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  • Is it really a soft opening if you have a printed sign especially for the occasion?

  • I’m going to miss Meskerem so much. Was there when I moved to Adams Morgan in ’80 and was there when I left in ’05. Another bit chunk of my past has moved on. Leaving … another bar. Guess I’m glad not to be there anymore.

    • this makes me a little sad. Meskerem was the first taste of Ethiopian to many DC residents and visitors. it was like the ambassador for Ethiopian cuisine. It may not have been the very best but it was very good in its day. Now you can find good Ethiopian food in Fairfax and Silver Spring, but there was a time not that long ago that you had no choice other than 18th St.

      • There’s still lots in the city, it’s just over near U Street and Shaw. I went to Meskerem as a kid in the 90s though, so it was my first taste and love for Ethiopian. There and Fasikas.

  • This looks like one of those really bad Jon Taffer “Bar Rescue” renovation. I doubt this place will make it to 2020.

  • So did anyone go? I get a vibe that this place is going to be another NY NY Diva. Pleeeeeease no.

  • This place is really tacky interior and the food is really terrible. I will not go back.

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