“$1.3 Million in Truxton?!?”

220 P Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Remember the building that collapsed a couple years ago on P? It was recently finished and a few of the units are on the market now. The most expensive is $1.3 million! I don’t think I have seen anything listed that high in Truxton. They are nice looking units, but that seems crazy. Then again, the Ditto development on NJ and P could be in that range if the 5th and Q units are any sort of a price point.”

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  • That block is terrible. Between the drug traffic coming off North Capitol and the breeder traffic from all of Ward 9 dropping their kids off at the charter schools. Nightmare in the mornings and evenings.

    • People from PG can enroll their kids in DC Charter Schools?

      • Legally, absolutely not (except in cases where no DC kid wants the spot and the parent pays ~$10K tuition/year). However, one often sees Maryland plates at dropoff at some charter (& some DCPS) schools, and there’s frequent speculation of residency fraud.

        • gotcha, could also be one parent in PG and one parent in DC due to divorce or due to never actually being married.

          Thanks for the info!

          • Or kids are dropped off by caregivers who aren’t their parents because their parents are at work. My next door neighbor’s kid is dropped off at school by her babysitter who has a car with MD plates, but she definitely lives in DC.

          • While we’re coming up with explanations; you don’t actually have to be a Maryland resident to have Maryland plates. Unlike DC, Maryland doesn’t enforce residency when registering/renewing a car, and the MVA is less difficult to deal with than the DC DMV all around. If you’re getting a car from family or something and you have off-street parking, you may just opt not to deal with moving the registration over.

          • “[Y]ou may just opt not to deal with moving the registration over” — Maybe Maryland doesn’t care about this, but doesn’t D.C. require you to change your license/registration within 30 days of moving to D.C.?

          • Yes, they do textdoc, although when I lived in the Onyx on First there were SO MANY plates from states all over the country. I guess it’s pretty hard to enforce when you park in an underground garage.

          • Formerly ParkView Res, military and congressional staffers don’t have to change their plates. I would guess that at the Onyx, at least some of the out of state folks fell into those categories.

          • “Maybe Maryland doesn’t care about this, but doesn’t D.C. require you to change your license/registration within 30 days of moving to D.C.?”
            Yeah, this just isn’t really enforced unless you park on the street.

          • Yeah….I’m one of those “Marylander’s”. I own my house in DC and park in the back.
            I’m from MD and my parents still live there. I’ve lived in DC for over 12 years and have never gotten DC tags :-/ It almost feels ridiculous at this point and thought I would finally get DC tags when I purchased a new car two years ago in Annapolis, but the deal just handed me MD tags which was so much easier than getting temp tags and going down to DCDMV to get DC tags.

        • Scrillin

          There’s a line a block long every weekday morning in front of Meridian Charter at 13th & V St NW.

          At least half Marylanders (many of whom are driving luxury vehicles – are there no private schools in Maryland?).

      • Grandma’s house as a mailing address is a pretty common tactic. About a third of the cars on the Munde Verde dropoff loop down the allys around the school have MD plates. Back when the school on 1st and P (CAPCS) was under the previous administration it seemed like 60% of the dropoff’s were MD plated.


      • When Kent Amos was running his charter school business there at 1st and P, a huge majority of the kids were delivered via cars registered in Maryland. Now the number of Marylanders is way down, except at the preschool at North Capitol and P NW.

        • You mean Mundo Verde? Yeah, that’s not a preschool. It’s an elementary school that just added pre-K. And you have to be a DC resident to attend. If you are seeing Maryland tags (and I rarely do) on the vehicles dropping off there, it’s likely because their parents are living in DC and not bothering to register their vehicles in DC. It happens more than you’d think regardless of ROSA. There are cars parked on my block in Truxton every day for the 2 years I have lived there with Maryland tags. They are getting around the requirements somehow.

          • Nah. Mundo verde is the best, in so many ways. Celebration in Learning across the street is heartbreakingly noble in the kids it tries to help. The only sadder thing is how most of the kids are delivered by car, and the cars mostly bear Maryland tags. You’re right about the vast numbers of District residents who keep their cars registered in other places, though. Infuriating, how they commit tax evasion and insurance fraud, and allow honest residents to pay for their roads and parking spaces. In Truxton alone, a LOT of cars use illegit ROSA exemptions by night and Visitor Parking by day.

          • Agreed. Meanwhile if you live on an unzoned block (like I do), you cannot get a RPP for Zone 5. Which is a lot of fun on street cleaning days when you have almost nowhere to move to. All the while most of the cars that park nightly on my block have Maryland tags.

  • This is tooooooo expensive. It’s just not worth it. Maybe in 15 years for Truxton

    • And maybe not even in 15 years. DC is not promised endless upward growth.

      • +1. And to the extent that the promise is there, it’s basically going to be baked into real estate costs anyway.

    • But you’re in the running for “Ugliest Building in DC.” Construction, which took forever, involved a lot of water running onto plywood over the years, so the bones of the house probably are nicely reflected in the exterior appearance.

      • I also live around the corner from the project and watched them do construction on this building from start to finish. Even if I had all the money in the world, I would NOT buy this. They building was exposed to the elements for much too long. They did not use quality materials and were not respectful of the neighborhood. I would highly advise anyone against purchasing a unit in this building.

  • As Nelson would say, “Haha!”

  • justinbc

    That building is ugly AF, but the price per square foot isn’t bad. I just wish people would stop using the term penthouse for something that’s 2 floors above ground level. While I suppose it’s technically a thing, that’s not what I think of at all when I hear that associated with real estate. If you’re not at least 10 levels up just stick with “top floor”.

    • binntp

      “I just wish people would stop using the term penthouse for something that’s 2 floors above ground level. ”
      Amen. That’s a 3rd story walk-up, not a penthouse. And a butt-ugly exterior.

  • Wow. That area is a mess, 1.5? People are getting really desperate and really ripped off. Good luck on that ace, buyers.

    • Hey now, let’s curtail the hyperbole a bit. It’s ONLY 1.3 million.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      I think calling it a “mess” is a bit of an overstatement. There is definitely some illicit activity at 3rd and P (and other blocks nearby), but overall, it’s not that bad. I’ve lived nearby for a few years, walk around daily, and I have never had any problems. I guess it really depends on an individual’s comfort level. Truxton is in the middle of 4 gentrifying neighborhoods (Shaw, Bloomingdale, Eckington, and NoMa), so further development is inevitable (especially if Sursum gets redeveloped as planned). That said, 1.3 mil is steep for the neighborhood as it is, no doubt. If I had that kind of money, I would buy elsewhere.

      • If I had that money, I don’t know that I’d buy elsewhere, but I’d buy a house, not a condo. But that’s a personal preference. And if I bought a condo, I’d rather have a larger building with more amenities for that price – or at least a less than heinous facade like this building.

        BUT, I would gladly live in Truxton Circle if the right property was there for $1.3M. That’s really high for Truxton because there’s almost nothing in Truxton Circle large enough to warrant that price tag. This penthouse is 2400 square feet. That’s 50% bigger than most houses in the neighborhood. But if I could get a 2400 square foot house in Truxton, I’d happily live there. I love being able to walk to Shaw, downtown, Bloomingdale and NOMA.

  • Why is there a picture of the roof? Not a roof deck, mind you, but just – the roof?

    • Big area that could be developed into a roof top deck….? I guess if I was spending $1.3m, the idea of putting a deck on my place, at my own expense, would tick me off. However, some friends of mine bought a row house in Shaw and had an engineering inspect the roof before purchasing as they were looking for a place where they could put in a roof deck.

    • As mentioned in the realtor blurb, that is indeed a roof deck. A freaking massive one and the only reason I’d envy the future owner of this place.

      • Lol – I didn’t even look at the listing. I was just going by the photos! It is a huge roof deck and very enviable!

      • Hope they like watching (and, ahem, listening to) Dunbar football games.

        • Weirdly, I kind of love that sound. It makes me feel like there’s something fun going on. Then again, I grew up with a football coach for a father.

    • Obviously this listing is “roof deck ready”.

  • I actually think the unit looks pretty nice on the inside and it seems like a good size. The price is just a bit ridiculous though. Maybe this would make sense in Dupont but, even then, I would personally have a hard time paying $1.3m for a condo when I could get a big house in Petworth for less.

  • Ugly facade–it looks like a bad attempt at remodeling a plain building from the late 50s. The “private roof deck” looks like a parking deck. The place looks like a generic, instantly dated flip. The floors are a tone that will look like the remnants of a bad fad in no time–the color is less adaptable than the usual variations on oak or pine. The one distinctive aspect is the legacy of collapse. The fees are a joke and are sure to rise steeply in very little time-. This place seems like an object lesson in why people shouldn’t succumb to an overheated market, esp. in a neighborhood that still has a lot of problems.

    • Here’s the thing: this facade is 100% brand new. Take a look at Google street view – you’ll see a finely proportioned (albeit very simple) small apartment building (well, a shell from the most recent photo). Whoever designed/approved this facade should be put out to pasture out of pure kindness.

    • maxwell smart

      I’m with you on most things, but sorry, those floors are beautiful.

    • The facade actually reminds me of 723 Morton Street NW (the infamous illegally-built apartment building).

    • The building is from ground up 100% new. The razed the former small building and poured a new footer. It’s horrible from the exterior.

  • Did the front look like that before? It looks like hideous 60s architecture with a pergola slapped on top.

  • maxwell smart

    Could I afford it? No. Would I want to live in this area? Also no. That said, considering it is 3 bedrooms, has a parking space included, a pretty nice looking and entertainment friendly kitchen, and the potential for a HUGE roof terrace, while it might be a bit over-priced, somehow I can see this easily selling. There are plenty of young people in this town with cash to burn that this will appeal to.

  • We live on this block. Do I hope this sells for 1.3M? Of course. Will I snicker uncontrollably at the buyer every time I see them on the street if it does? Inevitably.

  • I never get why these “high end” kitchens have five burner gas stoves on the island with no ventilation. Combined with the open floor plan that whole place is going to be a smoky mess if anyone ever makes a stir fry. Not to mention cleaning accumulated grease out of the corners of that paneled ceiling above it.

    • justinbc

      In photo #17 (on Redfin), you can see that little bar of metal at the top of the range? That’s a recessed vent fan that raises and lowers on demand, very common in modern kitchens and they work quite well.

    • There is ventilation. If you look at the photos closely, you’ll see a strip of metal behind the burners. That’s a pop-up extractor fan that’s recessed into the island. My Dad has one in his house, it actually works really well. I think it works better at controlling smoke/smells than my overhead extractor fan.

  • The hate on Truxton is a bit weird. That’s a perfectly decent block. I live right around the corner. Snicker all you want, but I walk to work every day and have three grocery stores in a 6 block radius and can walk to both the Green and Red lines without issue.

    I walk by this every day. The outside is horrifyingly ugly and terrible. But it’s an enormous building. But there’s an empty field behind it with little risk of something being built behind it. The $1.3 condo is enormous and bigger than any home in Truxton Circle. I paid *roughly* the same price per square foot in the same neighborhood. And my house has in less than two years appreciated 7% (based on appraisals done when I bought and when I refinanced).

    Mundo Verde a block over is one of the nicer elementary schools in DC. The traffic picking and dropping off is bad on P Street one block over – not on this block. The charter school on this block has a parking lot for pick up and drop off. This block of P Street is pretty quiet.

    • Oh, and to be honest unless you have kids or drive to work, I’m not sure why you’d care about the traffic to pick up or drop off school kids. I have never paid attention to it in my time living there. And from this building, you can drive right out the parking spot in the back down to 3rd Street and avoid any school traffic if you wanted.

      • I agree, this is way too much hate on TC. I’m a block from here and walk by daily – there is a nice community, I’ve had no issues with crime. And love the location. This unit does seem priced high, but it is pretty unique and I bet might go for close to this (though 1.15 would make it feel more like a deal). With more and more development coming density and amenities seem inevitable.

        • Seconded. I live a couple houses down from this building and this block is peaceful. From our yards we have a lovely view of the old Dunbar site, which is now a field, and the new Dunbar football field behind it. Truxton is a great spot to live; walkable everywhere yet removed enough from the Georgetown East vibe that has overtaken 14th St.

          We were amazed at the size of this building, along with the listing price. Our neighbors next to it are rightly steamed at how it looms over their lot — it extends well back to where our houses have yards and parking pads instead. It’s on a strange lot that extends behind some of the other neighboring houses. It gives us a nice bit of afternoon shade in the summer, actually, but I still wonder how it passed DCRA regs.

          It’s super expensive, for sure — we were amazed to see that asking price. We’ve met the owner, and they did put a lot of care into their finishes, it seems. And hey, if you buy the penthouse, you’ll have incredible views of Dunbar football games — and our backyard!

    • HaileUnlikely

      I don’t hate Truxton, but if I sold my house in Takoma right now, it would go for about ONE QUARTER of the asking price for this, or possibly a tiny bit more than that. Yet, given the opportunity to trade my house for this condo as an even exchange, if not for the possibility of re-selling immediately, pocketing a lot of money, and buying my current house back, I wouldn’t do it. It’s a nice enough condo in an area that I’ll concede has a lot going for it. But $1.3M is straight up goofy.

      • Your house would go for a quarter of the asking price because it is in Takoma. I’m not sure why people think Truxton is so unworthy of prices that are easily being paid three blocks west in Shaw. Truxton is part of historical Shaw. It’s more centrally located than even Bloomingdale.

        Someone who is okay living in Takoma would probably not pay to live in Truxton. You’re right.

        • It is a unique unit. If you want a house, you can get a lot of house in a lot of neighborhoods at this price point. I don’t think DC has demand for thousands of these. But a few, yeah.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I think people paying those prices in Shaw are out of their minds as well, if it makes you feel any better.

        • If this place breaks 7 figures, someone needs their head examined. You can purchase similar sized row homes on the Hill for that, and not deal with hearing shots fired or having tricks turned a couple of blocks away. I hope they get at, as I always like seeing things sell for absurd prices, but the buyer is just silly and someone is on the take if an appraiser puts this close to 1.3 (then again, I assume the buyer will use parental cash and not have to worry about LTV rations).

          • Tricks turned a couple of blocks away? Where? (Asking for a friend.)

          • I just did a search on Redfin and there are only two homes for sale in Capitol Hill that are over 2,200 square feet and zero for 2,500 square feet. One is listed at $1.2M and the ohter at $1.315M. Neither are near a Metro.

    • I second!! Architectural aesthetics and ROI on real estate investments aside- all of the hating on truxton is nuts. We’ve lived on the unit block of P for years, and we love this community! We have wonderful neighbors (including Mundo Verde who are active participants in making this community better), great local spots (Uncle Chips, Wicked Bloom, Pub and the People are all just a block or two away!), easy access to anywhere in the city + VA via 395 and MD via NY Ave or N. Cap. It’s a city, of course there will be crime- and the neighborhood certainly isn’t perfect- but it’s a great place to be, and getting better by the day!

  • This is over priced but not by much. The houses aren’t huge here so not much has gone over a mil, but plenty have gotten close. But you have several solid grocery stores, Dacha, the Passenger (soon!), Compass right up the block on 7th. There is a new cider place opening up a couple blocks away as well, plus you’re close to the metro and right on the G2 bus line. Zoned for Seaton Elementary which is a solid choice, and several great charters including Mundo Verde. I don’t get the hate., this seems like a great spot, especially when it doesn’t sell for 1.3 and someone gets it for around a million.

    • Yeah the closest I recall seeing is an 1800-1900 square foot rowhouse go for over $900K just half a block away late last year. This is bigger and to me in a better spot. I also think this was priced with the knowledge that the Ditto development just a block west of here is going to be on the market for similar prices. I’m not sure I wouldn’t rather have this roof deck and a quieter street.

  • I confess, I’m confused. I’m not one of the people who hankers after a WotP life, but you can get whole houses, or condos with pools and gyms and front desk staff and parking and elevators, in much less shooty/stabby neighborhoods for less than this.
    What is the appeal of a $1.3 million walk-up in Truxton? Who says “this condo is a better use of my money than a large SFH in the best school district”?

    • People without kids?
      I don’t disagree with your basic premise, though. And I think $1.3M for a condo in Truxton Circle is overpriced.

      • Well, people without kids who might someday sell their house to someone with kids should consider the value of the school district.
        But ok, what is great about TC? What is $1.3M-and-no-amenities awesome about this location? I just don’t know it.
        (And while I’m pondering things I know little about… can a kitchen really be described as “top of the line” if the appliances are KitchenAid? “Top of the line” says La Cornue or Viking to me.)

        • “Well, people without kids who might someday sell their house to someone with kids should consider the value of the school district.” True, but prices for houses/condos in a lot of neighborhoods with crummy schools (and crime) have skyrocketed. (I guess if the schools were good, they’d be even higher??) So I don’t think reselling should be a problem.

        • What is great about Truxton Circle:

          1) proximity to Metro – red, green and yellow lines are all ~5 or 6 block from this condo.
          2) proximity to Shaw, Bloomingdale, NOMA, Mount Vernon, Union Market; all the restaurants, coffee shops, bars that are in those places that are walkable from this location. This includes being able to walk to Safeway in Mt. Vernon, Harris Teeter in NOMA or the Giant in Shaw – all fairly new grocery stores.
          3) proximity to Union Station (esp. for people like me who travel a lot up to NY)
          4) proximity to downtown (esp. for people like me who work near Penn Qtr. and can walk daily)
          5) easy access to quick trips by bus to Logan and Dupont on the G2
          6) very easy access in and out of Virginia from the 395 tunnel entrance on NY Avenue; not something I thought much about until I actually realized how easy it was to get out of the city from my neighborhood

          I’m curious what exists in other neighborhoods that is so special that TC is sorely missing? Better schools? Sure, maybe for above elementary school age, but Mundo Verde is one of the best charter schools around. There’s some crime, but that doesn’t seem to hamper all the rising prices in Shaw or Eckington either.

          • Better schools, quieter streets, less shooting/stabbing drug selling, and bigger homes for less money, all available within 1/2 mile of metro in many places. But I’m glad TC works for you in particular – the Hill is great for me as I work near Union Station and can bike to work in 10 minutes. And I don’t hear gun shots.

          • The 200 block of P Street is pretty quiet and I have never heard a gun shot in my 2 years or so of living in Truxton Circle. Please show me bigger homes for less money 10 minutes from Union Station.

          • No gunshots w/in 2 years eh? You must have missed the homicide last summer right around the corner on the 1500 b/o first. There’s still a stain on the sidewalk if you look close. The year before you moved in we had three homicides iirc and almost yearly before that. Area has gotten a lot nicer in the almost decade I’ve lived here, but not the hipster paradise you think you live in, so please stop getting all wound up over folks saying the area has issues. It does. Its getting nicer, but still a lot of underlying structural issues that have prevented its commercial areas from growing like central shaw and bloomingdale. On the upside, I shovel less fecal matter from my backyard from SOME patrons and after a long ordeal the Fl Ave park is actually used by children and not an outdoor single-serve patio for Sunset liquor.

            On the downside, the neighborhood has gotten much less friendly since 2011/12 when folks started moving in. Headphones out and saying hello would be nice. 🙁

          • Truxtoner – look anywhere from E St SE to E St NE, 14th – 21st St, and you can easily find a home within a 1/2 mile of metro, 2200+ sq ft, for a fraction of this cost. And yes, from the 2300 square foot fully renovated home I bought last year, my bike commute next to Union Station is 10-12 minutes. It’s under 2 miles from RFK to the Capitol – i’m not sure how far you think the east side goes.

      • I’m genuinely curious where you find a large SFH in best school district – like what are the alternatives against which you’re comparing?

        I totally think this is overpriced, though I doubt by as much as people figure simply because it’s very large – 2400 square feet. When I search on Redfin in the entire city for all listings over 2500 square feet, there are only 35. There are only three south of Columbia Heights in NW and all three are over $1.3 million and only 6 that are below $1.3 million in the entire city.

          • Um, that’s basically Maryland.

          • maxwell smart

            oh the horror! almost Maryland! what will people think!?!?!

          • @ *** – that isn’t the point. Comparing where that house is to where this condo is is stupid. For $1.3 million, I could buy a really really really really big house in Iowa. But that doesn’t mean anyone should decide if this is a deal based on that.

            Also yeah, for some of us, living that far up in basically Silver Spring seems pretty horrible.

          • HaileUnlikely

            You think living 4 blocks from Silver Spring sounds pretty horrible. I think living 4 blocks from the epicenter of all of the shootings in Shaw sounds pretty horrible. To each his own I guess.
            I don’t mean to be that derisive of the neighborhood, really, I was just responding in kind.
            More seriously now, I envy people who bought rowhouses on that block years ago for like $300K – $400K. They’re really nice houses, and as you note above in one of your other posts, the neighborhood does have a lot of plusses. It’s just the $1.3M that baffles me.

          • I submitted another link that might eventually come through moderation.
            But you must admit, your “conditions” are just objections. I said large SFH in the best school districts. Didn’t say how far away from Maryland they had to be. Admittedly, I don’t know what The Best are, but I (perhaps wrongly) assume that most of WotP is better than most of TC. You list Mundo Verde above as a great option. And it is, for the 2% of applicants who win a spot. Definitely not to be banked upon, however.
            So I found a bunch of houses that are objectively smarter buys than a walk-up with a home depot interior and no amenities in a high-crime neighborhood. Why does this offend you? Are you defending this investment, or your own?

          • I’m not defending anything. I’m pointing out that for the square footage, there are very, very few places in the relevant market (which is not all of DC since typically the same person looking for a place in TC is not looking in SS or CC or Takoma) that are cheaper than this.

            No one is saying someone cannot rightfully feel they’d rather live in Shepherd Park than in Truxton Circle. But pointing to a house in Shepherd Park as a “better deal” is clearly missing the point. They are two very different markets with two very different consumers. Truxton Circle is also not “high crime.” It’s just nonsense. Although again, that is something relative depending on what you’re comparing it to. When was the last time you were even in Truxton Circle?

            For people who want to live relatively “downtown” and not uptown, 2500 square feet is huge and in almost all cases, sells for over $1.3M anywhere in that area.

            I don’t need to justify my investment. I like where I live and my house is worth about 7% more than I paid for it 18 months after I bought it. Whether this listing goes for $1.3M or $900K isn’t going to mean a lot to me. What I will defend is your nonsense view of Truxton Circle.

          • Tsar of Truxton

            Gotta agree. I think people that have the super negative views of Truxton have probably not been there in years (if ever). Look up crime stats on 14th street and compare them to this neighborhood. I bet they are pretty close. Is it Georgetown? Of course not, but it is not as bad as people are making it seem. And to CRT, I love that you think the Hill is free of crime. Last time I checked, there have been some brutal muggings down there over the last few years. I haven’t heard of any such event in TC over that time frame.

          • +1
            This would a much better use of 1.3 M for me at least.

          • HaileUnlikely

            In fairness to the Truxtonites, yes, the micro-neighborhood of Truxton Circle, and this specific block, are pretty chill and peaceful. This is not a high-crime area.
            However, it is pretty much surrounded by high-crime areas. I’m not sure how you take advantage of the much-touted walkability without walking through the much higher-crime areas. If you just walk right on through, that’s cool. I’m just saying, yes, this specific block is pretty safe, and it’s close to things, but one must traverse many blocks that are statistically much less safe to get to those things, so arguing that *this specific block* doesn’t have a lot of crime seems to be kind of missing a larger and fairly obvious point.

          • @TsarofTruxton – somebody was raped outside right down the street 2-3 years ago. There have been multiple murders within a two block radius during that same time span (many more shootings). I personally really like Truxton Circle, but let’s be real about the crime in TC.

          • @Haile – I’m really confused. What blocks are dangerous? Seriously. I walk to/from my house to NOMA down P Street (across North Cap and down Florida) several times a week. I walk up and down New Jersey and P over to Shaw all the time. The only block in Truxton Circle that I can think of that I might hesitate walking down alone at night (and maybe not even then) is the unit block of N Street and the 200 block of Q Street. Luckily I do not have to walk down either ever to go anywhere.

            I walk him from work every single evening, right down New Jersey then down P. I really am not sure where is so dangerous. I would actually walk around Truxton before I would walk around 6th/7th and O/N at night.

          • Maybe you’re talking about south of Truxton around Sursum Corda? I’m not sure I would walk through there at night alone, but I have definitely walked through it from the Wal-mart down on H Street. And luckily for everyone in Truxton, Sursum Corda is soon to be bulldozed and about 1,000 new condos/apartments are going in.

            I’d say short of the Cooperative on the 200 block of Q Street, I’m not aware of Truxton being surrounding by high crime. Is Bloomingdale a high crime neighborhood? Or NOMA?

          • Tsar of Truxton

            Haile which blocks are you referring to? To get from this place to NoMa you have to cross North Cap at P, which is not unsafe. The corner north (FL and North Cap) might bother people. To get to Shaw is perfectly safe except maybe some harassment from the drunk dudes at the corner of 7th and P. You can avoid O between 5th and 7th altogether and still get anywhere in Shaw. Honestly, as I mentioned above, the “worst” block you would need to cross is 3rd and P where there is that corner store, but I walk by every day on my way to the dog park, and I have never had any problems. To get to Bloomingdale, its pretty east to avoid the projects on Q. There are definitely some problem houses/spots around, but they would not inhibit a person from walking to or from this location.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I’ve been robbed at gunpoint twice in my 12 years here in areas that are statistically safer and to most people would generally feel safer. The cumulative risk of walking a few miles a day for over a decade really adds up. I accept that as a consequence of living where I can afford. That’s cool that nothing has happened to you in the whole year and a half that you’ve lived there. I hope it stays that way. However, I cannot fathom paying literally more than a million dollars more to live in an area that has few more amenities (yes, more, but not by much in the way of things that matter to me) and is statistically a lot less safe.

        • Sorry only 6 below $1.3 million in NW south of Crestwood – had my map zoomed in too far. My point only being that if you want to live downtown and not in Chevy Chase or Brookland, for the square footage, that $1.3M price tag isn’t shocking.

          • Yea people keep bringing in Takoma, etc as if those far flung places are pure substitutes. People considering this probably don’t want to live on the md border. The price seems high, but location, size, etc all appear good to me. I’d take centrally located over far flung mcmansion any day.

  • Truxtoners – I’ve decided that we should stop defending our centrally located yet quiet neighborhood to people who live miles away yet are talking about the crime as if they know the place. Let’s leave it a (not so) hidden gem. Is it perfect? No. Is it pretty great? I think so. Yeah, the price for this place is quite high, maybe they’ll get it and maybe they won’t..

    Because I am having trouble replying to the right thread, a few comments for neighbors. While definitely not too attractive, the coop homes at 200 Q don’t seem to be a (major) source of crime – from talking to neighbors and paying attention it seems that issues stem from. Also, seems like construction on Steve’s Market at 1st and P is back up and running – any word on what is going to be on the street level? With some good retail there plus the construction at Florida/Q (and hopefully please please eventually the Mamo lot across the street) some really good options could be coming soon…

    • Tsar of Truxton

      It’s a restaurant on the first floor (not decided what yet) and two condos above. I like that they seem to be using brick on the pop-up. PoPville would be proud of they weren’t afraid to visit!

      • The Steve’s Market imbroglio is far from over. The new owner, an investor in Virginia, has proven over and over to be not only inept, but 100% unreliable & untrustworthy. The the build-out has “Shoddy Construction” written all over it. My civil engineer and architect friends have literally laughed out loud at the mess at 1501 1st St NW.

    • west_egg

      The vigor with which Truxton Circle residents feel they need to swoop in and “defend” their neighborhood says a lot in and of itself, IMHO.

  • You might not want to post something like this if you are in a legal battle with the builder, especially since most of it is untrue. You are just setting yourself up to be sued for libel. Just because you screwed the realtors involved in the sale of your house, does not mean you that you can just keep milking the easement issue for more money. You just seem to enjoy being litigious.

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