“Misdemeanor sexual assault/death threat on Green Line”

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“Dear PoPville,

Around 5:50pm Sunday night, a 12-14 yr old kid grabbed my wife’s butt while we got off the metro at Waterfront station (train was headed southbound, we were in the last car). I confronted the group – 4 kids total – and stated that they were most likely on video (hopefully this is true) and that I was calling the police. In response, one of them told me that he was going to “blast” me. Long story short, I followed them and gave a description to the 911 operator – props to Metro Transit PD and MPD for a very quick response. Of course, some idiot who had nothing to do with it was chirping at me to “stop snitchin.”


1. 5’0″, African American, a little chubby, red and black nike air shoes, light blue jeans sagged w/ visible black and white striped gym shorts, short knots in hair sticking up
2. 5’3-5’6″, African American, thin, black hoodie, same red and black nike shoes as #1, short knots in hair sticking up
#1 and #2 ran into Greenleaf (definitely did not chase them into that mess)
3. 5’6″, African American, thin, red shirt
4. 5’2-5’3″, African American, thin, white wife beater
#3 and #4 ran south across M street into the driveway by Senate Dry Cleaners

We made a full report and have a pipe dream of someone being held accountable (if nothing else, it might be a scared straight moment b/c 2 of them definitely looked like they saw a ghost). If anyone saw more, it would be great for MTPD to get that info…

We appreciate any help/info.

The Big Snitch”

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  • but the green line is fine!

  • Ally

    I’m sorry that happened to you and your wife. What a bunch of lilliputian tools.

  • Thanks for reporting this!

  • You are brave but dumb.

    • It’s this kind of response that prevents people who have been victimized from feeling comfortable stepping forward and reporting what happened to them.

    • Dumb is judging people about their actions in a very stressful situation. Hope you act real smart when your/your SO’s butt gets grabbed on the metro in the middle of the damn afternoon.

      • Unless he’s been living under a rock, confronting violent suspects like this is NOT a good idea. It’s a good lesson that even in stressful, upsetting situations it could be a matter of life and death if you don’t think about your next steps and actions. Any one of these criminals could have had a weapon – it’s simply not worth it. Observe, remove from dangerous situation, call police. I don’t see why this is so hard to understand. I’m sure his wife would rather have an alive husband than a possibly maimed or dead one.

        • I would stop trying to defend your comment. It was insensitive.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I basically agree with this, however, if I were in the same situation, I probably would have escalated things even more than the OP did and gotten myself arrested or killed.

        • I’m going to play devil’s advocate with you here. Do we really know that it is not a good idea to confront criminals? Sure we have plenty of data available about what happens when the confrontation ends up poorly, but people don’t really file police reports for “that kid grabbed my lady’s butt, I whacked him, and he ran away.” For all we know confrontations with criminals occur successfully thousands of times a day and drastically deter crime.

          Of course there is risk in confrontation. I’m not saying there isn’t. I’m saying that we really have no idea at all how risky it is because “some kids beat up people on metro” is supremely anecdotal evidence. Basically, your logic is kind of like saying “I will never drive again because last week 10 people died in awful car accidents.”

    • phl2dc

      I agree with you but probably would have put it in a nicer way.

    • My original post left out some details for brevity, but I followed at a safe distance and did not physically engage the perps. I encourage everyone to report incidents like this.

  • Good job, Big Snitch! Nice descriptions of the little twerps.

  • Them: “Stop snitchin”
    Me: “Stop doin stuff for me to snitch about”
    (Yes, I realize that there’s a long and complicated history behind that two-word admonishment, but I’m pretty sure butt-grabbing doesn’t factor in.)

  • Im beginning to think we need separate cars for all kids under the age of 16, especially on school days. each kid car would have to be monitored by a metro or DCPS employee. Think of it like a school but on rails.

    • But what about the good kids? I really hope you don’t believe that all kinds are like this. I can pretty much guarantee that it’s a relatively small minority of them.

    • DC CapHill

      Might actually make taking the Metro somewhat bearable again? I mean, I still wouldn’t ride it, but if it gave the regular 9-5 commuters a break from the vast majority of the idiots they have to deal with AFTER getting their teeth kicked in by work all day, it would be worth the effort.

  • What horrible little turds. I once had a kid, about 12, maybe younger, grope me while I was stretching before a run. It was right on the Woodley Park side of the Ellington Bridge. He and his little buddy had been making stupid comments that I was ignoring, and when I reached down for a hamstring stretch, back to the wall, his grubby little hand reached for my boob. The only thing I could think of was yell, “what would your mother say to you?!?!?!” as they scurried off. It’s kind of disturbing to think of what a kid that’s doing this kind of stuff at 12 will be capable of when they’re older.

    • phl2dc

      UGH GROSS! I’m so sorry this happened. That gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.

    • That is such a violation, and is completely inexcusable. I’m sorry this happened to you. Also, it’s really hard to come up with quick, witty responses to dress someone down – for the most part, I went with “the cops are coming.” And, completely agree that these kids are just testing to see how far they can get without being caught/beat up/etc.

  • As a woman who has had this happen to me but didn’t have anyone else there to stand up for me or to embolden me to stand up for myself—THANK YOU!!!!!

  • OP earned a lot of brownie points for this alpha male display. Glad it didn’t turn violent but it’s easy to lose your cool and want to strike one of these kids.

  • Good on you and your wife for keeping your cool. I would have broken that little s***’s wrist.

  • Color me oversensitive, but maybe we can stop using “wife beater” as a description for a shirt?

    • Yeah, I naively used that term my whole childhood but it really is racist as hell. My aunty Celia heard me say it once when I was like 20 years old and savagely tore into me, forever eliminating it from my vocabulary.

  • Thats awesome for following them, props to you. These kids are bullies, you just need to stand up to them to be a deterrent. As long as you don’t live in fear like the rest of the yuppies who have never lived in cities before, you’ll be good to go.

  • Is metro monitored by surveillance video? This is possible a dumb question but I have no idea.

  • Everyone needs to keep reporting these incidents. Nothing will happen until it’s a big enough problem (as if it isn’t already)… Sorry this happened to you!

  • FYI, unfortunately you were almost definitely not on camera. The metro has one camera at the entrances of its stations and as of last summer had one working camera at most that produced grainy footage in many of its stations. The stations also only retain footage for a short period of time – busier stations retain footage for around a week, slower stations retain it for a month at most, there is no coherent retention policy.

    I speak with unfortunate experience – I was the victim of a crime on the metro platform and they could do jack shit to help the MPD detectives investigating the case because “if the station manager didn’t write it down it didn’t happen.”

    Sorry to be the bearer of news. I’m glad you were with your wife and that you stuck up for her and yourself!

    • First off, I am sorry about your experience. But, some good news here – there are several high quality cameras at the Waterfront station, and we have been informed that MTPD has some good images of the perps. Seems like it will be hard to find these kids, but you never know…

      • If anything blasting their picture everywhere will hopefully make them think twice about doing it to someone else. Good on you for calling them out.

  • There is a group of us on Twitter trying to track whether the increased MTPD patrols is a PR stunt or a reality. If you see an officer or officers in your station, please tweet to the #wmata hashtag. If you don’t see any officers in your station, please also tweet that.

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