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  • I went to an AFL game in Tampa once back in the day. It was fun, minor league sports usually are. Would probably pick up a ticket if the price was right, but won’t be buying any in advance.

  • MVT

    I think the focus here should be on what the new teams name should be. Maybe bring back the Bullets? or ironically call them the Washington Football Team

    • the word “Monumental” in there made me hope that the team would be called the Washington Monuments…i think John Kelly proposed this back when the nats moved to town; the uniforms would be beige and change shade slightly about 1/3 of the way up, and they would wear pyramid shaped hats.

  • Football is rich people pitting modern day, well payed, gladiators against each other to the death while spectators scream for blood. No thank you. The sooner the sport dies the better.

  • Glad we have another way someone can make money off people damaging their brains. If there’s one thing Washington needs more of, it’s people with CTE.

  • Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons!

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