Prepare for a World of Traffic Hell around the Verizon/Convention Centers

Photo by PoPville flickr user Bossi

Update from Alert DC just after 11am:

“MPD reports traffic around the DC Convention Center is experiencing minor delays due to Delegates returning to the Convention Center. Please take an alternate route.”

Starting to get reports last night about traffic around the Convention and Verizon Center. It is time for the annual AIPAC Conference (with speakers who require immense security as well the presence of counter protesters) resulting in some serious traffic. I didn’t seen an EVENTS DC alert this year but the AIPAC Conference is scheduled to go through tomorrow morning.

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  • This is small potatoes compared to the Nuclear Security Summit at the end of the month (3/31-4/1). The OPM circular claims over 50 Heads of State will attend and strongly encourages maximum telework.

  • Walking by the CC to the metro this morning, I noticed there wasn’t nearly the security presence I would have expected to see – certainly an uptick in cop cars hanging around, but I didn’t notice anything beyond that. However, I’m expecting my commute home to be a little more flashy………and to agree with what sproc said, next week’s Nuclear Security Summit will be absolute hell.

  • Please be aware that the AIPAC conference is at the Verizon Center, not the Convention Center.

  • The worst part about a Trump presidency will be the annoyingly constant protests we’re bound to see.

  • Who are the guys in the photo? Are these the ultra Orthodox right who believe the Israeli state shouldn’t exist yet? They’re a trip. I still don’t understand their argument.

    • That particular group is Neturei Karta. In general, groups like that see the State of Israel as heretical, due to issues of the Temple and the Messiah and whatnot. There are Haredim in Israel whose ancestors migrated there long before modern Zionism, and they agree with that sentiment.

  • Traffic’s always stop n go in front of Verizon, so probably no huge difference.

  • They’ve taken over both the entirety of the Verizon Center and the Convention Center. It’s 18k attendees in total. There wasn’t much security around the Convention Center because the main event this morning (the plenary with Hillary speaking) was at the Verizon Center.

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