Confirmed – Obamas to Stay in DC after Term Ends

Photo by PoPville flickr user Adam Fagen

The New York Times reports:

“After years of speculation, President Obama confirmed on Thursday that he and his wife, Michelle, intend to remain in Washington for “a couple of years” after his term ends.”

Back in January West Wing Report first reported the news as well as the neighborhood most likely being considered – Kalorama/Embassy Row.

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  • Excellent!

  • Maybe Michelle and I can finally be friends in real life and not just Twitter! I could use a legitimately motivating workout buddy and she’s going to need some projects after the White House.

    • Emmaleigh504

      +1 I can’t wait to raid the closet of my new BFF

    • I am convinced that Michelle and I are BFFs! She just doesn’t know it yet!

      I heart the Obamas!!! Maybe if they stick around I’ll finally get a chance to meet them!

  • DC1

    Hopefully their security detail won’t be a hassle for the future neighbors.

    • Of course it will. Although if they end up around Embassy Row, most people around there are already used to security-related annoyances.

  • Maybe he should run for mayor.

  • I think they should fix up Walter Washington’s house in ledroit park and move in (Im obviously biased…)

  • andy

    All I can say is, Ward 4’s got the Gold Coast, man. Easy route to school across RCP, run into town straight down 16th looking right at the old house, neighbors who want to bring you in on the garden tour, plenty of places for FLOTUS to Let’s Move, quiet spots to write that memoir…

    Or they can do what you know they’re gonna do, which is buy 1M SF house on a dead end street within walking distance of 20 embassies and Sidwell.

    • It’d be keeping it real in Brightwood…

      • No president has “kept it real” since Jimmy Carter, and I definitely don’t expect the Obamas to reverse that trend.

    • Ummm, their house will likely be in the $4-5mm range. Some of the additional space is necessary for privacy and security. There are only a few neighborhoods that can accommodate them. They are the usual suspects: Kalorama, Mass. Ave. Heights, Spring Valley, Wesley Heights (maybe), and Foxhall. Cleveland Park and Georgetown are probably too tight of quarters for the first family. Neighbors in these areas are used to security details and secret service presence.

      • There’s an $8m or so place in Westmorland Hills, just across the border in MD, that would be perfect. Three acres, tennis court, secluded, on the water. Sadly, my Powerball ticket did not pan out so it’s still available.
        That said, how great would it be if he ran for mayor of DC? He won’t, of course, since he’s got a future of $100,000 speaking engagements to look forward to, but it’s nice to dream about.

      • I’m guessing the 1M SF was referring to the house’s size (square feet) and not price

        • A one million square foot house would be almost 10x the size of the current largest house in the country.

          • And that’s saying a lot considering most houses in this country are unnecessarily large.
            I think the 1M was referring to price but he mistyped the number.

          • andy

            I am the dude that wrote 1M SF, and while the best interpretation of my comment was, yes, “one million square feet,” my intention was to convey that they would buy way more real estate than anybody needs.

            Thank you all for your concern.

    • Shepherd Park, North Portal Estates, or Colonial Village wouldn’t be Ward 4 neighborhoods where the 1st family would consider in my opinion. I can see them selecting the Palisades neighborhood. Kalorama and Embassy row are also possible neighborhoods the 1st family might seek.

  • Someone should tweet them a link to this week’s house porn GDON. That Kalorama beauty would be perfect.

  • he’s going from being the most powerful man in the world to not even having a vote in congress.

  • You would think that if he was going to stay in D.C. that he might use his remaining time and influence to help D.C. Statehood.

  • Crestwood would be a nice fit.

    • I first saw Crestwood by chance after a wrong turn. Late summer, after rain. Deer from Rock Creek chewed on wide lawns. No people. No noise. “What is this place?” I wondered, circling in the car. “It looks like Los Angeles.” I think of that every time I hear “Crestwood.” Beautiful place, but a bit nightmarish.

      • I agree. It’s beautiful and somewhat suburban in character, but feels eerily out of place.

      • As a kid, I read a short ghost story about evil deer that has stayed with me into adulthood. Thank you for reminding me that Crestwood is a neighborhood to be avoided!

  • Since he’ll only be here for 2 years or so – just lease Bill and Hillary’s place on Whitehaven. They’ll be moving to 1600 Penn soon anyway and their house is only a mile or so to Sidwell.

    • RIGHT? Easier to have President and President Clinton over for cocktails too. I imagine their focus would be proximity to Sidwell. I guess they are staying so Sasha can finish out high school there. I love the comments above about DC statehood! Not that anyone in Congress ever listens to President Obama anyway.

    • And the Secret Service already are there.

  • They should be able to find a fly home in the Palisades, Cleveland Park, Embassy Row area on a nice gated lot with lush landscaping. Maybe a home over by Ted Leonsis.

  • They like it here. And who can blame them? I do too.

  • A welcome addition. Maybe he can help us get statehood a vote in Congress 🙂

  • There are a few nice homes in Bellevue that are easy to secure. One huge detached home has its own private entrance and is obscured from public view from the street on virtually all sides.

  • I’m wondering people realize just how unusual this is. Former presidents never remain in dc after their terms end. The last one to do so was Woodrow Wilson, and that’s because he was recovering from a stroke.

  • This is excellent news!

  • Hillcrest –Ward 7–would be a great place to consider! Isn’t this where Malia’s friend/ prom date lives?!

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