“truck backed into a bike rack outside of Glen’s Garden Market just before noon on Saturday”


“Dear PoPville,

A MC DEAN truck backed into a bike rack outside of Glen’s Garden Market just before noon on Saturday, March 5, 2016. The driver was aware that he hit the bikes because he stopped to look over his shoulder then sped away when he noticed people witnessed what happened. The license plate number is visible in the second picture. Here are a few pictures of the truck pulling away, as well as the damaged bike. You can connect me with the bike owners if they need a description of the driver.”

If this was your bike, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll connect you with the OP.

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  • Isn’t that a signpost? (Not a bike rack?) Or is there an actual bike rack I’m not seeing?

  • One correction: The truck driver didn’t back into a “bike rack,” he backed into a bike that was attached to a sign-post.

    • “Your honor, the defendant didn’t back into the parked car. He backed into the parking spot in which the car was parked!”

      • Lemme fix that snark for ya: “Your honor, the defendant didn’t back into a parking space. He backed into a car that was parked on the sidewalk!”

      • I guess we should just ignore relevant facts then? I’m not saying the driver was in the right and certainly he/she should have stayed on the scene after realizing he/she hit a bike. But there is a difference between a driver hitting a large bike rack located several feet onto the sidewalk and hitting a bike that is inches away from the curb where a bumper can easily swipe it. Note: I still think the driver is to probably to blame, just might be a little less culpable than the OPs email suggested.

  • I wonder if the OP was so busy tracking down the negligent truck driver that the bike rack-signpost distinction didn’t make any difference to begin with?

  • Has anyone shared this post with the company that owns the truck?

  • That SERIOUSLY sucks
    props to the poster trying to get the bike owner some justice
    & who cares if it was a sign or bike rack??
    there aren’t nearly enough racks to accommodate all of the bikes needing to be locked in this city

    • I tend to equate bike racks with the clearly designated and metered spaces (like Arlington county, where they even paint the outline of where your car should be relative to the meter), and stuff like sign posts and fences with side streets, where there’s no markings about where to park, and it’s just sort of a free for all.

  • Umm, thats not a bike rack.

    Which brings up a pet peeve of mine. Just because you lock your bike to something, doesn’t make it a bike rack or give you the ability to lock it there.

    My next door neighbor inexplicably thought it was ok to lock his bike to my gate (blocking my entering/exiting my yard) because he was too lazy to take his bike inside.

    I had to cut his lock twice and hand it to him before he got the hint.

  • The Shay refuses to allow bike racks on their property for aesthetic reasons. If the Shay allowed Glenn’s, Compass, Chrome, Riide, etc. to install bike racks in front of their stores, folks wouldn’t have to tether their bikes to sign posts that like this.

  • Leaving after colliding, property damage is what MPD would likely charge the driver with.

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