“Haven’t see a line at Pasta Mia like this in a long time” (Closing at the end of the month)

long lines
Photo by Shamik Trivedi

Shamik writes us Friday:

“Haven’t see a line at Pasta Mia like this in a long time.”

Last week we noted Pasta Mia’s building was for lease and on Friday the Adams Morgan BID reported that “Pasta Mia is closing at the end of March

1790 Columbia Road, NW

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  • If that photo was taken before 6:30 Friday, I was in the line (though I can’t pick myself out). From a nostalgia standpoint, it was bittersweet – we used to live around the corner, and my wife started going into labor at dinner there 9+ years ago.

    • justinbc

      Is it still cash only or did they ever drop that policy?

      • Still cash only (I think – I just assumed it was, made sure I had enough cash, and paid with it, without actually checking). It obviously has been a long time since I’ve been there – pasta was $20-$22 per plate. I have to say, I’m glad we went for old time’s sake, but if I’m going to spend $125 on dinner for 3, I can think of quite a few better options.

      • Old-time mom and pop Italian joints don’t like having a money trail.

        • This was actually a huge issue in Brooklyn after Hurricane Sandy. All the mom & pop Italian places (restaurants, delis, pizza, etc) showed very little income or had not even bothered to file taxes for decades. To get Sandy relief funds, the businesses had to show a history of corporate taxes paid. Ooops.
          Many had to close permanently and sell the buildings, as they didn’t have the paper trail to tap into government funds. Lots of pissed Italians and Russians in south Brooklyn because they couldn’t get their government monies.

  • As of 6:30pm Saturday the dishwasher was broken, so the restaurant did not open on Saturday. Not sure of the current status since it’s closed on Sundays and Mondays. Hopefully the dishwasher is up and running soon so that people can get their Pasta Mia fix before the end of the month!

  • Pasta M.I.A.

  • I’ve lived down the street for years and never understood this line.

    Is it just poor table management on their part? A lack of taking reservations? Too limited of hours? Some gimmick like clubs do to make them look popular?

    Not fixing the line issue in well over a decade always made me think it was too poorly run for my business.

    • I believe they don’t take reservations, and at least in their glory days, Pasta Mia was a cheap and tasty place with some relative charm (i.e., compared to Mixtec’s good food but fluorescent lighting and plastic tables and chairs). That said, I personally never had a good meal there and never understood the attraction. Glad people can get their last meal at the place, but I won’t miss it.

  • Are they for sure closed on Mondays? We were going to go tonight…

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