Pizzeria Vetri coming to 14th and Florida Ave, NW


Pizzeria Vetri’s website says:

“Keeping in line with the Vetri Family’s signature style of only utilizing the finest and freshest ingredients from the farm, sea and market, and making just about everything in-house from scratch—including the salumi, sauces and dough—Pizzeria Vetri features a feast of seasonal pizza pies ranging from the classic Margherita with basil, mozzarella and tomato sauce to the Salsiccia with fennel sausage, roasted fennel, tomato and mozzarella. In addition to the thin-crust selection, Pizzeria Vetri also serves up a thicker, rectangle “pizza of the day.”

While Pizzeria Vetri’s custom-made, wood-fired Renato oven cranks out pizzas to order that’s certainly not the only thing it can do. A true workhorse, the oven also produces roasted salads, calzones and the dish Philadelphia Inquirer restaurant critic Craig Laban proclaimed was his “single greatest morsel” of 2013, the Rotolo, a crispy pinwheel of pizza dough filled with ricotta and house-made mortadella topped with pistachio pesto.

Save room for dessert as a decadent oven-baked Nutella Pizza topped with marshmallow, and a selection of seasonal cookies and soft-serve ice cream are available to order. For beverages, Pizzeria Vetri offers a selection of wines on tap, hand-bottled cocktails and craft beers.”

You can see their menu here.





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  • Sweet! The Vetri restaurants in Philly are amazing. I assume this is part of their expansion driven by their recent purchase by Urban Outfitters. Hopefully they keep up the quality of the originals.

    • Agreed – my brother works at one of their restaurants in Philly, and while I’ve been blown away by the menu each time I’ve visited, I do worry (as does he) that quality will drop…. :-\

  • Sounds promising – I welcome almost any Philly-based food enterprise!

  • Great pizza at the Philly location. Hopefully this is at least close!

  • Isn’t this place right across the street from Piola? I feel like Piola is underrated. Their hh is amazing and I really enjoy their food.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Yes thank you – I meant to note that!!

    • I love Piola’s HH! I’ve been a Piola devotee since I started eating at their Rosslyn location 6 or 7 years ago. I hope this doesn’t hurt their business.

    • wandafish

      +1 Piola. Great service, good pizzas.

      • +1 Also a big fan of Piola – great food & prices. We recently discovered their prosecco bar during brunch on the weekends – it was $15-20 (sorry can’t recall!) for all you can drink prosecco with a bar of do-it-yourself whole fruit, fruit purees and juices to mix in – delicious and super fun! As a Philly-area native I’ll be torn between these two… I guess I’ll just have to eat twice as much pizza to support them both!

  • Not exactly what this part of town needs….we have piola we have tons of places on u st or cohi that you can get pizza….jumbo slice in admo.

    But could be worse? Sounds like its good pizza…but theres lots of good pizza places and I imagine the vibe in here will be rustic Americana?

  • Well FINALLY a place to get pizza in this neighborhood! Isn’t one of the places in the Manhattan building next door slated for pizza as well? I wonder when we reach peak pizza?

  • This area already has so much pizza…

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