Heads Up – New Speed Camera on Park Road

speed camera

“Dear PoPville,

This is on Park Road, the last block of Mount Pleasant adjacent to Rock Creek Park. Drivers on this minor arterial crossing Rock Creek Park to Cleveland Park tend to be in a hurry, and speed up when the road appears to be open and congestion-free. Residents complain, hence the new camera.

No, I don’t know when it will be fully operational. Best to slow down now, please! Residents would be perfectly happy if this camera never issued a speeding ticket. The purpose is to slow drivers down, not to inflict costly speeding tickets on anyone. It’s about deterrence, not punishment.

— Jack McKay”

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  • Wow, they’ve done quite the job of hiding these behind the street signs.

  • DC1

    It’s not “official” until they put the MPD stickers on it. Right now its only collecting data to see if it’s a feasible (profitable) location.

  • That stretch of road is in horrific shape, I would think that’s deterrent enough to slow down. Maybe they’ll funnel the revenue into fixing the road? LOL IM HILARIOUS

  • I just received a ticket from the Fort Lincoln drive location and I’m wondering two things.
    1) DC doesn’t have any “photo enforced” signs up at the location or before it. And
    2) They have it hidden behind a tree.
    Doesn’t this make the photo enforcement ticket entrapment? Does anyone think I should raise the question while appealing my ticket?

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