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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Last Friday, I went to the DMV near the Rhode Island Ave Metro station and was appalled at the lingering aroma of marijuana throughout the office. I noticed it as soon as I walked in. There were several people there who absolutely reeked of pot.

    I voted for decriminalization, something that I now deeply regret. Who gets high to go to the DMV?

    • I can’t think of a better way to go to the DMV.

    • I Dont Get It

      Are the vending machines there stocked with Cheetos?

    • I don’t really think it would matter either way…something tells me those people would have reeked regardless of the legal status. In my experience people have been openly smoking before decriminalization and I haven’t noticed an uptick. For me the most important part of decriminalization is not wasting resources enforcing ineffective drug war laws and processing/incarcerating nonviolent offenders. We have plenty violent offenders for the MPD to deal with.

    • I was at the Rhode Island Ave metro station just this morning and can confirm that it still smells like pot (or at least the person I was sitting next to did). Some people smoke before going to the dmv, some people pop a Xanax. Either way, better than someone going ape shit from the pure hell of the wait.

      • What about driving while stoned, though?

        • What about it? It’s illegal.

        • Considering that this particular DMV sits under a metro station and is on major bus routes, I would never assume that the majority of people who go there drive to get there. Also, plenty of people go to the DMV to get non-driver identity cards. It’s not like every single person there was stoned.

      • It is wintertime and most people don’t wash their coats that often. Just because they smell of it doesn’t mean they smoked immediately beforehand.

  • Hello popville! Does anyone have any DJ recommendations for a wedding in the DMV area? I’m looking for someone fun and flexible that can keep the crowd engaged and the energy up. Many thanks!

  • Rave: dinner and a movie night last night with friends. Love that we’ve been going through most of Hitchcock’s films lately!
    Rant: the dinner and movie night was at my friend’s apartment which doesn’t have clean water – utility workers hit a water line for his block and now the water has lead and other contaminants. So making pasta, we had to use the bottled water his landlord provides.
    Rant: This cold won’t die.
    Rave: I’m mostly back on America time zone, so at least I’m sleeping enough to help the recovery process.

  • Sorry for the second post, but: anyone have recommendations on where I can find Ethiopian ingredients at local grocery stores? I probably won’t be making injera because it takes two days for it to ferment and such, but I’d love to make different versions of shiro and use the spices I brought back with me.

    • There are little Ethiopian groceries all around. The one I know best is Black Lion at 14th and Oak. I haven’t ever shopped their specialty section, but it looks sizable.

    • Someone just told me there is a good small Ethiopian market on Georgia in Petworth. Maybe Fasika?

    • HaileUnlikely

      Also lots of little Ethiopian markets all along the DC/Silver Spring border, on Georgia Ave Eastern Ave, and Fenton St.

    • check Zenebech on Florida Avenue. The started as (real, teff-heavy) injera baker for a number of restaurants and I believe they sell injera and other ingredients retail.

    • Black Lion grocery on 14th Street is amazing. They are right by the Exxon about 6 blocks up from the CH Metro. Great locally owed store that has a full Ethiopian section, including really good coffee.

    • Thanks for the help, lots of good suggestions I can’t wait to try out!

  • Rant: I don’t want to be here today.

    Rave: I said no to an invite tonight instead of doing something out of a sense of obligation. My therapist would be proud!

    Rave: 3 different friends randomly mailed cards to me saying how happy they are that I’m their friend and how much I mean to them. A very happy, very humbling thing to get in the mail!

    Rant: My family. My mom struggles financially (all her fault) and I will help her out, like pay to for her to fly to see me, I had a cleaning person come in as often as she’d allow it and paid for that, etc. but I won’t supplement her shopping addiction/buy her cartons of cigarettes. Her two other kids are not helpful they just preach about coulda shoulda, woulda. My cousin is helpful, and wants to do something that will help pay my mom’s property taxes for this upcoming year, but of course, all the research into all of this falls on me to do and the answers have to happen Right Now! even though I’m at work, the answers are easily found online but I apparently am the only one who can look things up, for stuff that’s not happening until May. I kind of have other important things going on that only occurred to them after I repeatedly said “There are other things in line here, that I’m dealing with, namely my father’s failing health, and I need to focus my attention to that.”

    Rave: I made contact with the owners of a unit in my building who did a gorgeous renovation of their space that has inspired me to do it to my own unit next year (if I can get a home equity loan) — they’re moving, but they offered to scan the plans they used for their renovation to me so I can have that to use as a guide.

    • On the subject of renovations…does anyone have a resource (without having to contact and then get subsequently harassed by loan officers) that explains the differences/pros/cons of the different types of renovation loans? Refinance cash out vs HELOC vs home equity loan vs I don’t know what else… construction loan?

      • Urbanturf probably published a piece, but if you Google it, I’m sure there are sites with that info posted. Maybe something like best way to pay for home renovations.

    • Good on you for your first rave! My new years resolution last year (the first one I’ve ever really followed…) was no more obligatory dinners and it really made a positive impact on my feelings towards socializing.

      • I felt a very tiny twinge of guilt for saying that I did not want to eat dinner at 8pm (and wait around for 3 hours beforehand in the city) but I totally got over it. They kept asking me to reschedule and give them dates and I just told them I would let them know when things clear up for me, schedule wise. I didn’t offer extra explanations or anything!

    • I assume you’ve talked with your therapist about your relationship with your mom? It sounds like she’s basically guilting you into enabling her financially.

      • My mom isn’t guilting me into enabling her at all. I feel bad for the situation she’s in financially, but I won’t help her out more than I do (money-wise) and I am too far away/don’t have the vacation time to just go there for a week and get rid of the stuff she no longer needs and sell it. My cousin does, and is willing to do that (and my mom listens more to her than she does to her children, which is fine with me). But yes, we do talk about this in therapy! 😉

  • Rant: Feeling really anxious this morning. Like wanting to cry anxious. And had one of those horrible imaginary movie things when I left wife & kids at the bus stop that my daughter ran into the street after me & got hit by a car. Yuck.
    Rant: Had to take a friend to the hospital yesterday for weird fainting/low blood pressure spells
    Rave: He’s feeling better
    Rant: They don’t know what caused the issues
    Rave: My kids are super sweet and adorable a lot of the time.
    Rant: But getting out of the house can be such a hassle when the toddler has a chance to start playing or listening to music and doesn’t want to stop! Perhaps need to introduce a “time to get ready to go” timer.
    Rant: Is it really only Tuesday? It feels like a long week already!!!

    • Andie302

      Oh no – hope you start feeling better! Those scenarios that play out in your head can be very jarring. Glad that your friend is at least feeling better!

    • *Hugs* Anxiety can be such a difficult thing to deal with. I hope things calm down for you soon.

    • So sorry about the anxiety. I can relate. Re: the fainting/low blood pressure. My wife gets that and it is sooo scary–she has fainted in two really terrible places. (As if there’s a good place to faint!) She is so stubborn about going to the doctor too, but she mentioned it to the OBGYN and she just attributed to low blood pressure.

      • I’ve had mysterious fainting happen to me before. Turned out it was sudden drops in potassium because of some digestive issues I have. Worth investigating. I hope your friend feels better.

    • Thanks guys. And yeah, the fainting thing was weird especially since he doesn’t usually have low blood pressure. So we’ll see what the PCP says when he gets to a follow-up appointment.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: forgot my dance class clothes. I hope street clothes are ok since I don’t want to miss a class.
    Rave: Really enjoyed the book club meeting last night.

  • Rant: It’s been a weird couple of days for me on wmata.
    Exhibit A: There was a woman in labor on my bus yesterday. She seemed pretty distressed and I felt so bad for her…she had another block to walk to the hospital after getting off the bus. I hope she delivered the baby safely!
    Exhibit B: I was the only one on the train car this morning (surprising but it can get pretty empty going south during rush hour), and a group of unruly teens got on. They yelled some stuff in my direction and I ignored them, and they got bored and moved to the other end of the car. Normally I would brush that off but all the stories about metro attacks have gotten to me.
    Rave: Teleworking on Wednesday so no transit for me tomorrow.

  • Rave: Although I missed book club, I had a nice, restorative night at the barn with a good friend last night. Ponies cure so many ills.
    Rant: But they don’t make them disappear.
    Rant: Set myself up for failure today with biking to the office in the pouring ride without rain pants.
    Rave: But I”m sure it was better than the metro.
    Rave: Filling this morning was quick and relatively painless. My face is numb but not droopy. And I haven’t drooled on myself yet (or have I?).
    Rave: Dinner with a good friend tonight to celebrate our birthdays.

  • Rant: Brown University students. There aren’t enough eyerolls in the world.

    • Wait, what did I miss?

      • Short version: students finding it stressful to manage their studies and activism, and so need accommodations from their professors (extensions, etc.). But that description doesn’t remotely do justice to the attitudes of the poor, suffering snowflakes – google the Brown Herald (student newspaper) article for a full description.

        • HaileUnlikely

          I…um…might have attended said university, many many years ago. I believe it would be fair to say that we had our fair share of students like that there. I don’t know if we had more than other peer universities, or if they just finally managed to convince some poor sucker at the student newspaper to report on their “plight.”

          • I think it’s the later. Despite Brown’s famed liberalism and activism, I’m sure it’s the same everywhere. But, I do have a question, if you read the article . . . what’s the problem with traditional pronouns? Is it just that they’re traditional?

          • HaileUnlikely

            I did not read the student paper article, but saw the thing with the xe/xyr/etc in the Post article. I never encountered this while I was there, though that was nearly two decades ago (and I avoided most of this nonsense by studying engineering). My best guess is that the student in question is protesting the use of gendered pronouns – just a guess though.

        • *gag*

  • Revel: Yesterday started with getting what I thought was the best email ever… but it was shortly followed by yet another best email ever… and another. It was the best day I’ve had in months. Things are lining up the way I had hoped they would.
    Rave: Robin’s egg blue toe nail polish makes me ridiculously happy.
    Rave: The mini black bean brownies with chopped pecans I baked yesterday are amazing.

  • Rant: My 98 year old Grandmother is in the hospital. She was admitted for Pneumonia and A Fib. I’m really nervous, it could be all she needs is doctor’s care for the next week. But at her age it’s dicy. I’m hoping all will be ok.

  • I want to have a zipper in a windstopper jacket replaced (slider is gone). Any recs on a place to take it (Dupont/Gtown/Adams Morgan preferred)? I usually take hemming to Kim’s Cleaners next to Filter, would they be OK or should I find a place that specializes in coats?
    And do I provide the zipper? Let me know if you have a favorite zipper/notions source!
    Thanks in advance, PoPvillagers!

    • I recently had a jacket zipper replaced. I used the place on Connecticut just south of Dupont Circle (Imperial Valet/Sterling Cleaners?). I did provide the zipper, though when I dropped it off they told me they have some standard ones on hand so it may not be necessary to buy one yourself. My jacket was a bit longer than normal, so providing it was probably a good call, but if yours is standard you should be ok. I can’t remember what it cost, but seemed reasonable.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Enjoyed book club last night
    Rave: Cleared by a surgeon yesterday – all is well on the health front
    Rant: Still no tenant (although there is plenty of time to find someone) for the basement room at the rental

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Great book club discussion last night. Y’all had some good insights into a book that I had mostly thought of as just a fluffy fun read. I had a lot to think about after we left.
    Rave: Excellent meeting with the agency head this morning. The Office Princess was on her best behavior.
    Rave: Mr. Zelda is a miracle worker and now Middle Zelda’s expensive prescription is much less expensive.

    • Ugh prescriptions. I just went through a week-long battle with my prescription insurance (who wanted to charge me almost $150/month for a generic lotion) that ended up with me getting said lotion for $30/month by not using my insurance at all and printing one of those discount drug cards off the internet. Who knew prescriptions could be cheaper without insurance?

  • Rave: Lying in bed, listening to the rain with the girlfriend this morning, and not getting up to work out because it’s my birthday. Edging towards retirement age and almost three years into the relationship and morning like this, it still feels like the romantic, stupid and glorious you think you only get to do when you’re young.
    Rave: Birthday dinner tonight so I get to dress extra spiffy, including the semi-irridescent teal-ish necktie from Hermes. New ties make me happy.
    Rave: 13 months after moving back home, finally ordered curtains for the upstairs.
    Rant: Good curtains are expensive!
    Rave: Meeting with nonprofit director to discuss freelance work that will bring in some timely cash.

  • Rave: I met someone I really like! It’s unexpected and awesome. Even if it doesn’t work out, I’m so grateful for the experience. I haven’t ever felt something “click” so well… it’s nice to know that it’s possible.
    Rant: Not today!

  • Anyone else see the story about the Girl Scout in Portland that set up her cookie table outside a pot dispensary? It was a local tv news story, I didn’t watch the video, but the accompanying pic showed the table with a sign saying ‘Satisfy Your Munchies!’

  • maxwell smart

    RANTish: I love my apartment. I love my neighborhood and my landlady is literally the best and all in all it’s a great place to live, which is why I have not moved in 4+ years and even kept my place while I was away for work for an extended period of time. But lately my commute fills me with anger and dread. I get worse road rage riding the bus then I ever do in my car. A 5 mile commute should not take an hour each direction! I wake up every morning and immediately dread whatever shit storm WMATA has cooked up for the day and inevitably get to work in a bad mood that lingers though my 2nd cup of coffee.

    • Have you thought about investing in an ipad or something that will enable you to watch shows/movies as you commute? For me, this was a TOTAL game changer. I actually look forward to my bus ride now because I get to watch some entertaining shows! I love to read, but reading on the bus made me feel ill. Not so with tv (I actually watch on my iphone and it works just fine for me). Seriously, it is worth setting yourself up to do this because my mental health has improved drastically from not hating my commute!

      • maxwell smart

        Hmmm.. Generally the bus is so full in the morning it’s standing room only (and usually more like wedge yourself in room only) so I’m not sure I could maneuver an iPad while clinging onto something to keep my balance.

    • Ugh, same rant. Mine is 3 miles and it’s regularly faster to walk than bus/metro (50 min to go 3 miles! And before everyone says “well, just walk then,” the days I want/need to take the bus are the days where it’s freezing, snowing, or pouring).
      I’m trying to get better about biking year-round and did up until the snowstorm, but I haven’t gotten back to it since. The first few weeks bike commuting were stressful and I felt like everyone was trying to kill me, but after about a month, I found a good route and am now pretty happy and comfortable on my ride.

  • Rave: Hot shower this morning. Felt glorious.
    Rant: Apparently the hot water broke down AGAIN after that. That’s three times in just over a week, and exactly a year ago we also lost hot water three times in one week. Weird. At least they fix it by the afternoon, but still… Stupid apartment building.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Rave: The Post write up on the 106 yo lady – she had lunch at Busboys and Poets yesterday!
    Rant: I sometimes have lunch there myself when I am teleworking on Mondays – missed her!

  • Rant: Tired. Cranky. Off-and-on back pain.
    Rant: Work stuff.
    Rant: Watching USAJOBS like a hawk, but there’s not much out there.
    Rant: Never heard back from the OP Anon’s agency about the opening that was listed on USAJOBS but not listed on the agency’s website.
    Rave: Snuggly kittycat.
    Rave: Good company at event last night (the one that prevented me from going to book club), though the food was a bit disappointing.

  • I think I’ve come to an understanding about depression. When things are good, I’m happy for others’ good fortune. Now I’m kind of blue, other people’s happiness makes me sad and jealous. Interesting personal diagnostic tool.

  • Rant: Noticed that my birthdate was complete wrong on my drivers license yesterday. I have honestly never looked at it, and since I’ve had it I have used it so many times at doctors offices and even for my I9 at work and it was never caught.
    Rave: caught it before I had any issues!
    Rave: short and relatively sweet visit to the DMV this morning to fix it. The DMV employee that dealt with me was super nice, very efficient, and totally not what I was expecting.
    Rant: finally decided to wave the white flag and go to the doctor. Now I am waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Years ago I had a roommate whose *LAST NAME* was misspelled on his driver’s license. He did not even notice it on his own. A TSA agent brought it to his attention when he was flying back to DC from California.

    • I know someone who had the wrong gender. They put that she was a male and it was a huge process to get it fixed.

      • My husband’s VA driver’s license originally listed him as female. He left it for over a year because it ended up being a huge pain to fix.

    • Clueless

      Hooray for a pleasant DMV visit; such a rarity these days.

    • My grandfather could not be trusted with basic home tasks, such as filling out his son’s birth certificate while his wife was recovering from pushing a human out of her own body. So as a result, my uncle’s name (a very common name in English) is misspelled on his birth certificate, which means it’s spelled like that almost everywhere else.
      I say “almost” because SSA “corrected” it on his Social Security card to the more common spelling. So far it hasn’t caused major issues but once he starts collecting Social Security, I worry maybe he’ll get arrested for fraud or something.
      Glad they fixed it quickly and relatively painlessly for you though!

    • Also, I used to have two different student ID numbers in college because they accidentally entered me as two different students. Caused all sorts of problems, including having half my classes on one transcript, and half on another.

    • My last name was hyphenated on my first PA ID card. My middle name is my mother’s maiden name which she hyphenates. The person filling out my paper worked assumed since her name was hyphenated on my birth certificate, my name must be as well. I had to go 3 years with the wrong name on my ID.

    • Not on the ID front but when I registered my car when I moved to DC, they dropped a zero on the mileage. I never looked at it closely until 2 years later when I went to sell the car and the report showed I had an odometer roll back.

  • Rave: People dropped out of my spring break trip. Small group will be much better for the crazy logistics (one night camping, 3 night crammed in a Quality Inn, 2 nights in an Air BnB, and one big SUV for several hours of driving). I guess less people is worse for the service component of our trip but eh less people to drive me mad.
    Rant/Rave: Wore heels for the first time in a longggg time and walked quite a bit. While my feet hurt, my abs seem to have gotten quite the workout.
    Interesting: Didn’t realize quite how much people hate prosecutors until I got to law school. Coming from a long line of people who work(ed) in law enforcement, its interesting to hear how others think.

  • RANT: bed bug scare after staying in a very nice AirBnB while on vacation last week. Drying all our clothes, stripping the bed, and generally freaking out last night. Our apartment is a disaster.
    RAVE: Discussed with AirBnB host and he was very nice. Told us it was probably not bed bugs….
    RANT: …but rather a bacterial infection from using his hot tub called “Hot tub folliculitis.” (if you Google this, be warned – NSFL). This is caused by an imbalance in the hot tub chemicals.
    RANT: the skin rashes on our body are very itchy and still emerging, even 4 days after using the hot tub.
    RAVE: the knowledgeable guys at Capitol K9 Services. They confirmed that they don’t think it’s bed bugs and we should wait a few days before scheduling an inspection. They chatted with me for 15 minutes and gave me lots of great bed bug tips.
    RANT/RAVE: probably not using AirBnB again. The GF and I are way too freaked out. We stayed in a gorgeous/expensive house and would have never guessed this would happen there. But I think this highlights the difference between a owner vs. a professional company managing a property.

    • Ugh, I’m so sorry. I won’t go in hot tubs because this type of thing freaks me out so much. I hope it clears up quickly.

    • Ughhhh I’m in the process of looking up Airbnb places for a weekend getaway… really sorry to hear this! Fingers crossed for you it’s not bed bugs. I had bed bug scare and had one of those bed bugs dogs come in and do an inspection. They were great and thorough. What I thought were bed bugs were roach nymphs (still gross but at least they weren’t bed bugs.)

    • topscallop

      I got hot tub folliculitis once as a kid from using a friend’s hot tub. Much prefer that to bed bugs, which can be really really difficult to get rid of!

      • 110% agree. I was extremely relieved to hear that it is probably folliculitis. The guy at Capitol K9 Services said that it’s probably not bed bugs because the vast majority of our “bite” marks are in areas that would have been covered by clothing while we slept. He said that bed bugs don’t crawl up inside your clothes while you’re asleep (most of the marks are on our waist, hips, and buttocks – some are on my forearms). Hot tub folliculitis primary localizes in areas under your bathing suit.

    • Fwiw, bed bugs in hotels are common enough, so don’t think you’re dodging that bullet by staying away from airbnb.
      Hot tubs are warm germ factories. They aren’t hot enough to kill anything. I wouldn’t trust one run by the best company in town. I would also imagine a hotel hot tub sees a lot more people so more potential for grossness.

      • From what I’ve read, hotel and gym hot tub are typically treated and chemicals re-balanced on a daily basis. Our AirBnB host gets his tub treated once a week, but he thinks the company may have missed the previous week’s treatment. The hot tub guy actually came to the house the morning after we used the hot tub to treat the water. So there’s a good chance we were sitting in the two week old gunk the night before *vomit*
        So much for romance, eh?

    • I think bed bug bites and hot tub folliculitis would be very different looking. What kind of rash do you have? To be fair, I’d say chances of getting bed bugs at a hotel are the same as an Airbnb. All it takes is one person to bring one into a hotel room. There was a post on reddit recently about a guy who saw a bed bug on the Toronto subway!!

      • The bed bug bites and folliculitis sores can appear to be very similar. Both have an onset of visible skin irritations within 24 hours to 5 days of exposure (depends on the person’s skin sensitivities). The folliculitis really does look like a bug bite – eventually it comes to a head and grows a small, pinpoint scab (just like a bug bite).

        • Bed bug bites vary person to person. I’ve had both bed bug bites and folliculitus (although it wasn’t from a hot tub). They were very, very different. My bed bug bites never grew to small scab. They were just huge, huge itchy welts and they’d itch for days, sometimes a week until they just went down to nothing and all that was left was a red mark. FWIW, I am a very allergic person.

      • There were pics of what appeared to be bed bugs and eggs on the DC metro. Wherever it came from was well infested.

        • HaileUnlikely

          There was a short time in 2009, around the time of the first major bedbug resurgence in DC, when I would see bedbug eggs fairly often in metro buses. (I had an infestation in my house and was hyper-vigilant/paranoid about bedbugs everywhere I went for a while.) I stopped noticing them within a few months, while still hyper-vigilant/paranoid, so I think metro must have done something to address the problem. I have not seen them on the bus or metro in years now, though I think my vigilance/paranoia has subsided to the degree that I might overlook them if there weren’t a great number of them.

    • ugh! you guys, stop! I now can’t stop scratching myself after reading this thread! *shudder*!

    • Accountering

      Let me just clarify that a “professional company managing a property” could VERY easily have this same issue.

  • Rant – Lately I’ve been day dreaming about moving somewhere quiet and rural where I can have a huge yard and a garden. I was always happy to live in tiny city apartments in the middle of everything, now I’m craving open spaces.
    Rave – The enchiladas I made on Monday have been the highlight of my week so far.

    • I’ve been having that same day dream recently! Especially the huge yard. I’ve always been a city girl so it’s new to me but it sounds so nice right now.

      • The commute into the city would be awful though, that’s the only thing stopping me. I need a job in the country! Or one that allows me to telework all the time.

  • Rave/Rant: Met a cool person at my dance class last night. I wish I had asked for her number or suggested we get drinks sometime but I never know when it’s too soon to try and befriend someone in situations like that.
    Rant: Job hunting is soul-crushing.
    Rave: Had a fantastic time playing indie arcade games and cabinet games all weekend.

  • Following up on previous sewing meetup discussion, I finally got around to making a listserv. If you are interested, look on yahoo groups for DCsewing or “DC garment sewing”. This is intended for questions, discussion, event notices, meetup organizing, etc., with a focus on garment/fashion sewing, although quilters/home dec/etc are also welcome.

  • Rave: My study visit went really well yesterday, patient was so nice and easy to work with, and boy, I got my exercise in running all over the place – logged about 13,000 steps.
    Rant: My feet hurt. May need to have the soles of my boots replaced, or I just need to remember to put my Dr. Shcoll’s insoles in when I know I’m going to be doing that much walking.
    Rant: Missed book club because 1) I didn’t read the book (I know that’s not a requirement, but still….) and 2) didn’t leave work til late.

  • Rant: I finally found the perfect condo and they are building a new building in its parking lot. Too many unknowns – how much light/privacy will the unit lose, how will you get in/out of the building, how long will the construction noise go on – for me to put an offer in. Ugh. I am SO tired of looking.

  • Winter is over, right? Time for spring gardening and…the first Gin & Gardening gathering of 2016!
    Gin & Gardening is another PoPville spin-off group- for people who like urban gardening (vegetables, flowers, etc), for people who like gin, and for anyone else who would like to gather.
    We’ve been meeting on Sunday evenings in Columbia Heights area, hoping this still works for most folks. I’ll propose March 20th for our first gathering:)
    Also the 9th annual Rooting DC Forum is this Sat at Wilson HS – day long forum with workshops and panels and demos. Free, advance registration recommended

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m ready for G & G! Putting it in my calendar now.

    • Great! I’m in too. Should we have already ordered seeds by now? I’ve saved a bunch from last year but need some herbs and tomatoes.

    • Tall E, I just placed (my first) order of seeds last night. I start tomatoes and a few other things inside but most are direct-sown.
      I ordered brandywine, mortgage lifter and san marzano tomato seeds – will have extras to share if these are tomatoes you’d like to grow

      • thanks, I need basil and sungold tomatoes, not sure what other herbs I can do from seedlings vs buying the plants. I will place an order and be ready to share my hot peppers, sweet peppers and cilantro seeds.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Overheard in the cafeteria “He likes to make a lot of jokes about nuclear treaties.”
    Rave: I’m in the office for the first time in three weeks. It’s nice except
    Rant: Seems like lots of others are in the office today since the moteling space is filled up so I am outside the fishbowl looking in today.
    Rave: If someone asks for directions to the Lactation Room the trail is much easier from here.

  • Rave: Busy at work, days just fly by!
    Rant: Rain makes Washingtonians insanely stupid.

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