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  • Parking. We can’t have anything nice in this city because cars.

    • That has almost nothing to do with it.

      • Whatever. That’s what everyone says. Every time someone tries to build something in this city it always comes down to parking. Of course, the opponents always say “that has nothing to do with it!” but it’s again and again cars.

      • “That has almost nothing to do with it.”
        Uh… What are you talking about? The ABRA decision specifically says they think the neighborhood does not have “a sufficient amount of parking” as one of the main reasons.
        Who wants to drink anyway if you can’t drive afterwords? Thanks, f-cking ABRA. Thanks.

  • There isn’t enough parking near the 40,000 seat stadium ? I don’t really buy that.

    • More confusingly, we’re worried about parking for a venue a stone’s throw from Metro and whose primary purpose is to serve alcohol?

    • Not only that, but it’s a BEER GARDEN. Little to no parking would be a good thing (however untrue that is – there’s plenty of parking in Navy Yard).

    • Exactly. Parking is not the issue here. There’s more than enough, and most people would be arriving by Metro, anyway. It has more to do about Nats Park not wanting someone selling beers for significantly less in their own front yard.

      • Not sure about that….the Bullpen is not only closer, but also between the Metro and the ballpark. It’s open for business without plumbing…

  • No one stops more jobs in the city of DC than the City of DC.

  • Frankly I don’t understand why they’d do this. Under what circumstances exactly WOULD a place like this open? Conceivably one would think that next to a baseball would be the perfect spot. Key word there being WOULD BE.

    Yesterday I looked over the ABRA documents. Overall I’d say what they wrote was sound. Understandably there are noise issues, parking issues, etc with the area, but still.

    Doubt this place will open at all now. And that’s a real shame. No wonder people don’t want to come to this neighborhood…..

    • “No wonder people don’t want to come to this neighborhood…..” Oh, come on. That’s a stretch.

      • No it’s not. Nats Park is surrounded by mostly sub-par establishments and the city denies (seemingly) fantastic establishments from entering the neighborhood. Why would anyone go there other than for Nats games?

        • Honestly, if you can’t see any other reason to come to Navy Yard than Nats games, I’d rather you not come at all

        • Then why do you want Bardos? Its about as sub par as they come. Really lousy beer. Nice enough dog though.

    • I can’t wait to come to this neighborhood. Esp now that BUFFALO WILD WINGS is an option. mmmmmmmmm

      April 1, I’ll be there.

  • Shocker that such a fully thought out project would not get approved…

  • Noise is an issue? On Potomac Ave!? AYFKM? And I’m pretty sure the 40K people who make it to a baseball game can make it 1 block further. These are beyond pathetic reasons to deny a permit. Just one of so many reasons I’ve invested in businesses outside of DC.

  • Could it be, perhaps possible, that ABRA denied his application because he is not a respected operator, has no experience operating a concept on the scale he was proposing, nor any real plan in place to effectively manage it once open. An ABC license is a privilege, not a right – notwithstanding that, in today’s climate you have to really thumb your nose at ABRA to not get approved for a license. Not everything is a conspiracy or DC operating ineffectively – this is a case of ABRA telling a guy there’s more to operating a 2,000 person beer garden than just tapping some kegs and building a dilapidated bar. This is ABRA acting in your best interests, not the opposite….

    • hey chump… the application was for 750 people, if you actually read the ABRA ruling. Bardo operated a 900 seat beer garden for 10 years in arlington, starting in 1993. Probably when you were still in diapers. Or Ohio. Or both.

    • No, I’d be very suprised if it was anything but ABRA being awful.

    • you need to edumacate youself
      “Of course, who would have guessed you could turn an auto dealership into a nightclub? Or a vacant urban lot into a junkyard brewpub? I, for one, will never underestimate Stewart’s ability to defy logic and conventional thinking to put a pint of Dremo in my hand in the most unlikely of settings.”


  • The original plan put forth didn’t even include a fence…to keep drunk people from falling in the water! There was no plan here at all.

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