New Tavern, The Ledge, coming next door to Meats & Foods on Florida

251 Florida Avenue, NW

The liquor license placard for The Ledge says:

“A new tavern specializing in fine spirits, beers and cocktails with a substantial snack and appetizer menu. Tavern has 99 seats and a Total Occupancy Load of 99 inside. Request has been made for a Summer Garden with 59 seats and a Total Occupancy Load of 59 outside.”

For a minute this was going to become a bar called Seven Faces but that fell through a while ago. Updates as they get closer to opening. They’ll be located right next door the the excellent Meats & Foods.


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  • technically, is this ledroit? I thought that east of the ri/fl intersection the boundary is ri and this is south.

  • As a very close neighbor, excited to see something go in here. I wish, though, they would’ve done or will do more proactive outreach to those close by like ANXO and Meat and Foods did (flyers to each door with details and contact info). This is right on the line between Bloomingdale and Bates ANC, but falls within Bloomingdale. I hope Bates is also engaged…

    • Nice!!! This whole intersection is overdue for a clean up… Does the city have any plans to clean up the three gas stations? I often see a lots of police activity around and don’t feel safe walking there.

      • I think once some of the new stuff on Florida near North Capitol gets completed, you will see a big improvement to everything between “North Shaw/U Street” and there, with more businesses coming and filling in and hopefully a gas station or two exiting the market. Although replacing gas stations isn’t a cheap endeavor so perhaps not. Either way the foot traffic should improve some. It’s crazy to think that in maybe 5 years, Florida all the way through to Gallaudet will be completely changed and actually safe to traverse.

      • “The city” has no plans to do anything with these stations. I’d wager that at least 2/3 are owned by Joe Mamo, who has an effective monopoly over gas distribution in the district, and also owns many of the gas stations in the city. There was a Federal inquiry into uncompetitive practices few years back, though it doesn’t appear to have moved all too much since that time.
        In any case, unless the city is forced to break up Mamo’s monopoly, I don’t think the city is going to do anything about any of these stations. Our best bet is to wait for RE to appreciate to a point where it’s no longer profitable to run a gas station at that location. If/when this happens, I don’t know.

        • Why the anti-gas station sentiment? How are people supposed to gas up in that area. One would have to go all the way to North Capitol St or up RI Ave if this gas station was shut down. It serves a pretty good purpose imo

          • There are three of them at one intersection. City center shouldn’t be gas-central – this isn’t Woodbridge. Commuters can fill up for much cheaper in the burbs, and locals sure as hell don’t need 3 gas stations in one place.

          • problem is not so much the gas stations themselves, which i too patronize a lot, but the excessive loitering outside of them. honestly, i’ve really only dealt with mild harassment from the dudes who hang out at the BP and others, it sucks but no worse than anywhere else in the city, really. i’ll agree with the above poster that the loitering isn’t a great look for the neighborhood though, and i think discourages foot traffic.

          • devoe

            Speaking of gas stations, does anyone know what’s going on with the Valero across from the Hess at NJ and RI Aves?

            The Valero is almost never lit and the gas is $2.35, a good 40 cents more than at the Hess or the BP. I really hope they’re ripping it out and putting something else in.

          • Act like you know, Bell Biv devoe.

          • Tsar of Truxton

            Costco gas FTW. If you fill up once a month, the savings will basically pay for your membership…and then there is the discounts on booze…

        • I Dont Get It

          Was it a Fed inquiry? I thought it’s been DC all the way.

          • The Valero sure seems to be closed. I tried the random self serve car wash machine and it was broken. Do the gas pumps still work with a card? Strange. Agree with the sentiment that one or possibly two (for competition) gas stations there are useful, three seems like overkill especially as they are all in the same traffic direction flow. The zombie status of Valero would seem to support the notion that 3 is more than the market can bear.

            Question – I have heard of a DC law spearheaded by Jack Evans that in effect makes it virtually impossible to convert a gas station to another use…I want to say it was pushed through to ensure a Georgetown gas station he frequented didn’t succumb to development, but am not sure if that is an actual thing or urban lore – does anyone know?

          • That’s the same thing in DC.

          • It appears that you’re correct. DC Atty General brought a suit against Mamo’s empire that was dismissed in 2014. I can’t seem to find any mention of Feds getting involved searching old articles – not sure where I got that notion. Maybe some offhand mention that some Fed was “looking into it”?

        • Like any wise District of Columbia businessman, Joe Mama probably donates millions to the mayor’s sketchy PAC.

  • It’s already hard to re-develop gas stations into something else. DC City Council has made it tougher, by passing the strange law described below. Those three gas stations at Florida/Rhode Island will be around for another decade.

  • And according to this 2011 City Paper profile, Joe Mamo does not own any of those 3 gas stations.

    • Yeah, I think the only one in this area on Florida he owns/owned was the one near Florida and P NE. I think it is still open.

      Interestingly that article notes his empire rapidly grew in 2009. Perhaps with the plummeting gas prices, he will sell off some of his empire. I do think Mamo does own some lots that were formerly gas stations (the one on Florida at North Capitol maybe).

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