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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • I’ve been wanting to say this for a while but wanted to do it early in the morning so more people would see it and kept missing my chance: A huge thank you to everyone who recommended the William Wendt Center for Loss & Healing. It has made such a significant, positive impact to my ongoing process.

  • Rave: Gorgeous weather. Sunshine and warmth makes such a difference in my outlook.
    Rave: Fell in love with TV characters and loving the series – Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.
    Rant: Amtrak commute.
    Rave: New book, interesting work, and vanilla black tea making it plenty bearable.

    • Farragut

      Have you read the books the show is based on, by Kerry Greenwood? The library should have most if not all of the books.

      • I prefer the books too. The TV series doesn’t do as good a job with the secondary characters.
        Also, some people prefer how the TV version gives Phryne vulnerable moments; I like her confident and badass at all times like in the books.

        • Interesting – I’ll have to read and find out. I know there’s talk about Lin and how poorly developed he is in the show. But I really love the supporting cast in the show and I think they’re really well developed (Dotty, Mac, Cec, Bert, Mr. Butler, etc.) – can’t wait to read the books. I’ve been plowing through the Mary Russell series (hoping for a TV show with that one!) so the books by Kerry Greenwood are surely welcome!

      • I haven’t yet but I plan too. I know some people prefer the books but I look forward to many hours of reading with Nathan Page’s voice/face in my mind as I read about Jack!

      • Nice, I didn’t know it was based on a book series. Do the books give the reader more of an opportunity to solve the mystery themselves? I feel like the TV show doesn’t plant enough clues for that.

  • maxwell smart

    RAVE: Just when you think all hope is lost, WMATA sends you an untracked S9 bus, which although not entirely making up for the E bus having 20 minute headways, prevented a complete meltdown at the prospect of having to take the local bus down 16th street.
    RAVE: Spring weather!
    RANT: It’s just a slow descent back into winter all week. Boooooo!

    • Hehe. I love it when untracked buses come through. Its like the Deus Ex-Machina of commuting. I got a D6 to Union Station yesterday that saved my trip to Bethesda.

  • Rant: Baby up 3 times last night. Too warm? Growth spurt? Still getting over his cold? Something else? Not a great way to start the week.
    Rave: Kiddo made some strides on the potty training front on net. Two steps forward, one step back–but forward progress on net, so I’ll take it.
    Rave: Perhaps slowly normalizing parental relationships? We shall see.

  • Rave: Girlfriend wasn’t totally into seeing Tedeschi-Trucks at the Warner but we worked out a compromise where we’d nose around and see if anything was being scalped for a reasonable price (having procrastinated my way out of any decent StubHub deals), grab a bite at Central and –if ticketless — head over to the Hamilton for some bluegrass as a fallback. We’re walking buy the box office and she says “you could check and see if they released any tickets at the last minute” and they had, so I scoop up a decent pair of seats at face value and somehow lost them by the time we get to Central, which means retracing my steps to box office to no avail and they can’t replace the tickets because last-minute, on-site tickets are impossible to find in the computer. So, the guy says he can get us in to the ADA seats, which kind of suck, but we figure we can try to sneak up once the show starts and he leaves us waiting for not a few minutes just outside the lobby (not complaining ’cause he’s doing us a solid just getting us in after I was stupid) and finally this woman with a headset and a big smile shows up a and says “here you go, you guys are have great seats,” and hands us a couple of passes to the box, balcony seats right up by the front of the stage! The show was spectacular (Girlfriend raved despite her initial reluctance), one of the best I’ve seen in a while. But the heartwarming thing was the ticket window dude who, when I dashed out to say thanks and shove a twenty under the glass almost recoiled physically from the cash and smiled and said, “no problem, just enjoy the show.”
    Rant: Trump. Was really hoping that he’d continue to divide the GOP for a couple more months but am now worried that the most recent meltdown might somehow pimp slap some sense into the Republicans.
    Rave: Seething racial resentment of Republican base makes it unlikely that support will shift to one of the brown guys, even though they’re purer conservatives and Christians (by GOP rules, anyway) than the white guy. The Chickens are coming home to roost!

    • Accountering

      To your rant, I don’t think you need to be concerned. Trump is winning the most racist 15% of the country. I don’t think it is a stretch to say that his voters will not be that concerned that he didn’t instantly disavow David Duke. Independents, college educated people, suburban house wives, and minorities see this as what it is, a racist pathetic man, but I don’t think this slows his momentum at all.
      It may actually HELP him with some voters in the south tomorrow….

      • The whole KKK thing with Trump is just utterly disgusting. First off, I don’t believe for a second that he, or any grown adult in this country isn’t aware of the KKK and what they stand for enough to publicly reject them. Secondly, the “disavowal” of Duke’s endorsement sounded like BS. Thirdly, anyone who thinks it’s cool to be linked to Mussolini with the mindset of “well at least they are talking about me” is just a complete and total idiot.

        • Accountering

          I will +1 everything except the bit that everyone in the country could reject the KKK. There is a LOT of closet racism in this country – and I am sure the KKK has (as disgusting as it is) a lot more behind closed doors support than many would think. Take note of how much support Trump gets tomorrow in the south, two days after refusing to disavow support from literally the head of the KKK. Ask Hillary or Bernie what they think about the KKK, I tend to think their response would be immediate and visceral.

          • I don’t disagree that there is a lot of closet racism in this country, however, being a closet racist doesn’t make anyone less racist. It seems to me that the inability to say the Klan is an evil organization would be a great indicator that someone might in fact be a racist.

    • With the “Goldwater girl” comment, it’s amazing to me that Hillary is now trying to appeal to disillusioned GOP voters in a Democratic primary. Absolutely bonkers. I had brunch on Saturday with some otherwise sane/moderate GOP friends (they are all privileged white kids from the South….bless their hearts) and they are SO pissed that their option will be Trump or Hillary in the general election. They will hold their nose and cast a vote for Hillary because even they know Trump is insane.

      • My Republican friends are about split – all will hold their nose, half will vote for Hillary, half will vote for Trumpf (yes, that was intentional). I’m becoming a little concerned, though, that it’s only the highly educated moderates (so prevalent in DC) that will vote for HRC, though – the Republican base has been conditioned for decades that the Clintons are evil incarnate, and that’s hard brainwashing to overcome.

        • Doesn’t matter. We can without their base. It’s not like they voted for Obama. We just make sure the independents/moderates remain appalled through election day.

          • That is the conventional wisdom, and I agree with it. And I don’t want to go looking for problems where none exist. I am just concerned that (i) conventional wisdom seems to mean spit these days, and (ii) there are apparently a non-trivial number of Bernie supporters who would vote for Trump over Hillary. Unfathomable, in my opinion, but they are out there, or so I’m told.

          • dcd – YES to your second point. several polls have been consistent in showing that a race between Hillary and Trump would be a LOT closer than a race between Bernie and Trump (where Bernie seems to have a big advantage). I personally know some conservatives who would vote for Bernie over Trump but not Hillary over Trump. I’ve been trying to convey this in political discussions for weeks but no one believes me! I’m very concerned.

          • I think it’s hard to comprehend because at this point is non-ideological. There are a lot of people who are very angry at “the establishment” – defined however they like. If you start off as right of center and fit that mold, you support Trump; if you start out left of center, you support Bernie. Now, when your preferred candidate (in this case, Bernie) is removed, you find your anger is more important to you than ideology, and transfer your allegiance to the remaining anger candidate – Trump. (It helps that Trump is, on many issues, more moderate than the rest of the GOP field – not that’s he’s moderate, but it doesn’t take much to be left of Cruz and Rubio.)
            This is overly simplistic, of course, and may be 100% wrong. And it doesn’t take into account electoral college math – national polls are useless. But it’s insidious because it’s so difficult for those of us for whom policy and issues are the most important things to comprehend we discount it as implausible.

          • I agree. I was pretty strongly disagreed with on here about a month ago for my Hillary-over-Bernie reasoning (“You should pay more attention to whether their policies are realistic!” to paraphrase). Our usually very highly educated reasoning on here is fine — I’m glad you all seem like smart and well thought out people! — but we should keep in mind that the majority of the country is NOT voting using high levels of logic and reasoning. And that is scary.

          • The ideological spectrum is a circle, rather than a straight line. On the far left and far right, they eventually meet back up to agree on some issues (usually more anarchist in nature).

          • The theoretical Bernie lead over Trump (or anyone) is largely rooted in the fact that people have no idea what his actual agenda is and will disappear (as a recent AP poll found) once the GOP spends $200 million telling America that Bernie does, in fact, want to take away your private health insurance and give it to the government. I also find it hard to believe that Bernie’s most ardent supporters — young, college-educated liberals — will shift to Trump.
            As fashionable as it is for us urban sophisticates to wring our hands about the rest of the electorate — and as awful as a sizable majority of that electorate may be — a majority of the population is probably at least somewhat reasonable or at least persuadable. We did win the White House twice with a black guy with a funny name, and it wasn’t that long ago that the Democrats had a strong congressional majority. Assuming that the election shapes up as it looks as though it will, if we lose this, it’s our/Hillary’s fault, not the voters.

          • Accountering

            @ Irving Streete
            Very true. The Rs have not attacked Bernie at all, and it will stay that way until and if he wins the nomination.
            Trust though that they would be ecstatic to run against him. His sound bites where has said (verbatim) yes, we will raise taxes on the middle class, will be used to crush him. He is so easy to attack in a general election, simply using his own soundbites.

  • Rave: Mozart in the Jungle. It’s a fluffy little soap opera, but the music makes it feel much more highbrow than it is. Also, Bernadette Peters. Love her.

  • Rave: Nice weekend – got almost nothing “done”, but had a great time just being with other people. Though I’m ready for some hermit-y time now.
    Rant: For the life of me I couldn’t go to sleep until almost 3 a.m. I feel so so sick this morning – 3 hours of sleep doesn’t cut it.
    Rant: way too much to do at work, feeling so overwhelmed on top of feeling sick.
    Rave: Thanks for those who recommended The Big Bad Woof in Takoma – adorable store, and very helpful – hopefully I’ll be on the right track with kitty’s diet soon!

    • Ugh, I was also awake until 3am. Need all the coffee. Good luck today!

    • Kukki Bakemono

      I feel you on the “hermit-y time”. I always need time by myself after lengthy socializing with other humans. Then again, I am a textbook introvert, so that’s to be expected.

  • Bear

    Rant: People demanding resources at work that we simply don’t have. I can’t make more bodies materialize out of thin air, people…
    Rave: A nice low-key weekend that included a West Wing mini-marathon with some of my favorite people. Jed Bartlett 2016!

  • Rave: amazing weekend with boyfriend, friends. Perfect mix of relaxing, cooking, brunching, spinning. First weekend in 2016 I didn’t have to work!!
    Rant: sleepy this morning
    Rave: vacation next week!
    Rant $200 Pepco bill this month. We had some issues with our HVAC and our AWFUL management company (Wexford) was so slow in dealing with it (2+ weeks) and we had to put it on ’emergency’ during the snowstorm so as not to mess up the unit, but it increased our bill two-fold…I wish I could indemnify them for this cost but don’t think its worth the hassle or even legally sound.

    • Wexford is terrible!!!! They also sign agreements not giving them the power to fix major housing violations like heat and hot water unless the owner gives an ok.
      Heat is a 1 day mandatory fix if you call dcra. I recommend it for next time.

    • I just noticed my Pepco bill/usage has been nearly twice what it normally is for the past three months, and I’m stumped as to why. The only thing I can think of is that we got a Roku box, so maybe we’re watching more TV?

      • My Pepco bill was abnormally high too — almost double what it usually is. I have no idea what could have caused this since we don’t really blast the heat and haven’t been doing anything differently.

      • Unless you have a very old tv, I don’t think it would be that significant of a jump. I routinely leave mine on all day to give dog some background noise in addition to watching most evenings, and my bills have always been low.

        • Yeah, I didn’t think newer TVs used much electricity at all.
          My bills are around $100 a month. The Pepco data says that $41 of it is from “other” which made me think it must be the TV. I air-dry most laundry as well as my hair, I don’t leave on lights in rooms I’m not in (and have switched out most of the bulbs to LEDs by now), and I use gas for heating and cooking.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I might be wrong on this point, but I do not think the Pepco pie chart of components of energy use reflects anything about your actual use, because I do not believe Pepco has any means of measuring how much power is used by each individual circuit in your home, nevermind which appliances are on which circuits. They appear to me to be wild-ass estimates, perhaps informed by information they have on file about things like the age and size of your home and daily/seasonal trends.

      • I don’t know about Roku boxes, but I read that DVR systems use a crazy amount of electricity.

    • HaileUnlikely

      From what you write here I infer that you have an electric heat pump, correct? If so, if you do not usually run it on emergency mode, but were running it on emergency mode for several days, and those days were very cold days, that would easily account for the increase in your bill. It blows that that happened, but the speculation in other comments here regarding how it can be possible is probably misguided. We had a few very cold days, and emergency mode is a lot less efficient than normal heating mode.

  • Rave – Binge-watched Fuller House this weekend loved every minute of it!
    Rant – Ugh, Monday.

    • I can’t get the Full House/Fuller House theme song out of my head. I love how much they make fun of themselves!

      • I was singing the theme song all weekend and annoying everyone around me! The show had some genuinely funny moments and I loved how they made fun of the Olsen twins.

      • They really did a great job preserving the cheesiness of the original.

  • Rant: DOG, who had previously been only sporadically reactive to other dogs while on walks has now become an unreliable jerk.
    Rave: he proved himself friendly and happy at the dog park at least.
    Rave: I had a lovely time with friends this weekend.
    Rant: I didn’t feel like doing anything this weekend and that is not my style. It makes me feel guilty.
    Rant: things with the boy ended last week, but I still have the cold he gave me and on Saturday I got an international postcard he sent two weeks ago. Leave me alone already! I’m salty.

    • 🙁

    • Additional rave: ‘bizarro, I can’t believe this isn’t a joke, but it definitely started as a joke’ project starts at work today. I’m happy to be included on my merits, but I’m also just thrilled that I’ll get the inside scoop on one of the most out there things I think we’ve ever done.

    • My dog is the same way! She’s become work on walks and barks at dogs frantically even from across the street! It might be worth spending $$$ on private dog training. Sigh.

      • Oh, that’s too bad.

        Luckily mine is fine with dogs across the street. He used to be able to just walk past another dog, generally each dog being on the far sides of the owners, but now he pulls toward them too excitedly. He’s not growling, but they’re not fully formed barks either. I don’t think he’s mad (except for the one dog he hates).
        I know he doesn’t like it when other dogs just run by him really close.

        • Your dog is MUCH better than mine. My first dog trainer said she’s not aggressive but needs training to stop barking to invite other dogs to play. I think your would be a little easier to fix with a little treat training when dogs pass by.

      • I have TWO dogs like that and we live in the middle of Capitol Hill where you can’t walk two feet without encountering another dog. Yesterday morning we did a four-mile walk at the Arboretum and only saw a handful of other dogs, and it made me realize how heavenly it is to not have that constant stress.

        • I feel your pain. My dog is crazy reactive and anti-social too and the Arboretum is our happy place! Dog owners are good at keeping their dogs on leash and giving us space, for the most part.

  • Rave: Oldest Anonachild has become super interested in the political process. This has led to many fun discussions on the electoral college, how the primary process works, etc. He is also very much his mother’s boy, and has stated over and over again how Trump is a poor candidate, is a racist and an elitist, and just a plain idiot when it comes to foreign policy (“does he really think bombing people will give us world peace?”)
    Rant: Had to explain to him that no, we can’t just go around calling the people who support Trump “freaking idiots,” especially when that occurs at the dinner table and those people are related to your soon-to-be stepsister.
    Rave: Instead of getting offended, soon-to-be stepsister agreed and said that maybe they shouldn’t let great-granny vote… unless it’s for Hilary Clinton, because she’s awesome.
    Rant: Littlest Anonachild has started asking why guns are not ok. “But mommy, what if I am swimming and a shark swims next to me, wouldn’t it be ok to just blast him with my gun?” I know it’s not too late, but I always feared one of my children would grow up to be a Republican. (and before people jump on my ass, that is a mostly tongue-in-cheek statement).

    • Quotia Zelda

      When we took archery lessons, Middle Zelda was veeeeeery interested in the circumstances under it would actually be permissible to shoot someone. Her scenarios got just as convoluted as Littlest Anonachild’s.

  • Rant-ish: The parts of the Oscars I saw before I fell asleep seemed to hit the wrong note. It was as though Hollywood collectively said “rather than actually change anything, we’ll let Chris Rock say mean things about us and pretend to be chastened,” even though officially sanctioning your own penance pretty much takes the sting out of it, right? Kind of like the Catholic Church punishing itself for child molestation. Also: Rock just wasn’t that funny.

  • I just saw my job posted on a job site. Things haven’t been good here so I can’t tell if I’m getting sh!t canned or if they’re hiring another me. Since I’m doing about three people’s job right. I’m totally freaking out.. It’s just so typical of this place to do that. I don’t have enough in savings if I do lose my job and I just re-signed my lease for another year.

    I have no idea what to do. And of course, the higher ups are all out of town today.

    • Holy crap! Is there anyone you can talk to? A direct supervisor? You deserve some sort of clarification.

    • I’m sorry, I feel your pain. It brought back memories of when I found out I didn’t get a position I was a finalist for through Facebook of all places because an acquaintance starting talking about her new position. They didn’t even have the courtesy to call. It made me stronger, though, and at least now it’s a great tale over drinks.

    • This kind of happened to me. At first I was told my job was being eliminated (after I was there for 5 years) and then, during the two weeks while I was still working and on my way out, they posted my job (so I was still working there and the job was announced on our website). It was humiliating especially since I had no idea what I had done (still don’t). Is there anyone in HR you could have a chat with or someone who may be out of town you might be able to e-mail? I sincerely am hoping that it’s the latter (they’re hiring an identical position to yours) and if not, that is the most awful thing a company can do. Seriously. I wonder if there’s recourse if so?

      • I’m really curious what a lawyer in this field would have to say, but I imagine that if an employer has no legal requirement to explain why you’re being shown the door, it’s probably smartest for them to say nothing at all. Even if they are 100% in the right, why provide any reason for you to potentially make any sort of claim? It’s ice-cold, but seems to make sense.

        • Bear

          Depends on the employment contract. My company’s policy is that employment is at will, and employees can be terminated with no cause. When I have had to terminate employees in the past, HR has strongly advised that we terminate without cause, even in cases where there has been egregious misconduct. When cause is given it opens you up to more risk of being sued.

    • I think I’m safe. We had someone recently promoted out to our boss (she’s great, we’re all thrilled for her) and I think this position is for her old job. Especially since it doesn’t mention some of the stuff that I, and only I do. I have a call with the boss tomorrow to confirm, but I feel much better.

  • Rave: I rode the slow trolley on Saturday. At least its there. It’s close enough to my house that I’ll probably ride it while its still free.
    Rave: Really enjoyed seeing Darren Criss and Betsey Wolfe perform at the Kennedy Center on Saturday. Great singing, especially from Betsey Wolfe. She has some pipes! I need to get out to concerts more.
    Rave: Sunday Funday yesterday. Went for a walk, had a nice solo brunch and watched the Oscars with my Aunt. Loved Chris Rock, he pulled no punches! Also enjoyed the Girl Scout Cookie moment. I didn’t see most of the nominated films this year, just “Mad Max” and “Ex-Machina” so I wasn’t as invested in the winners. Glad Leo finally got a win this year.

  • Rant: The most Monday-ish Monday.
    Rant: Nothing is adding up. Literally. (Parking fees, payroll deductions, etc.)
    Rave: I don’t even have enough energy to be too irritated. I’ll just fix it…
    Rave: At least it’s warm today!
    Rave: Went to the new tiki bar on Saturday and it was great! Would definitely go again.

    • Additional Oddity: Just got an email from that WMATA “community” Amplify saying I should be the member of the month as one of the top contributors. I’ve taken exactly two surveys in the past several months. If I’m a top contributor, that’s kind of sad. Anyone else get this email?

      • I guess you and I are super-special. I just got the same email from WMATA. It sounds like I have to apply, or make a little effort, which I am not up for, so I won’t be competing with you.

        • Hahaha I probably won’t apply either. Something tells me that a lot of people got the email, and very few people will actually care.

      • I also go that email haha I’ve taken one survey so far I think?

  • Rave: Amazing weekend filled with lots of fantastic food and friends.
    Rave: Apparently, I can still make a killer hollandaise sauce.
    Rant: High anxiety levels and lack of sleep have me in a weird mood today.

  • Rave: Day-long gardening forum on Saturday (Rooting DC) – came home with the start of a mushroom farm, ideas for gardening in small spaces and urban fruit trees.
    Day-long gardening in my small space on Sunday – fed my mushroom farm, planted a small non-fruit tree, planted greens and radishes
    Rave: Good food – roasted carrots with harissa and crème fraîche, socca (chickpea flatbread) with wilted greens and crumbled blue cheese. I made the crème fraîche with cream and buttermilk (and made the buttermilk with milk and lemon juice)
    PoPville PSA – DC Impact self defense workshop on March 19th at Bancroft. Verbal and basic physical self defense techniques

    • Aww, now I wish I’d gone. My parents were visiting, and we all enjoy gardening, but I didn’t feel like taking a gamble on something that was a 45-minute drive away!

    • Also, I got my dad a mushroom kit for his birthday and he said they’re the best mushrooms he’s ever tasted. I’m tempted to try myself!

  • Rave: A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Folger. Just a fantastic production – excellent performances all around. When the 9 yo enjoys a play just as much as the 40-something yos, you’re really on to something.
    Rave: 2nd and 3rd grade snow cone station made over $75 for the American Heart Association. Neighborhood listserves really ramp up the consumer base.
    Rant: Not sure how I feel about the last rave. It seems wrong, somehow.

    • Folger does several programs for high-school aged kids, ranging from one-off seminars and then the High School Fellowship which is a full semester. I was lucky enough to participate in a few of the seminars and then was selected for the Fellowship when I was a senior, you should definitely keep them in mind for when your 9yo is older!

  • RANT: Danny Tenaglia was pretty terrible last night.
    Surprise RAVE: Soundcheck on K Street. Nice little spot, my first time there. The crowd was great too (mostly clued in headed in their 30s and early 40s). I’ll skip their EDM nights, however.
    RAVE: Headed to Antigua, Guatemala for a 4 night getaway this weekend. Took advantage of the epic $125 RT fare glitch from a month ago. Any recommendations?

    • maxwell smart

      Oh man, that’s unfortunate. I saw him years ago at Coachella (it was a different era) and had a great time. He’s been around a while so maybe he’s lost his touch?

      • I’ve been a fan since I was 18 in NYC and going to his weekly residency at Vinyl (the original Shelter space on Hubert Street in Tribeca). He couldn’t get his laptop to work with the mixer, had no CDs or USBs, they had to clone his harddrive in the back office to get the tracks, he finally got on way too late for a Sunday, and played crap tracks. I left at 220am, bored out of my mind. The venue was shutting at 3, so we probably only played for 2 hours. Bizarre.

    • antigua!! lucky!! its a great place to just walk around and explore. you’ll find the market by the bus terminal to be great for shopping. the santo domingo hotel has a pretty cool museum you can walk around in (used to be free, don’t know if thats still the case), you can hike up to cerro de la cruz (about 40 mins – hour, starting near entrance to the city) for a great view of the town, casa del ron opened up not to long ago with a nice tasting room for some ron zacapa, check out cafe sky for a nice michelada on the roof top with a great view of the city and volcan agua. There are also day trips out to local coffee farms, you’ll find places that do the trips on the road with the big yellow arc. places to eat- check out rainbow cafe for a good desayuno chapin and panzon verde for some traditional fare (thats a fancy option).

  • Rave: Beautiful weather over the weekend
    RAVE: I witnessed a package being stolen yesterday on R St. NW. Well, I didn’t see it physically being lifted, but I saw a guy walking with an Amazon package for about two blocks. He then started ripping into around the Urgent Care on 17th/R, and then tried to drop the box and leave it on the sidewalk. My boyfriend and I were giving him dirty looks and said something to him about dropping the box on the sidewalk. He then picked up the box and apologized. This is the second time in two weeks I’ve seen packages being ripped open and left on 17-18/R St. For anyone who thinks I was being judgy, the guy was most likely homeless and high as a kite. Also, why would anyone need to walk blocks with an Amazon package if it was delivered to their door? I was torn on calling the cops, especially since I didn’t see the guy lift it. Anyway – it was an Apple iPad/wireless keyboard. That really sucks, but at least Amazon will reship stuff like this.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Stupid work issue I have to sort out.
    Rave: Youngest Zelda is super into NPR.
    Rant: Youngest Zelda likes curry, and he likes rice, but he refuses to eat them together.
    Rant: His food issues pale in comparison to his sister’s.
    Rave: Eldest Zelda pretty much takes responsibility for her food issues these days.

  • Rant: boss wants me gone
    Revel: due process
    Rant: I don’t have the energy to go through with appeals
    Revel: she has very little on me

  • Rant: I woke up feeling under the weather and missed fun time with friends on Sunday.
    Rave: I spent Sunday on my couch, got some sleep last night, and am feeling better.
    Rant: Pregnancy-related itching. No amount of lotion completely cures it.
    Rave: If those are my biggest rants, I am doing more than ok.

    • Try grandpa’s pine tar soap. I am having horrible itching too and this seems to help a bit. Also, aloe for middle of the night itches that make me want to cry.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: can’t seem to concentrate.
    Rave: taking wee breaks to read Popville.

  • Rant/Rave: Such a beautiful day outside! I want to be out in it and not inside!
    Rant/Rave: Difficult time concentrating because I am distracted by Someone I Really Like (SIRL?) and will be seeing them later!
    Rave: Outlook Scheduling Assistant is the only thing I’ve ever been thankful to Microsoft for.

  • rant/rave-sumbitted my schools for lottery. Too bad 400 other families all want the same school for Preschool. Oh well.
    Rave-great weather on Sunday. I am ready for Spring!
    Rant-Oscar red carpet sucked last night.

  • Rave: Found an attractive woman who seemed to be interested in me and
    Rant: She’s a total flake. Bah!
    Rave: Fun weekend ahead.
    Rant: Still bored at work.

  • Rave: I finally made it to Po Boy Jim’s on H St last Friday. So good!
    Rave: Gorgeous Sunday meant I could bike RCP as part of my duathlon training.
    Rant: I chose to head South towards the Monument for a change of scenery, and it was way too bumpy and way too crowded, so I had a real SLOW ride.
    Rant: Potholes in the 395 Tunnel and on Upshur Street between Rock Creek Park and Georgia Ave are absolutely terrible right now.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Feeling great today. A weekend of playing things by ear and doing what I/we wanted was great!
    Rave: Got stuff done, rested, saw friends, had some one on one time…all the things.
    Rave: A couple good candidates for the room for rent, one in particular that I am hoping works out.
    Rave: Tupelo Honey Café. The food was great, the drinks were great, they comped us a bottle of champagne because our friends just got engaged…I cannot wait to go back, and I rarely feel that way about a place knowing how many options there are in the area.
    Rave: Just confirmed a class for tonight – so much more exciting than the treadmill that I was initially planning on.

  • Rave: an amazing organization with whom I interviewed two weeks ago is following up with my references today! and this was after (what I thought) was a less-than-stellar performance during the interview, or maybe I’m too hard on myself
    Rave: I have a phone interview with another organization out in San Diego tomorrow!
    Rant: My sweet group house may be no more. Our landlord has put the house next to us up for sale. I’m thinking he plans to sell it and use to proceeds to gut/renovate ours and sell for upwards of 1.5 million (as that is the going rate now in the neighborhood). Has anyone dealt with this before? We’ve been renting month to month for over a year and I’m hoping he gives us more than 30 days notice before kicking us to the curb.

    • I believe an owner needs 90 days notice to reclaim for personal use.

    • Think he has to give 60days notice if he plans to occupy the property. If his intention is to sell- then I think TOPA has some type of play in it.

      • Thanks for chiming in! I thought it was 60 or 90 days but know a few folks who have been in this situation where they literally had 30-45 days. I would consider TOPA but don’t know if I could afford the extensive renovations. The house dates from 1910s but looks like it was last updated in the 70s…

        • Obviously whatever the law requires should be done, but why are you in a month to month lease if the prospect of having a month’s notice to move is so troublesome?
          I’m not sure if TOPA comes into play in this situation: renovating and maybe selling many months later.

          • Owner could renovate, but the previous tenant still has the right to move back in at a market rent reflecting the updates. If owner wants to sell immediately after renovating, the previous tenant still has TOPA rights.
            If owner occupies the house for 12 months, the TOPA rights extinguish and owner is free-and-clear to sell.

          • So would the owner need to hold it for the former tenants for some amount of time or just let them know and post the ad? Not facing this scenario, but I’m curious.

          • Here’s language from tenant guide:
            “Substantial Rehabilitation: Your landlord must give you at least 120 days notice if the landlord wants to substantially rehabilitate your apartment. Before eviction the rehabilitation must be approved in writing by the RACD. When the renovations are complete, you have the absolute right to immediately return to your old apartment; however, the landlord may increase the rent.”
            Owner would need to directly offer it to the previous tenant. If tenant is not interested in the new rent amount, the landlord should get it in writing (probably by tenant signing the official “notice to quit”). After that, the landlord is free to advertise the property and look for new tenants. If I were the landlord, I’d get it in writing to cover your butt. Although it’s unlikely, the tenants could come after you for an illegal eviction.

          • You may find a settlement company NOT willing to settle the transaction if LL doesn’t have proper TOPA documents. Pluses to have a written letter from vacating tenants as well giving up their rights.

        • Your friends screwed up and didn’t exercise their rights. There’s no way to get rid of tenant in DC in 30 to 45 days in a legal manner, other than the tenant voluntarily agreeing to move out.

          • You’re probably right about my friends not exercising their rights. However, one friend in particular did reach out to the office of the tenant advocate who literally told her she didn’t have many options and should just go find a new place to live after her landlord gave 30 days notice (the landlord was going through a divorce and decided to live at her rental in the meantime). So it seems pretty difficult to find serious help in order to exercise one’s rights as a tenant.

          • Andie302

            I think that when the landlord wants to live in the property there is less notice required then when they want to take other actions like renovation or put it on the market. Makes sense, right? If I want to go and live in a property that I own, I should have that right. If I want to forced my tenants out in the pursuit of making money, the protection is greater for the tenant. You’ve got an interesting wrinkle with the renovation and then putting it up for sale – definitely worth a conversation with the tenant advocate BEFORE you get some sort of notice from the landlord.

          • Andie, owner re-possession for their own use requires 90 days notice:
            “Landlord or Owner’s Personal Use: Your landlord must give you at least 90 days notice if the landlord or owner of your apartment wants to live in your apartment. You cannot be evicted if the landlord’s friend wants to live in the apartment…”or if the landlord intends to rent or sell the property within a year of acquiring the property.”
            So the owner must either live in it or not rent it for 12 months, if they use the re-possession clause for a legal eviction. The landlord could face big penalties if they turn around and rent it out a few months later after re-possession.

          • Andie302

            Thanks for the info – very good to know!

          • The tenant guide is free online & there are dcra, office of tenant advocate, and free legal aid at LT court. The person should be knowledgeable, but they have gotten things mixed up as Andie did. Ultimately it’s on the tenant to know their rights, and the tenant guide lists all this stuff.

            I understand why these laws exist, but God forbid you get a cross country job offer some months later & need to move.

  • Did anyone see the arrest that happened on 14th&T yesterday? There were several police cars from the corner to Masa and several more on 14th&S. I saw a police officer run down 14th st and sort of body slam a girl from behind, trying to pull her arms behind her while she screaming the whole time get off of me. From what I could tell she was on the phone and had a muffin in the other hand so it seemed excessive but I’m wondering if I missed something. A lot of people were filming the scene on 14th&S but that appeared to be a different incident. Not sure.

  • Rave: Hiked in Canyon de Chelly yesterday and then drove through Monument Valley. Stunning views and perfect weather.
    Rant: While we camped in ideal camping conditions for one night, I still can’t say I like much about camping. While the stars were beautiful and the fire was fun, I slept maybe two choppy hours. Not having phone service also sets off my anxiety, which is really pathetic but true.
    Rant: Not being able to eat gluten has been hard on the reservation. The fry bread looks and smells incredible.

  • houseintherear

    I’m planning a celebration of life journey with my old dog (the often featured in Animal Fix westie, Pablo) for this summer. Destination is Chicago to see friends and his bestie dog friend, but thinking of stopping in Niagra (apparently the trails and falls are dog-friendly), maybe Detroit… anyone done a trip through any towns/cities along that way? With or without a dog? Trying to gather advice before making any reservations. Would like to camp one night (somewhere along the way to Niagra, in the mountains of PA) and hotel one night (at the falls).

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