for a new occupant and go through the whole lease-changing thing.
    Rave: had a great talk with my sister this weekend – she convinced me to tell a friend that I’m interested in more-than-friends, and she’s on her way to quitting smoking!
    Rave: my stress fracture might be healed, just in time for outdoor running (and training for my half marathon in May)!
    Rave: my other sister is coming to visit soon!
    POPulace Query: fun things to do in the evenings/nights that you can take a 20-year-old to? A lot of the things I’d normally do like going to live music are in bars that card.

    • For the query: Hill Country or 9:30 are my recommendations

    • Andie302

      Bowling, movies, evening bike ride on the mall, trapeze, sometimes museums will have evening exhibits, plays, or just checking out a new neighborhood. How long until they turn 21? You could also come up with a fun list of things to look forward to once they’re of age!

    • Where is your 20-something from and have they visited often? Even a lot of urban sophistos haven’t done Ethiopian (near the 9:30!) and there are a lot of fun (new) places just to eat. And even old DC hands enjoy a night tour of the monuments/stroll by the river. Anything fun at the Kennedy Center or one of the theaters?

    • For places to go with the 20-year-old: In addition to the 9:30 Club, there’s the Black Cat (all ages, although I’m not clear if that includes the Red Room too or just the mainstage/backstage) and U Street Music Hall (varies by show, but usually either all-ages or 18+).

    • anonymouse_dianne

      There is a coming of age musical at Arena in the Kogod cradle – The Lion. I saw it yesterday and it is fantastic – and only 70 minutes. What makes a lion a lion? And they don’t card but do serve beer & wine.

  • I remember in the past that many of you had recommended therapists. I’m needing to talk to someone and would appreciate recommendations– non-emergency. Thank you!

    • They don’t take most insurance, but I’ve been very happy with Matt at DC Talk Therapy (above the Starbucks across from the Zoo). They don’t have psychiatrists, so if you’re looking at maybe using medication, they’d have to recommend someone else.

    • The Women’s Center (for women and men)

  • Rave: Taking my husband to the ACC tournament for a day-date tomorrow! My team doesn’t play until Thursday, but whatever, it will be fun to get a taste of the madness.

    Rave: Had an awesome dinner party on Saturday, everyone enjoyed the food and took to-go containers with them. Sadly, no leftovers for me.

    Rave: Took some steps towards starting my business and feel really good about investing in myself. Not sure where it will go, but happy to be making the journey

  • Rave: Tickets to the first home game for the Washington Spirit have been obtained!
    Rave: Finally had my 90 minute deep tissue massage yesterday and it was everything I had hoped it would be. Who knew that having someone massage my forearms and calves could be one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve had in a long time?
    Rave: I’m constantly amazed at the kindness of people I don’t really know who are connected to me only through the bizarre sisterhood of child loss. That people can be so generous with their time and energy towards someone they don’t know is… I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s really made a tremendous difference in my life.

  • Revel: good times with good friends this weekend
    Rant: tomorrow/Wednesday the panel will meet to decide if I should stay or go
    Rant: how do I even begin a new job search?

  • Andie302

    Query: where would you go if you had a 3 day weekend in about a month? It could be car or flying somewhere, but preferably a direct flight of less than 4 hours. We’ll already be in NOLA this coming weekend and did Memphis this past year. We did Nassau last year. I’m taking my mom to 4 Corners via Albuquerque in May. I would love to hear any ideas from people that had a great experience and would recommend it!

    • I recommend Canada! Your money will go really far since the Canadian dollar isn’t so hot right now. We’re going to Banff next month and I cannot wait, but not sure it would be worth it for only three days.

      • Maybe Montreal, if it’ll be warm enough at that time?

        • Andie302

          That was my immediately thought (Montreal I mean). I was there before, but I would love to go back! I’ll have to look into the weather and see. Maybe flying to Burlington and driving across. I know flying into Montreal can be expensive. We’ll see!

          • Yep — flying somewhere near-ish and driving across the border might be a good idea. Flying into Montreal is more expensive than it seems like it ought to be, because of the international taxes.

          • I did that once and it was great! Burlington is also super cute.

          • Oh yeah Montreal would be great. Driving across the border is an option, but the lines can be long! It can be expensive to fly into Toronto too, but you can usually fly IAD to the Toronto Islands airport for pretty cheap. I think the weather in Montreal in April would be decent–maybe 50s.

      • Yes! But Montreal is so much closer. It’s my favorite city in North America with a great food scene, wonderful transportation, and many beautiful things to see. Their Chinatown is legit, I had the best dumplings of my life there.

      • I was going to say Canada as well. I’m planning a long weekend trip to Ottawa at the end of April, to check out museums and hopefully walk along the canal if it’s nice weather. Porter airlines has cheap flights from DC to several locations in Canada.

        • +1 to Porter Airlines. They have a lot of low-costs flights out of Dulles to major Canadian cities. I’m not sure if you can fly direct to Montreal, but you can definitely fly direct to Toronto.

      • I second this. Montreal would be great – awesome food scene and not too far. Quebec City is really beautiful too, smaller and very quaint, but I doubt there are direct flights from DC.

    • If you don’t go with the Quebec option… have you/Accountering been to Charleston or Savannah?

      • Oops, meant Montreal, not Quebec. (Though Montreal is in PQ.)

      • Andie302

        I’ve done both, Charleston multiple times…but those are both a lot of fun and I would be open to either of them! My gears are turning on Canada too!

  • maxwell smart

    I think this might have been a post before, but whatever: Looking for men’s haircut recommendations. I used to go to Wise Owl Club, but I don’t live nearby and don’t typically have 2-3 hours to kill in Adams Morgan hanging out waiting for a haircut. So – looking for somewhere with a similar vibe and quality (aka I don’t want the Diego’s Conservative Republican Special) and also don’t really think it should cost more than $40 (which itself is crazy. The amount of places I can go to in NYC and get a fantastic cut for $20…)

    • I used to go the Wise Owl when I lived around the corner from them and could wait out my time in my apartment, but totally understand why non-neighborhood folks (and anyone with a demanding life or family) could not kill 2-3 hours waiting there. Such great haircuts, but such wait times, and such insufferable hipster snobiness.

      Ok, now that I’ve ranted. Ruth at B&C barbershop on 18th street is awesome. It’s just a little further south than Wise Owl. Good cut for $20. Also, if you can stomach the franchisey and cheesy nature of the place, you can get good $30 to $35 cuts at Bang. I like Michelle on U St, but have had good experiences with others.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: End of Downton Abbey, now I need another period soap opera.
    Rave: hope to ditch pants later this week for warm weather.

    • Have you seen Poldark? It’s on Amazon Prime, though it may also be on the PBS website. I totally missed it when it was on PBS last year. It’s so good! And the main character is a total dreamboat.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Maybe I’ll give Poldark another try. I tried watching it when it was on PBS, but was overly distracted that the scar on his face was on a different side from the 1970s Poldark. From what I saw, the 2 productions are very different.

    • It’s not quite as soap-y, but I am in love with “Miss Fischer’s Murder Mysteries” – it’s about a highly independent, sexually-liberated wealthy lady in Australia in the 1920s who solves murders while looking fabulous. Also a show called “Call the Midwife” set in East London in the post-WWII era, about a group of midwives, some of whom are nuns. Both are on Netflix. Though I will caution you with Call the Midwife: there are a lot of scenes depicting birth (which is not unexpected, given the title), so if you have thin walls you may feel the need to turn down the volume during those bits unless you want to make your neighbors concerned and confused.

      • Yes to Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries I professed my love of Detective Inspector Jack Robinson and Phryne Fisher here last week in RoR :-). I’m in Season 3 and trying to take it slowly so I won’t have to lament it finishing!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Good choices! I already watch them 🙂

  • Additional Rant: I know this is not a problem in the big scheme of things, but when you go to the deli and ask the man/lady at the counter to slice your meat “really thin” and they give it to you just as thick or even thicker than just buying it presliced at Trader Joe’s… like… wtf. Is there anything one can do about this aside from opening the bag of deli meat right there at the counter after they give it to you to check?! It happens 75% of the time at Whole Foods and it drives me ABSOLUTELY INSANE >_<

    • Go to harris teeter, they give you a sample (first slice) so you can say thinner or thicker.

      • OH! Thanks! I just googled and didn’t realize Harris Teeter was that close. (I mostly go to Whole Foods because I hate Giant but I’m not averse to Harris Teeter.) This solves a lot of problems. Hah.

        • You can also just ask them to see the first slice before they keep going (nicely of course). I haven’t bought sliced deli meat in ages (in fact don’t think I ever have in DC), but I thought it was customary to let you sample the first slice. Surprised Whole Foods of all places doesn’t do that.

          • I thought it was customary too, but the deli people are just spacey (especially at the logan circle location although I had issues in Glover Park a few times when I lived on that side). I have to repeat how much I want at least twice every time, too. And people seem to love to skip the line at the Logan Circle counter because there are no longer numbers. Anyway. Now I’m babbling.

        • Yet another ask and ye shall receive scenario.
          I’ve gotten the check-in before without asking, so I know they can do it. Saying hey, I’ve had issues getting the meat thin enough, so let me check that first slice to see is the easiest solution.
          Why are Popvillagers so scared to ask for what they want?

          • The lady who helped me said “ok” so I thought she got it but from now on I will ask!

          • I’m guessing you forgot the other 75% of the time it’s been wrong where I’m assuming they also said ok.
            Ps That wasn’t just directed at you. There have been a lot of these easy to solve issues going around the village. It’s just strange to me is all.

          • Yup…. you’re right…. lots of easy to fix scenarios in this city….
            on the upside, at least I told the guy whose elbow was in my face on the bus this past weekend to “please get your elbow out of my face.” baby steps towards being more assertive.

          • It’s traditional for deli meat to be sliced thin (without even having to ask for it). Unless you’ve repeatedly had it sliced thick after you specifically asked for it to be sliced thin, why would you ask to check the thickness of the first slice?

          • In this case, that’s exactly what happened. It was wrong 3/4 of the time.
            Your thin may not be my thin, but I wouldn’t normally ask unless the first time was incorrect. Then I’ll always ask.

          • @anon, everyone has different preferences. That’s why you buy it from the deli counter versus the pre-packaged area.

  • Rave: Just discovered Poldark on Amazon Prime. Don’t know how I missed it when it was on PBS. I probably thought it was yet another British mystery. It is soooo good! Total guilty pleasure, except it’s really well done, so I can’t feel too guilty.

    Rant: I binge watched all eight episodes this weekend, and the next season won’t premiere in the UK until fall which means who knows when it will premier here. Major sadface.

  • Rave: Great (but way too short) time with the guy this weekend. Traveling last week, traveling this week – gotta squeeze in time somewhere.
    Rave: Decided to take the next step in my career and study/take/pass (hopefully) the PMP exam. I’m making a study plan and diving into the study guide. Does anyone who’s done this have any tips or suggestions? I want to take the test by June.
    Rave: Meeting a former co-worker for lunch and excited to catch up.
    Rave: I gotta make more money (or spend less…) But I can still eat and pay my rent, so I can’t really complain too much.
    Revel: Spring is here!

  • Rant: Somehow I landed on Vincent Gray’s e-mail/spam list. The unsubscribe request I put in today had better work.
    I wonder if he bought e-mail addresses or something from Anita Bonds. I ended up on her mailing list after signing the sign-in sheet at a meeting that she organized. I haven’t unsubscribed from her list yet because it’s more news-y.

  • Rant: Former apartment building managers trying to charge me for leaving indentations on the carpet from furniture. Apparently I should have “put plastic sheeting on the floor” to prevent that if I didn’t want to pay $75 to get the indentations out at the end of the lease.
    Rant: Totally freaking out about the person I’ve been seeing. Why can’t I just accept that things are going really well and enjoy it, rather than assume that everything will blow up into catastrophe? I worry I will push away a good thing because of my fear.
    Rave: Looking forward to being outside tonight.

    • How do they even fix indentations?
      Seems like normal wear and tear to me; I’d fight it.

      • I’ve done it by putting small bits of ice in the indentation overnight. The carpet fibers typically spring right back up. But I totally agree it is normal wear and tear.

        • Thanks! Will keep this in mind for the future. I am sure I’ll be OCD about it from now on.

      • They told me they wouldn’t charge me after I made a fuss and then proceeded to put it on the final bill. I will keep fighting the good fight!

    • Leaving indentations on the carpet?! That might be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard–pretty sure even if you put plastic there it would leave those marks. Besides…plastic?! That is so tacky.

      • Yeah, I looked at them like “What….? Really???” I was disbelieving that they could even pretend to think that that was normal renter behavior.

    • I can relate to Rant #2

      Don’t doubt yourself! Whatever your feeling is probably mutual, maybe talk about things when there is a good time?

    • Your second rant totally hits home. I am in the best, most stable and loving relationship of my life right now and yet still worry almost every day about what happens if/when we break up. We’ve talked about the future and I know we’re both equally committed to the relationship (and I get so happy when I think about our future) but I still worry about what could possibly happen that could cause the relationship to end. I think a lot of is has to do with my fear, like you mentioned… I need to learn how to just accept the good for what it is!! I hope you are able to as well, sounds like you have a lot to enjoy.

      • This is so helpful to hear. I’m in the longest-term relationship I’ve ever been in and I know we care about each other, but a reptilian part of my brain keeps thinking about this as well. Stupid brains. Stupid fears.

        • I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’m going to start referring to this thoughts as coming from the reptilian part of my brain. Here’s to continued relationships and happiness.

          • You know, maybe this isn’t a bad way to go about things. I tend to not think about breakups like y’all do… but my relationships never last very long. So.

          • I’ve never been in a very long term relationship (longer than 6 months) so the fact that this one keeps going and I’m so happy is new to me. I don’t think worrying about the future totally healthy but it keeps things in perspective. Maybe I’m hedging my bets in case something happens so I don’t get hurt, but I think I’m past the point of no return there.
            Then I get on Popville/FB/whatever and everyone is talking about moving in with/getting engaged to their SOs after 6, 8, 10, 12 months and I’m like, WHAT?!

          • Congrats!!! I still have not managed to pass the 6 month mark (my relationship that just ended was a week short of 6 months -_-). But it’ll happen when it happens. I’m happy when I hear happy dating stories like yours. They give me hope.
            And it’s okay to have the “WHAT?!” response. I do that on the daily.

          • palisades

            FB is a terrible resource to base your life off of. Social media in general is a bad idea. You only see the good side of things. Just wait 5 or 10 years and all the awkward divorce FB statuses will start showing up.

          • I also do this… It is a very, very hard thing to break yourself of because it generally comes from a place of self-preservation. I have been in a very stable, loving, healthy relationship for two years, and even today as I was walking back from lunch, I wondered to myself if my BF was only with me for X reason, even though he has never, ever given me reason to suspect that he’s anything other than 100% with me. It’s crazy.

          • Palisades- oh totally, I agree. I definitely try not to compare my life to others based on FB but sometimes it gets under your skin when other people are doing things that you aren’t and you think maybe you should be.
            FridayGirl- thanks! I am so happy it kind of scares me. I have complained about dating a lot in the past (on Popville under another name and in real life) and its totally just what you said- it’ll happen when it happens. I met my boyfriend on an app that I rarely used and had not had a lot of luck with and everything sort of fell into place. Dating, especially in DC, is hard and frustrating and not always fun so just take it at your own pace. I’m always happy to commiserate and/or share horrible dating stories (one upside of all this dating- you get hilarious stories to share with people).

        • I think it took 2 years for me to stop worrying that my boyfriend would stand me up/bail whenever we made plans. Keep in mind that he never once did this, and only rarely is even late (and when that happens I get timely notification and apologies for running late).
          It’s kind of weird, but I’ve noticed that hormones seem to play a bit of a role when I freak out about our relationship. Once a month I’ll get frustrated and rant in my head, “F’ it! This isn’t going to work! He’s going to leave! This is all falling apart!” and then commence freaking out. Now that I’ve noticed it’s PMS-related I can more easily calm myself down instead of getting worked up.
          And don’t get me started on comparing to other people. What I try to remember is that I’m perfectly happy until someone asks why we haven’t made such-and-such step yet. It’s our relationship, not theirs.

          • OH! I just did the freakout math in my head and put it together. Revelation!

            You, anonymous internet commenter, just explained a great deal about my own behavior. Thank you!

    • Dents in carpet is definitely wear and tear. And (usually) an easy fix involving dampening the dented carpet, blow drying on cool, fluffing the fibers. Or something similar.

    • You all should stop worrying about when you’ll break up. I don’t worry, but then, I know that most relationships DO break up eventually, married or not. So what’s the point of worrying? Seems to me you need to get over your expectation that it will or should work out long term, and just go with the flow. If you do get broken up with, it’ll likely be from something you never saw coming, and never worried about anyway. Or saw, and denied to yourself, so as not to have to think about where it might lead. Seems to me it would be better to focus on whether the relationship is good for you ongoing, rather than worrying about breaking up. Easy to say, I know. But the key is to not be attached to it lasting, but be attached to only staying in a relationship that is good for YOU. Just observe how it is going, being honest with yourself, and enjoy it while you can.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: feeling grumpy, have a slight headache and need coffee.
    Rave: these are easily fixable problems.

  • Rave: skype interview with a recruiter for a new firm! I was super nervous because I hate video conferencing. Do you look at the screen? the camera? the bug on the wall? (fwiw I look at the camera all the time in hopes that it looks like I’m looking at the interviewer.) Also it was a very short talk, I assume since they are filtering people to be interviewed by the actual firm? Even if it doesn’t pan out, I’m glad for the experience
    Super rave: slow cooker mexican chicken
    rant: so at my old apartment, I had a can opener, my roommate broke it and bought a new one, but when we moved out, I realized she took the can opener! So I had to open a can of tomatoes with a pair of scissors. It wasn’t fun.

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