Andres Out, BLT Prime In at the coming Trump Hotel

1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

A bit anti climactic but the liquor license placard for BLT Prime says:

“New restaurant serving a variety of dishes, such as a vast selection of fresh seafood, signature salads, and seasonal specials, as well as BLT dessert classics.”

and hours of operation are listed as “Sunday through Saturday 12am – 12am (24 hour operations)”.

You can see BLT Prime’s Miami Menus here.

“Start your meal with our warm signature popovers and savor entrees like American Wagyu Ribeye or a 28-day dry aged Porterhouse Steak. Continue to build your meal with sauces like Bearnaise, Peppercorn or our famous BLT steak sauce and indulge in decadent sides that include Creamy Spinach, Truffled Mashed and Hen of the Woods Mushrooms. For a sweet ending, choose from BLT dessert classics, such as Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse or Carrot Cake.

With a sumptuous selection of fresh seafood, signature salads and seasonal blackboard specials, BLT Prime sets the standard for today’s modern steakhouse”

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  • Did Trump intentionally pick a bad restaurant so he can truthfully claim it’s not filling the seats because it sucks, rather than because people are boycotting?

  • How is this different than the BLT Steak we already have in town?

    • I believe they claim it is slightly more upscale and slightly less of a pure steakhouse. Seems about the same to me though.

      • west_egg

        It’s going to be very luxurious, the most luxurious BLT you can imagine, and it’s going to be staffed with the best people. Just great people, everyone is going to love it. Look at the polls, I mean rolls!

        • Yeah, what can I tell you. We made the best deal. I have the best people, they know how to make amazing deals. That Jose Andres is not a good guy. He’s low energy, people are laughing at him. He wanted to do business with me, but I wouldn’t even take his calls. I said, who is this guy? He sounds like a loser.

    • This one servers Trump steaks

  • Disappointing. Do you think there will be any movement by locals to boycott the building? Personally I intend to never set foot in it while Trump is the owner.

  • I didn’t think the popovers at the other BLT Steak are all that, and there are about a dozen decent steak places in DC. Not even tempted to give them my business.

  • Should have been a ChikFilA

  • I love a good steak but these kinds of places have no appeal to me…overpriced, oversized portions, a lot of faux elegance and over-the-top pomp, non-inventive cooking, dreadful homespun sides (creamed spinach.. bleh!). Seems perfect for Trump, expense account types and the likely guests of his hotel. I’m sure it will do well.

  • Disappointed to see this beautiful building fall into the hands of Trump. Without a doubt will never step foot inside again. Shame on this restaurant for getting into bed with Trump.

    • west_egg

      I think I read somewhere that he doesn’t actually own these hotels, but rather leases his name to them? (For what that’s worth, assuming it’s even correct…)

    • the owner of BLT didn’t even want to do it. Trump threatened to end his lease at the Manhattan location, which obviously prompted him to open here too. I mean – not a terrible situation to be in, but…

  • Awesome, BLT sounds good, can’t wait to dine in and check out the new hotel!

  • I can’t wait to walk around and see the place. Still not gonna spend a penny though.

  • Meh–Andres’ restaurants are overrated and over hyped anyway.

  • I hope no one sets foot in this place. sorry not sorry.

  • Good to know the name of where I definitely will never be going.

  • Accountering

    I will definitely make a point of never going to this restaurant.

  • You know your in DC when you read these comments. Get over yourself people. Great project – happy to see it.

    • Sorry, but this isn’t just a “DC” reaction. Every time you spend your cash, it is helping one or more people’s bottom line, directly or indirectly. I despise what Trump is doing to American politics, and am deeply concerned about the potential ramifications. In consequence, I have taken a decision that I will do my best to ensure that not one cent of my cash goes to help Trump in any way. It’s even possible that his political campaign is just a ginormous branding opportunity so, again, I want no part of it. With respect, we are all missing the point if we think we can separate out our voting preferences from how we live / spend.

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