Sweet Science Coffee closing in Adams Morgan – Saturday’s Farewell “pay as you wish”

sweet science
2nd floor of 18th and Wyoming Ave, NW

From an email:

“Sweet Science Coffee is closing its storefront in Adams Morgan

Almost a year after starting to brew craft coffee by hand, Sweet Science Coffee is closing down this Saturday, Febuary 6th.

“We had the hope to make our tiny space a permanent spot, it didn’t work out”, says owner Sandra Wolter. Since the shop has earned a loyal following and great reviews by coffee enthusiats, she is looking for a new location and will continue her coffee classes, events and travel in the meantime.

To say thank you, Sandra and her team will be having a pop-down event this

All drinks will be sold on a “pay as you wish” basis as long as supplies last.

Please check their website for updates and bookings in the coming weeks.”

courtesy Sweet Science Coffee

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  • That sucks. They made excellent espresso drinks and had a nice little cozy spot, hope they find somewhere else to open up.

  • I have no more reason to live in DC. See you all back in Seattle.

  • That’s a shame. I really like this place. I hope they reopen somewhere else.

  • samanda_bynes

    hmm, I remember liking their coffee. Bummer – but that location really ins’t all that great for a coffee joint.

  • Have you considered upper 14th St near Red Derby? The neighborhood has been begging for a coffee shoppe/cafe. There is very much a coffee culture in the area. This area is on the verge of exploding. Lots of new and planed development.

  • Honestly, I’m not surprised. It’s really close to Pleasant Pops and Tryst, and the service was painfully slow, even when there was no line (every time I went in, there was only one person working). I never saw it crowded, though the coffee was pretty good.

    • If just ordering a cup of coffee is all you want, then you’re right there are faster options. But, they were offering a different coffee experience than Tryst or PP. Their menu even has the estimated wait times associated with each order. The wait was worth it.

      • No, I understood their schtick. But it just shouldn’t take 10 minutes to make a cappuccino, or three tries to remember a customer’s order, especially when there was literally no one else in the place.

  • Bigger question is, why does everything seem to fail in this location? The coffee shop, the butcher shop, the wine shop (or was the butcher and wine shop one place?). Maybe the rent is too damn high!

    • That’s the downstairs space (which is currently a massage place that I doubt will last), but Skynear has been upstairs for 20ish (?) years.

  • I seemed like every time I went there, they were closed. I love a good coffee shop and could never connect with this place. Sad to see a good business go.

  • If it really was an issue with the location (which was admittedly terrible), there are plenty of long-vacant spaces within 2 blocks of there they could easily move…if they have the capital.

  • This building is lovely- but rent is really high…looked into renting the level above for a small office.

  • This is the only place I’ve ever been that can justify charging $6 for a cup of coffee (for the specialty preparations, that is). I will definitely miss it.

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