As If Michelle Obama Couldn’t Get Any Cooler…

“The First Lady visited unsuspecting gardeners to check out their backyard and school gardens in an effort to highlight gardens across the country that are helping kids and families lead healthier lives.”

Did I mention she was staying in DC for a few more years too?

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  • Could* get any cooler 🙂

    Love this! The looks on the kids’ faces are the best.

  • So great. Can you imagine Nancy Reagan doing any of this? The couple at the end of video host awesome workshops in their garden via DCDPR if anyone is interested in learning how to build better infrastructure for your own garden. They live a block from the Brookland metro, so super convenient and really informative. More info at:

  • Four More Years!

  • The FLOTUS is a classy lady through and through. I loved when the little boy ran up for a hug!

  • Just Say Grow!! (Yep, I’m channelling the late great Nancy With the Reagan Face.)

    • P.S. Regardless of who sits in the Oval Office next January, I am convinced in the long run the Obamas will be greatly missed by Americans both red and blue . . . and Ms. Obama perhaps most of all. The entire family is a class act.

  • How amazing is she?! Just love her!

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