“What’s Going on at the old Heller’s Bakery Space?”

3221 Mt Pleasant Street, NW

Not a whole hell of a lot – not a whole hell of a lot at all. Back in July we learned that the folks from Paisley Fig bakery would be taking over the space. I’m guessing it’s gotta be some sorta fundraising/waiting on permits combo – stay tuned.


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  • PLEASE let it come soon! This spot desperately needs a good bakery. It hasn’t had one in at least a decade.

  • I hope it comes soon! It would be great to have a yummy bakery there.

  • Relax, folks…remodels take time.

  • Clearly there’s some rodent abatement being attempted.

  • They used to carry Craft Kombucha, right? I remember asking the kombucha folks where they’d be selling it as of the last farmers market of the season, and it was somewhere else in mt pleasant but I completely forgot where… anyone know?

  • Actually, ran into them yesterday afternoon as they were having a conversation with Historic Mount Pleasant and some other folks (ANC?) outside. They were talking about the moving the front door and replacing all the windows so it seems some movement is coming soon?

    • IIRC the prior install of those front/street level windows were a violation of historic regs. Whatever. Assuming they have the money – they’re probably waiting on DCRA to approve their architectural/contractor designs to ‘trench’ out to the street for more electricity (don’t forget that Pepco will take many months to do the work), add compliant hood/venting (through the roof – i.e. through apartments), add compliant restrooms, replace fridges/freezers, and on and on +++++ (e.g. getting an inspector to ‘sign off’ on the completed work) plus deal with Mt. Pleasant.
      If they open in a year I’d be surprised. Would be less surprised if a different ‘concept’/owner swooped in.

      • yup, the violation of the windows were exactly what they were talking about. IIRC, when they signed the lease, they said it would be AT LEAST a year long project.

    • Not anyone from the ANC, so far as I know. I, for one, would do all I could to help a new bakery get under way at the Heller’s location. The previous owner got into historic preservation trouble for using vinyl (oh, the horror!) on his front, vs. wood. I doubt that many residents of Mount Pleasant would notice, or care. Having a good neighborhood business in operation there is more important than details of historic preservation esthetics.

  • I asked them when I ordered a cake around Christmas. They’re working on it but it will take some time. POP maybe you can get us an update based on the other comments. The number is on the website.

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