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  • Beautiful ’67-’70 Volvo 140. I really love the looks of these, but hard to sacrifice that for the added reliability of fuel injection and the functional heating & air conditioning of the next generation Volvo 240’s of the ’80’s.

  • 144 is ok, but the 164 has far more luxe front end and looks really sweet restored.

  • If that’s original paint, I might not do much to the exterior, other than to replace that piece of brightwork on the door.

  • I love that Volvo repair shop! I have owned 3 volvos in my life and have gotten them all fixed at Mercedes and Volvo on 15th street. Gil is terrific! Their work is as good as the dealer but the price is fair and the location cant be beat.

  • Quotia Zelda

    I love it! I learned to drive on an ancient Volvo (though not quite as ancient – a ’78 or ’79 240).

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