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  • More weird than funny.

  • Wow. Where to begin? that doesn’t make a lot of sense but it is entertaining. Too bad they didn’t include any actual helpful information like cost per ride (once the free period ends), operating hours, does the streetcar take Smart Trip/Cash, do you have to signal for a stop (like on the bus) or does it stop at every stop no matter what, are bikes allowed on at all times, is there an app to let folks know when streetcars are coming?? just a few unanswered questions…on top of the already many unanswered questions about street cars.

  • Based on the weather in the video, it looks like it was made well in advance of it being useful.

  • I wonder how long this video has been ready.

    • Based on some of the images of buildings on H Street that have since been renovated, I seriously think this was filmed in Summer 2014…

  • i couldn’t watch the whole thing.

  • washington20009

    I give it two thumbs up. Seriously entertaining for a Ddot piece.

  • This is a level of weird I’m not prepared to deal with this soon after lunch.

  • That was about 2 minutes longer than it needed to be.

  • I feel pretty badly for the two people I assume were DDOT interns who were roped into “starring” in this.

  • A. Not very good
    B. Way too long
    C. Maybe they should film the DDOT yellow vested workers who “test ride” it daily with while eating their lunches and socializing down and back multiple times. Do we really need to pay DDOT workers to do this? I’m sure you could find weighted dummies to put in the seats and have the same effect of test running full cars. Just got back from lunch and counted 14 workers sitting on the streetcar riding it.

  • At this point it’s a drop in the bucket, but this is just yet another waste of money.

  • Video needs more streetcar whistle

  • BRB signing up for DC Singles.

  • I love the way the guy has to practice walking and jogging. Helpful when the streetcar gets blocked by a parked car and you have to make it to your “date” on foot.

  • this really makes me want to stop paying taxes

  • Wait…did “ride the streetcar” just become new DC slang for some sort of dating/sexual encounter? As in, I met this girl and she said she wanted to ride the streetcar with me, so I made her wait four years and then only lasted a few minutes.

  • That was even creepier than the Silver Line dance-a-thon. Who is your ad agency?

  • DC CapHill

    Needs several edits to make it more relevant to the current climate in DC, namely: 1.) The girl should have her iPhone stolen out of pocket of her shorts while she isn’t paying attention because it’s a stupid place to keep an iPhone, but I expect as much from some folks that frequent H Street NE even now. 2.) The guy would get punch AT A MINIMUM of once by a group of teenagers, on or off, or waiting for or intransit, in said street car. 3. Either someone or something (an SUV double parked is my personal preference,) needs to get hit, or I’m calling BS on this whole thing.


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