“Google’s Doodle4 winner is Akilah Johnson from Washington, DC!”

by Akilah Johnson, via google

Thanks to a commenter for noting in the rant/revel. Congrats to Doodle4 National Winner Akilah Johnson:

“Doodle 4 Google National Winner

In 2015 we asked kids everywhere to doodle about “What makes me…me.” Congratulations to the National Winner, Akilah Johnson.

Google in my Afrocentric Life

Akilah Johnson, Eastern Senior High School, Washington, D.C.

My Afrocentric Google is drawn as a box braid, with my personal characteristics surrounding it. I based this picture off my lifestyle and what has made me into what I am today.”

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  • Wonderful!!! Feeling a little extra DC pride!

  • Awesome!

  • houseintherear

    Amazing! Congrats to the talented young lady!!

  • Congratulations, Akilah, I love it!

  • I freaking love it

  • Ally

    This made my day. I usually look out my bedroom window at Eastern High School and worry about if it’ll change enough (safety, academics) in the next 15 years for our son to be able to go there. Boy, I’m going to look out my window and smile for at least a little while over this one. Such a cool win for her and for the school. Both got scholarships as a result of the win.

  • This is fantastic!

  • I read this in WaPo and was so happy until I started reading the comments – so many hateful people in this world/city who will just crap on a young girl’s major accomplishment to push their own narrow view of the world. This is genuinely impressive, and I’m so proud this young lady is from DC. Watching the Fox5 footage from back when she was named a finalist, she really seems wise beyond her years. I hope this experience opens up a whole other world of possibilities for her. Kudos to her and Eastern High since they also won a few bucks!

    • Reading the WaPo comments section is (in general) not a good idea. It is apt to make you lose your faith in humanity.

    • Never read the comments on the WaPo site. Congratulations to the artist. I saw this Google doodle before I heard who won, very, very cool artwork.

    • Sigh, so right. I never learn and read the comments every time. It’s like rubber-necking at the scene of an accident.

  • What a great accomplishment for her! She represents DC and DC youth very well!

  • Super cool!

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