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  • Because it’s just processed grass and hay. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Think of it like walking compost.

  • You’d have to have your nose pretty deep in your phone to not notice horses–t. Unlike the little pebbles of awfulness dogs leave behind.

    • Agreed, I fail to see this as the most severe spring injustice in DC. Annoying, perhaps, but large enough to avoid and not nearly as nasty as dog shit.

      • And horse poop doesn’t stick to your shoes like dog poop. it dries up pretty quickly – by the time you get to your destination it will be long gone.

  • General Grant Circle

    Quis taxet publicanem?

  • I like the alliteration.

  • The source is the horse, of course.

    • justinbc

      Yeah I can’t imagine what else was going through this person’s mind. A devious prankster who shows up from the farms every year to disgust us city folk?

  • Well, I certainly am not going to be the person who walks up to a cop on a horse and tells him to bag the poop.

  • It’s typically only on the South side of the bridge too, so if it’s that vexing, just walk on the North side.

  • I’ve just never understood why the horses don’t wear bags. Is it in case they need to gallop to chase a suspect?

    Excellent alliteration!

    • Cart horses wear bags. A police horse needs to be able to move fast, not plod along in a straight line. A bag would be dangerous – mess up the horse’s balance, horse could get his feet caught in it, horse would probably freak the f out if a bag was slapping it in the butt, etc.

  • Dung vs. feces. Dung is safe to touch and feces is not. Source: field ranger school. We often touched dung with our hands and never got sick.
    Dung is from herbivores. Feces from carnivores. Crin is correct – it’s just grass and doesn’t even smell bad.

  • Walking in horse manure is no worse than walking in the woods. It doesn’t carry the harmful bacteria that is found in carnivore or omnivore poop. I would not worry about this in the least. And as to the question of fines . . . please let me know how many times you’ve seen a person in DC fined for failing to scoop their dog’s poop?

  • I regularly jump over horse s**t while jogging on the mall. I’m sure the tourist enjoy seeing/smelling it too. It’s annoying.

  • Now if someone were to jump into the saddle with the park policeman and the horse raced down the street then this would an outrage. An outrage!

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