Veranda remains closed through early March, becoming The Commodore Public House & Kitchen

11th and P Street, NW

Back in January we noted that Veranda was closing for a refresh after 9 years on the east end of Logan. Cool. Apparently it’s more than just a little refresh – it’s a whole overhaul including a new name – The Commodore Public House & Kitchen stay tuned.


RIP Veranda.


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  • The important question: will the owners really try to make things better, or will they just put lipstick on a pig?

  • Jerry Grundle

    Guess they never watched Boardwalk Empire.

  • Hoping it’s a Commodore 64 theme, and not something nautical, which doesn’t make sense in landlocked Logan Circle.

  • Since “Kitchen” will be in their name, I hope the renovation includes major kitchen expansion. Veranda was great but only if you had about 3 hours to kill for dinner. I once was told I’d have to wait 60 minutes for a take out burger because the kitchen was so backed up and so small. Sorry it’s gone, but not sorry its two-burner stove is (hopefully) getting replaced.

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