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  • CLASSY, STYLISH, LUXURIOUS: For sure! The one and only time I visited Shenanigans, when they decided ONE DOLLAR rail drinks would be safe & responsible, a stranger “walked” to the table where my friends and I were standing and proceeding to vomit all over the floor. No one working cared to do anything about it when we said something, so we decided not to continue hanging out in a small, poorly ventilated room filling with a horrendous aroma. GO TEAM!!!

  • Leprechauns everywhere are deeply offended that they have to use a separate entrance.

  • To be fair, I think those words were meant to qualify Guiness, rather than the bar. Pretty hilarious regardless.

  • I’ll only go if they prove it by serving some sort of “deconstructed” mozzarella stick and/or potato skin. And I want it brought to me perched atop a reclaimed shillelagh.

  • This place is magically hideous.

  • My husband and I met in this bar…ten years ago was it was Angry Inch. Definitely a place that screams “classy, stylish & luxurious…”

  • Anyone remember that cereal called Raisins, Rice and Rye?
    Where the leprechaun sings
    “By Gosh, By Gum, By Gorrah,
    Let’s have a little more a Raisins, Rice and Rye.

    • No leprechauns as far as I remember, but I do remember this version with a steamship and three persons from (possibly) England, Ireland, and Scotland who say:

      By gosh, begum, by golly, this could be our folly
      A cereal with raisins, rice, and rye

      It deserves investigation, this intriguing combination
      A cereal called Raisins, Rice, and Rye

      On this occasion quite auspicious, I proclaim it quite delicious
      And we’ll be wave our good ship bye-bye-bye

      And get back to our Raisins, Rice, and Rye


  • Worst bar ever!

  • or the last two months before you turn 21!

  • How many names has this place been?

    Morgan’s, Formerly Draft Pix, Leaky Faucet Now, McNasty’s??

    Fun fact: You can use Google street view to watch it change names!

  • General Grant Circle

    Everytime I see this place I think:
    “I swear I am going to pistol-whip the next person that says Shenanigans”

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