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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Suzan-Lori Parks. She’s brilliant.
    Rave: Youngest Zelda’s birthday.
    Rant: Fun weekend, but not nearly enough lying-around-doing-nothing time.
    Rave: Several boxes of stuff out of my house and donated.
    Rant: You can’t really tell.

  • Rant: Work is only getting more busy, but my paycheck is not getting larger.
    Rave: I’m pleased they like me, though, because it gives them faith that when I need flexibility, I’m not just screwing around.
    Rant: Tax time. I have no doubt our taxes are going to SUCK.
    Rant: My workout routine still feels like a chore. I have a trainer and go to the gym on campus. But I hate it. I used to love it (before having a child). Maybe I haven’t been at it long enough.

    • Maybe break up the monotony with something you really enjoy that can double as fitness? Don’t know if your gym has classes, but I found the classes at mine helped me get back into the swing of things when I needed it.

      • yes, there are classes but the timing isn’t really working out – I have to leave to pick up my son. Where I train, they have boot camp but I hate that stuff. I see chasing a ridiculous toddler around as breaking up the monotony ๐Ÿ™‚ But really, I think I just now have significantly better ways to spend my time (work, parenting, sleeping, cleaning) so I have a hard time checking out while I work out. I know I HAVE to do it, but it’s not as enjoyable as it was before parenthood.

    • Accountering

      Taxes shouldn’t suck – it is just a bit of work – good news is, you have 7 weeks still to get everything done. Sure, moving makes things a bit more difficult, with a couple of state returns, but if you are using something like Turbotax, it lets the numbers flow through very easily to the states, and really the only crappy part is paying the $36.99 to buy the state from Turbotax.

  • Rant: Guy I’d been seeing abruptly ended things over text last night.
    Rant: I’m so beyond fed up with dating.
    Rant: No hot water in the building this morning, second time in a week.
    Rant: Exhausted and don’t want to be at work. Bah humbug.

  • Rave: Made one of my favorite recipes last night, jambalaya.
    Rant: Eat too much of it last night.
    Rave: got my dinner for the week though.
    Rant: Mom trying to guilt me into moving back closer to home. Talking about taking a leave of absence from my job and stuff. I’m a fed not a professor. I can’t really do that. My depression isn’t that bad and it won’t change just by my moving.
    Rave: decided to get back to writing fiction after a few years of doubting myself due to a harsh comment in a fiction class. Got a great feeling looking over my old writing assignments from writing classes and thought I should give it another go.

    • Allison

      I can only hear the word “jumbalaya” in Newman’s voice from Seinfeld now.

    • You can take a leave of absence as a fed. Your boss just needs to approve the LWOP. My agency has done it for maternity leave (I know someone who took a year or so off), taking care of parents, and a few times just for long term travel for an employee who has been at the agency for a long time and is valued. It does not hurt to ask if it is something you’d at all be interested in.

  • Rave: Great weekend on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail with old friends. Learned a lot, sampled a lot, bought a lot home. Planning for the now annual event began on the plane ride back to DC.
    Rant: Back to reality (which is not, apparently, sampling bourbon for 12+ hours two days in a row).

    • Ooh, do you have any tips or can’t miss places? I’m planning to go in September.

      • Absolutely!
        – Set up tours in advance. Even those places where they say you don’t need to, do it. We missed out on a Willett because we didn’t schedule in advance.
        – If possible, go on a weekday. If that isn’t possible, it’s doubly important to schedule in advance.
        – We did tours of Beam, Makers, and Four Roses. Beam was the best tour, followed by FOur ROses. Makers was interesting, but not as comprehensive.
        – If you have any hooks, use them to set up VIP tours. We had that at all three, and got both some great swag and extra access to the process that was really cool.
        – Bring an extra hard bag and clothes to bring bourbon home in.
        – If you want to buy something that is sold in stores, you can find it cheaper at several stores in Bardstown/Louisville than at the distilleries (because of the peculiar arrangement by which the distilleries have to sell). That said, I’d recommend limiting your purchases to issues that are either impossible/hard to get here, or high-end bourbon that is MUCH cheaper in Louisville (I got an 11 year old Willett for less than half the price you’d pay here, if you can find it at all).
        – We designed our own tour, rather than go through a company. Did hire a driver, though.
        – When we go back, we’re hitting Buffalo Trace and then several smaller operations.
        – You can save a ton of money flying into Cincinnati and driving to Louisville, even with the rental car. But, it’s 90 minutes – book your return flight with that in mind. It was . . . not ideal to have to leave by 8:30 on Sunday morning.

        Check back later today – If I missed anything, I’ll follow up. Have fun!

        • Wow, that’s great. I think we will be going during the week, as we’re going to an event in Knoxville over a weekend and planning around that.
          Now to make some VIP whiskey connections in the next few months.

          • RE the VIP connections – I bet you already have one (DC is such a small town). If you, or someone you know, works for an association, see if someone has a contact at one of the distiller’s associations. Or one of the consultants they use. Or someone in the health insurance industry who has a contact at Humana. You don’t need to have gone to prom with the CEO’s kid.

          • Maybe this is a silly question, but what does Humana have to do with anything?

          • Sorry, Humana is headquartered in Louisville.

          • I’m from CT, I just assume all insurance companies are headquartered in Hartford ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Forgot one thing: Sounds like it won’t be an issue for you in September, but many of the distilleries shut down for weeks or months during the summer – primarily related to temperature, but also because of maintenance. They still give tours, but they won’t be nearly as interesting (or smell as delicious) if the operation isn’t running.

    • I Dont Get It


      • We ate at the Garage Bar on Saturday, I think, which was pretty good. Honestly, food wasn’t the priority this time. Not a lot of recommendations, sorry.

  • Rave: This weekend was way better than the last. Despite feeling like crap I still did my show on Friday. I had to leave early, and ended up taking a Nyquil/Mucinex combo before bed, which did wonders. Spent Saturday shopping, brunching, an attended a birthday party. It really brought my spirits up! And I have a new pair of shoes I probably don’t need, but love.

    Rave: My Sex in The City marathon has left me yearning for an NYC trip. I haven’t in almost a year and a half. Thinking about going up in a couple of weeks, need to figure out lodging. When I worked for the hotel I got a major discount. The last time I went with a friend and stayed with someone she knew. I guess I can AirBnB this time around.

    Rave: My Aunt has been renting out her awesome condo in VA beach for the past 5 years and the tenant just gave notice. She’s probably not going to rent for a few months, which gives me at least the first part of the summer to spend weekends there! I love her condo and haven’t been to VA beach in a while. Looking to go Mid May.

  • Rant: The bus driver who closed the door on my face as I was about to get on the bus this morning.
    Rave; The second bus driver who not only let me on the bus, but also asked if anyone in the front of bus could give up their seat for a pregnant lady. Thank you for redeeming my crappy start to Monday, Mr. Bus Driver.
    Rave: I spent all of Sunday afternoon organizing, purging, and putting away things for the little parasite. Our dining room no longer looks like a Babies R Us bomb went off in it. I feel so much less anxious when my physical space is in order.
    Rave: Earl Grey tea and a bagel for second breakfast

    • All this organizing talk is inspiring me! and glad to hear about the nice bus driver, it does help make up for the first shitty one!

  • Rave: Went to a bonfire birthday party that involved giant slides with burlap sacks. It was awesome.
    Rant: feeling like things are in limbo with the boy.
    Rave: planning a lot of trips this year, including Ft Lauderdale, New Orleans, Philly, CT, Montana, the Bourbon Trail, and more.
    Rave: ate duck confit twice this weekend.
    Rave: went to two new classes via Class Pass that I liked, spinning at Reformation and modern dance at Yoga Heights. Signed up for the class Andie recommended for this coming weekend.

    • Love your raves!

    • I also really liked Reformation spin! I hate dance-y spin classes and thus I love: Flywheel, biker barre (with Dru, or really anywhere Dru teaches), and sometimes Sculpt.
      What was the class Andie recommended? Always looking for something new on ClassPass.

      • We have opposite taste in spin classes apparently. I love Dru’s enthusiasm, I took a few of his classes at RideDC, but I don’t love his class style. I like having a song or two with jumps and push ups and weights.
        It’s Sweat DC at the Wonderbread factory Saturday at 11. I haven’t been yet, so I can’t vouch for it, but it looks good.
        I might go back to modern dance too, it was nice to move around in a lot of different ways with more creativity. It seems like more of a movement class than a serious workout, but I like variety.

  • Rave: Event tonight.
    Rant: … which means I can’t go to the PoPville unofficial book club meeting.
    Compensatory rave: I have to say I wasn’t liking the book that much anyway, at least in the first 8 pages or so.
    Rave: Got some stuff accomplished around the house last night, some of which had been on my to-do list for a long, long time.

  • Query: I have a toilet that is leaking. I replaced the flapper… but it’s still leaking.
    What should I do next? I was thinking I’d try replacing the O-ring gasket thing between the flapper and the tank. Anything else I should do as far as troubleshooting/fixing?

    • Where’s the water coming from? There’s a seal between the tank and the base that can fail.
      If it’s running constantly, make sure the chain is the right length.

    • HaileUnlikely

      You mean making sound like its running or you mean leaking as in water on the floor?
      If you mean water on the floor, then what wdc said (the “wax ring” or “wax seal”) may be the issue and would require emptying out the tank and removing the toilet altogether to replace. If your are able to rock or jiggle your toilet enough to see and feel it moving, this is a good bet. If it feels like it’s really solidly mounted to the floor, this is still possible but less likely.

      Another possibility, if the tank and the bowl are two separate pieces that are held together by a couple of bolts, is that there is a leak where the tank bolts to the bowl. You can easily diagnose this by looking/feeling around where the tank connects to the bowl and seeing if there’s water there. This is easy to fix, but requires good precision and is easy to “fix” wrong and perpetuate the leak. I had this problem when I first installed my new toilets because one of the bolts wasn’t tightened quite enough, but I kind of doubt this would just start leaking out of the blue months or years after installation though.
      If you mean running sounds but not water on floor, your fill valve may need to be replaced. No big deal. New of various types cost $10-$10 at Home Depot and are easy to install. If you just replaced the flapper, though, make sure you didn’t set the chain to be too short and thus hold the flapper just shy of sealed position, and make sure the flapper is the right size and shape to completely cover the valve.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Just saw other reply above. If you mean running from the tank into the bowl (i.e., water not going anywhere it isn’t supposed to go, just going there at the wrong time), it sounds very likely that the flapper isn’t making full contact with the valve.

        • Thanks.
          I don’t _think_ it’s leaking where the bolts are, but I’ll try feeling around there just to make sure.
          I had the wax seal (between the base and the floor) replaced maybe 2-3 years ago because there seemed to be a little bit of water around the base. (The plumber couldn’t find any actual leak, but I figured as long as I was paying for the visit anyway, I’d take a “better safe than sorry” approach and have him replace the wax seal.)
          For what it’s worth… the flapper I removed was one I installed within the past year or so, from a Korky brand 3-pack. So was the flapper I replaced it with the other day (that didn’t seem to solve the leak problem). Is it possible that the flapper itself is of inferior quality??

          • HaileUnlikely

            I suppose it’s theoretically *possible* that it’s a bad flapper, but I think it is overwhelmingly more likely that either the flapper just isn’t the right fit for your toilet (too long, too short, to narrow, too much room to slide from side to side and thus get out of alignment with the valve, whatever) or else that you might have the chain set one link too short. There are at least a couple of different diameters of flapper valves on commonly-sold toilets, and the distance from the flapper valve to the place where you mount it also varies. The Korky website actually lets you search for replacement parts by model of toilet – if you didn’t buy the toilet yourself, the brand is probably labeled on the top of the bowl, and the model number is probably stamped on the inside of the tank.
            To check the tank-to-bowl connection, just take a paper towel and try to slide the corner in between the tank and the bowl, and then move it around a bit, and pull it back out and look at it – it should be dry. But if this was the issue, the water wouldn’t be going where it was supposed to go, it would be going onto the floor.

          • Thanks, HaileUnlikely. I’ll try experimenting with a different flapper, plus doing the paper-towel thing.

          • I had this issue. I have a Kohler canister and they’ve upgraded their flapper seals (used to be red, now yellow). Ace doesn’t carry the Kohler branded one in store, so I tried their generic store brand because the old one didn’t work at all and needed an immediate fix. The leaking continued, just much slower. Ordered the “real” one off amazon and was the only one that ended up working for me.

  • Rant: Still on the hunt for a summer sublet. Just stumbled across a “free apartment for a playful girl in need” – the description was even creepier than the title.
    Rave: Fun and productive weekend.
    Rave: Busy week ahead and then off to Arizona for spring break.
    Rant: Spring break travel plans are a little more rustic than I’m used to…

  • Binge watched Downton Abbey all weekend. That Matthew Crawley is terrific. I can’t wait to see him and Mary live happily ever after.
    I hope Ethel gets trampled by horses.

    • Here’s a gentle tip for you: don’t read the responses to your post, because there will almost certainly be spoilers. That’s all I’m going to say.

      • Much appreciated. But it was a bit of a joke, because I watched off and on when it aired originally. I stand by the opinion that Matthew is a treasure. He could manage my estate any day…

    • After almost 6 years (right?), I just want to know why everyone has always been so dreadful to Edith. Is this normal for that time period? She’s a lovely girl!

      • Well, she’s kind of a prig. And that stunt she pulled with the turkish ambassador was vile.
        But from a storytelling perspective, they have to make her life uncomfortable so that she’ll go off and do revolutionary things like write to newspapers and advocate for women’s rights. She and Mary have to be opposites: Mary, good marriage, inheritance, etc, is invested in the traditional system. Edith won’t have any of that, so is free to do scandalous things that would threaten her position IF she had one.

        • Agreed re. that stunt she pulled (writing to the Turkish ambassador with the truth about “poor Mr. Pamuk”), but I feel as though other than that, she hasn’t done anything really bad.

          • I don’t know – Sybil was the real revolutionary one, Edith’s just been relegated to the mild-child position and has done her best to find some modicum of happiness for herself. And Mary’s little tryst with the ambassador was pretty scandalous, the opposite of the rather staid (initially) Edith.

        • And after last night, we’ll see how invested in the traditional system Edith will be; I am guessing it all comes out OK, but… it is Edith.

        • Mary is a terrible person. She probably deserved what Edith did re: Mr. Pamuk. But Mary is just a selfish terrible person. There are almost zero qualities I see in her. Which is odd because her mother seems to be very warm and open. Maybe it’s from parents not really raising their children.

          • I don’t necessarily disagree, but at least Mary is her own person. She’s not a NICE person, but she’s reliable in always looking out for her own interests and those of the estate.
            Not like Edith, always chasing after vague ideas of a better life without really knowing what she wants. Snogging that farmer? Making bedroom eyes at Matthew every time he and Mary had a falling out? Panting after that old dude? That nonsense with Marigold and the poor family who took her in?? FFS, Edith.

          • HA! agreed, wdc! I like Edith, but wish she would figure out what exactly she wants in her life and go after it!

          • +1 wdc, I love Mary. She’s so reliably herself and she is very genuine towards the people she cares about. I’m fine with her looking out for her own interests and not being nice to everyone. Makes for an interesting character.

          • Emmaleigh504

            After last night, Mary is dead to me.

          • Emmaleigh, I’m inclined to agree. Sometimes during the show Mary has actually been a sympathetic character… but not much in this season. (Or in previous ones, for that matter.) She’s spiteful.

  • RANT: We have a couple of mice in our home who are either too smart or too dumb to take our snaptrap baits (at various points, cheese, peanut butter/jelly, snickers, etc.). We have a toddler, so poison is off the table. Glue traps seem impossibly inhumane. What do we do? Who do we call? District.

    • Hunt ALL around the exterior of the house for holes. It’s likely where the mortar has crumbled away near a gas line or other aperture in the brick. We fought with mice for almost a year before we found the hole. It was at a porch joist.
      Given our experience, I’d almost say don’t waste your time with the mice that are already there. Use all that energy to find their door and seal it up.

    • change the bait. Do a few of different kinds (peanut butter, different cheeses, dog kibble). Also, glue traps suck but they’re great for tight spaces like oven/fridge. And exterminators can help. We had an infestation in our rental last year and had to move to a hotel for a week. They were living in the vents. It was like a horror movie.

    • I was going to suggest the Ratzapper. It lures the mice in, electrocutes them, and is easy cleanup. However I would be concern with a toddler. I don’t think they could reach in, but kids surprise you.

      • Second the Ratzpper. Works better than glue or snap traps. Also second you have to put it where a child won’t reach it. That may or may not be possible – though you may have furniture you can put it under where your child can’t reach. Do you have a child that is watched every second, or sometimes gets off on their own and into stuff for a minute?

        That said, you do also have to close up the access points to the house, or they will keep coming.

    • jim_ed

      As long as you have the stomach to give a swift and humane coup de grace, glue traps work pretty well. That said, if you haven’t already you need to find out where they’re coming from and seal their entrances so more don’t follow.

    • D-con covered mouse traps baited with a little bit of peanut butter work the best for me

    • OP here. thanks all.

  • Rave: Had an incredible weekend biking, hiking, friends, beers, and some good work (thank you notes and recommendation letters) in beautiful places.
    Rant: Had a horrible end to the weekend with a check-in on my good friend – she’s still not good. She’s still so so ill and her parents are still horrible people. Her mom won’t spend money to help her get her meds but she will loan her (forcing her to go to a bank to write a promissory note) $1600 to buy into a pyramid scheme. I’m livid and so frustrated.
    Rant: Didn’t read book – was looking forward to book club and meeting up with great PoPville people!
    Rave: But have decided since I didn’t read it, I’m better off going to the barn and getting some pony time to ease my anxious mind.
    Rave: Dreaming of my next bike.

    • You don’t have to read the book to attend the meeting!
      (But if barn time would be more restorative for you, I understand.)

      • Thanks textdoc – I’m sorry to miss it but I really think I need to recharge. Had a great weekend and then the promissory note bomb was dropped and now I’m now so unsettled that I think ponies are the only way to go.
        It has to be illegal to force a known mentally ill person to sign a promissory note…right?

        • Not a lawyer here, but my guess is that your friend would probably need to be ruled legally/mentally incompetent first. Or someone would have to sue her mother on the grounds that the friend isn’t of sufficiently sound mind to sign a promissory note.
          Any chance of your friend getting some kind of court-appointed guardian to look after her interests?

          • We’ve tried that route but it’s lengthy and we’d have to first prove her mentally unfit and then prove her parents shouldn’t be guardians. We are thinking we might have to revisit it since it now seems like her mom is taking advantage of the situation.

        • This is not legal advice, blah, blah, blah . . . it’s not illegal to have a mentally ill person sign a promissory note or enter into a contract . . . but it may make the contract unenforceable. In other words, the promise may not mean squat (which is, in my opinion, precisely what your friend’s mother deserves, but that’s a value judgment, not a legal one). Someone who is closer to contract fundamentals (i.e., younger) may have a better informed opinion than I do about this.

          • I’m currently reading contract fundamentals and I’ve got nothing! All I’ve seemed to learn is most promises mean squat…

          • Alice, this likely isn’t in the casebook, but if you like Google the contract whereby the NBA absorbed the ABA. It’s perhaps the greatest commercial contract ever drafted, and despite numerous attempts to get out of it remained enforceable until a settlement was reached. It’s amazing.

  • Rant: First kid-free weekend in 6 weeks and I spend it completely sick. That was not what I had planned at all.
    Rave: Before the sickness really set in, we went to see the country house. I loved it. I have a few concerns, but overall, I thought it was great. One potential major downside is that they seem to prefer a married couple. They also seem to prefer “locals”. Apparently the people who own it are a “Big Name” in the area who I should have heard of…. I hate those sorts of small town politics, and I’m really not sure that I would want to deal with that. Also, we have to apply, and then have an interview with the landlords before they eve do the criminal background and credit check. That seems weird to me.

    • hope you’re feeling better soon!

    • W….T….F?! Prefer a married couple?! And an interview with the landlords. Obviously, you “interview” in a way when you check out a place, but I really wonder what kind of interview they have in mind. I don’t know. I don’t think I’d want those people as my landlords!

      • That’s a good point re. preferring a married couple — I don’t think they’re legally allowed to. (Not to say that they couldn’t choose a married couple and cite some other reason.)

      • Yeah, that’s pretty weird. They might be overly involved landlords…

      • Thank you for that piece of information! I wasn’t sure if that would constitute discrimination or not… I should say, it was never out-right said, but when I corrected him on the application fee (different amount for married versus unmarried), I got one of those “ahs” accompanied by a certain amount of side eye, and then “they will cover that in the interview.”

      • Just to put it out there, the rental app seems to require a bit more info that I am used to. 3 years of work history (I’ve always seen one?), 3 personal references in addition to landlords, and they want to know where we bank. Where we bank? Seriously? Please, someone help me out with why this would be a determining factor in a rental application (aside from just confirming you have a checking account – that I get).

    • HaileUnlikely

      I’m not a landlord and don’t know (or care, honestly) about the legal aspects, but I suspect that they are using “local married couple” as an imperfect but not altogether unreasonable heuristic to assess the likelihood that the tenants will trash the place or attempt to break the lease. And it may well be that their intent was not to distinguish a committed couple of unmarried adults with children from a married couple but rather from a group house. If I were to rent out my house, I would infinitely prefer the tenants to be a couple or a family vs. a group house.

  • Rave: Good vet appointment on Sat for the kitty. She was soooo scared but really good, and the staff were wonderful and so gentle with her. Most likely has a sensitive tummy or possibly kitty IBS, but that should be manageable. On a Rx diet and probiotics for the next 10 days to take care of whatever bug/flare-up she had.
    Rant: I sliced my finger open last night when I was washing up after prepping a crockpot meal.
    Rave: at least this time I didn’t have to go to the ER for stitches (yes, this has happened before. I really should not be allowed in the kitchen).
    Rant: It is really hard to type with a giant gauze-wrapped finger! sooo many typos!
    Rant/Rave? I’ve only been at work for 2 hours and I’ve take about 5000 steps. Study visit days keep me on my toes, hopefully it all goes well!

    • Which vet did you end up going to?

      • District Veterinary Hospital, over in Brookland – my cousin kindly chauffered us since those are her old stomping grounds, and it was super close, and from what I can tell, very reasonable price-wise. It’s a lovely facility and the vet wanted to start with the least invasive options first – i.e., let’s do this bland-ish Rx diet and probiotics and see if that works first, and if not, we can work our way through blood samples, xray or ultrasound, etc. They didn’t push anything and, super bonus, they clipped her nails for me! I can usually only do it one or two toes at a time by sneaking up on her while she’s asleep, but i think she was so overwhelmed by it all, that she just let the vet tech(s) do whatever!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hope kitty and your finger are better soon.

  • justinbc

    Rant: In the same week getting a FB friend request from 1) my crazy (literally, bi-polar) ex from like 10 years ago, 2) another ex’s crazy cult fanatic mom. It feels like I’m getting pranked.

    • I feel compelled to point out that “bipolar” is not necessarily “crazy.” (Though “unmedicated bipolar” might be.)

    • Seems to be a hazard of social media. I recently got a friend request from a crazy ex from 20+ years ago. This is a person who in 1988 introduced me to the term “politically correct,” as in, “KenyonDweller, you shouldn’t say that because it’s politically incorrect.” Now, all she posts is scaremongering about the liberal elites trying to stifle dissent. That, and how second amendment rights are under assault. Ugh.

  • Rave: The party we had to go to went far better than I had expected. I ended up talking with the wife of my wife’s former colleague who went through a hell of a time with their youngest child. While she doesn’t fully understand what I’m going through, she gets it far more than the average person.
    Rave: I never knew that meal planning for the week in advance would make my life so much easier and our diet so much better/more adventurous.
    Rave: Getting nervously excited for all the things we have in the works for the next couple months. Crossing my fingers that things go as planned.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Rave: Clutterbusters! Sunday, 2 women went from stem to stern organizing my apartment! Now I can get a cleaning service and keep my place nice.
    Rave: All tax stuff is ready to put into Turbo Tax
    Rant: Did not read the Popville book yet. ordered from Amazon but hasn’t come yet. May come to Teaism anyhow.
    Rave: working from home today.
    Littlen dating sux no matter your generation. It is the worst ego suck. Chin up, we love you!

    • For your first rave–is that a de-cluttering service? How does it work? How expensive was it? Sounds like it could be amazing….

      • anonymouse_dianne

        It is Betsy Fein’s Clutter Busters. If you’ve watched Hoarders you’ve seen them in action. It’s not cheap ($80 an hour) but for me it is so worth it. They did everything I asked and more – even rinsed out the dishes and ran the vacuum. If you are overwhelmed and keep trying to do it yourself give it a try.

        • I might look into this at some point. Do they have a minimum of x hours?

          • anonymouse_dianne

            Look on the website. I use a team of 2 for 4 hours and they do an amazing amount of work. Recently they have offered 1 organizer for 1 task but I don’t know what the minimum is.

    • Aww, thank you!! ๐Ÿ™‚ And it really is an ego suck…

  • Revel: had an awesome day hiking at Sky Meadow and wine tasting in Delaplane with some current and past roommates. We rented a minivan for my close friend/roommate’s last hurrah in DC.
    Rant: I do not enjoy hiking uphill in the snow. I also am too out of shape/slow to keep up with the group so they had to stop quite a bit too wait for me

  • Rant: I have been actively job searching for over a year and have applied to more than 50 positions. I’ve had my resume looked at/evaluated, practiced interviewing, everything. I am so frustrated – my current environment is so very toxic. It’s especially tough seeing all my coworkers easily leaving/getting new jobs. Every day gets harder and harder, why not me?

    • I’m sorry Anon. ๐Ÿ™ I was going through the same thing a while ago. Took me about a year and a half, and at least 100 applications, before I found a new position. It’s incredibly demoralizing. If you’re working that hard I don’t think it’s you, it’s just bad luck and the crappy job market. I hope you have better luck soon.

    • I also sympathize. I have been through it and have a good idea what you’re feeling.
      Unfortunately I have no particular words of wisdom but I wish you luck!

    • Sorry, Anon, DC is so hard for this. Honestly, lean on your friends. Personal connections are everything in this town. I don’t mean that you have to know important people. Just that when a hiring manager is faced with 200 applications (not uncommon), the one for which she has a personal reference ahead of time will at least get looked at.
      You’re tailoring your applications, yes? You should spend a couple of hours on each and every application you send out, to pick up the keywords from the job description, to highlight particularly relevant experience, to say nice things about the organization in your cover letter etc. It’s so obvious when people just copy/paste. Or when they try to half-ass it by sending files named “Marketing resume” or “Advocacy resume”.
      (If applying for gov’t jobs, I guess disregard all that.)

      • +1000 on using personal connections when job seeking. Make sure all of your friends (and even acquaintances) know that you are looking so they can alert you to openings, and then forward your letter and resume directly to the person hiring. I’ve had to hire 7 people over the past 5 years, and it definitely helps (and is even appreciated) if I get a candidate directly from a colleague. I also happened to get my current job that way – a neighbor (who I didn’t even know all that well) worked at the organization I wanted to work at, so when I saw the job posting I contacted her and was able to send my letter/resume directly to the head of the department, instead of through HR. I’m sure it helped get my foot in the door for the interview process. Good luck!

  • Rave: Was a weekend warrior this past weekend–got to go running with the toddler AND go to yoga! Need to get to yoga more regularly; it was awesome.
    Rave: (in a whisper, lest I jinx anything) kiddo didn’t get me out of bed at all last night. Crazy! Fingers crossed that is part of a trend?
    Rant: my teeth aren’t complicated so my dentist is fine. But they apparently started offering flouride treatments, and it just reeks of upselling to bring in more money. My wife stopped going there because they kept pushing her to do extra cleanings that her periodontist didn’t think she needed. Tempting to switch to the wife’s dentist even though they don’t take insurance.

  • Rant – Major stress/anxiety about my work situation and job search. Plus lack of sleep due to my husband’s snoring has me in a crappy mood today.
    Rave – Took the dog to the Arboretum on Saturday for the first time since we started her heartworm treatment 3 months ago, and I’m pretty sure she had the time of her life.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Saturdayโ€™s weather!
    Rant: On the 7th day the scaffold otters rested–not so much on the 6th day.
    Rave: Weekend work means this will be over sooner?
    Rave: I just checked the Target ad since I am going there for lunch to get some body wash and sun block and there is a mobile coupon for a $5 gift card if you purchase $20 of oral care, skin care, deodorant, etc. SCORE! (text BEAUTY to 827438)

  • And now posting in the right place…I’m blaming my rant.

    Rave: Great trip to Belize, blue hole crossed off the bucket list. Swam near a reef shark too.
    Rant: Feeling light headed.
    Rave 2: upcoming get together with friends from my fellowship program.

  • Rave: The ENT on Friday managed to suction out my ears on Friday. Hooray, I can hear again!

    Rant: When she hit my eardrums. OW.

    Rave: Finally got tested for allergies this morning, and I’m not allergic to anything!

    Rant: But that doesn’t explain why every spring I am miserable and it only feels better with zyrtec.

    Rave: Hosted a dinner party last night to great success.

    Rave: The gentleman I’ve been seeing came, and he brought me a present!

    Rant: Wish I could go home and sleep. The three days of not taking zyrtec in preparation for allergy tests means that I have an awful headache.

    • Just curious, what did the allergist say about the clear allergy test but the apparent need for allergy meds?

      • I asked that question, and she shrugged her shoulders and said non-allergic rhinitis (this was a PA, not a doctor) might be the cause.

  • Let’s hope that anyone you dump by text feels the same as you do. Or that you won’t mind when someone you’ve been seeing for a month dumps you by text.
    Breaking up by text is a coward move. If you’re going to break up with someone, do it properly — don’t be a wuss.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Awesome weekend! Did a polar plunge in Seaside Heights NJ, lots of fun with great friends!
    Rave2: Came home early Sunday and got a lot done. Finished installing the custom build wine rack in our kitchen, picked up my new bike from The Bike Rack, got the new bike hung in the living room, and installed the vanity to the wall in the rental (previously it was just sitting there!) also installed the new blinds in the rental and they fit perfectly! Score!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: OA is drinking her beverage so loudly!
    Rave: Book club meeting tonight. I enjoyed the book.

  • Rave/Rant: Different office in my company wants me. My job isn’t great. But there are so many pros/cons that I’m having trouble deciding.

  • Rant: Parents trying a bit too hard to engage with my kids. This is, unfortunately, in the context of a rather judgy conversation about the state of my house about a week before I returned to work (my house is more cluttered after having a baby? I’m shocked!). That was the straw that broke the camel’s back, though, and I can’t help but feel largely unsupported by them. While I do want my kids to have a strong relationship with my parents (they came over and took the toddler to the zoo yesterday!), I feel like I’m constantly fielding requests to take the kids somewhere. You know what, I want to spend time with my kids too! There’s just an undercurrent of trying too hard to make nice without directly addressing the hurtful things that were said and it just makes me recoil. Yuck.

    • I completely sympathize with you here. The way that it actually works for us now, is that my parents will offer to take the kids from my ex on the weekends he has them (he lives near them), and then they’ll bring the kids to me. Of course I get shade from them (“ex let’s us see the kids! you don’t!”) on occasion, but, I’m used to shade ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I know how hard it is to be in this sort of situation, so kuddos to you for at least trying! I hope you are able to come to a workable solution.

  • That One Guy

    Rave: Renwick Gallery is so nice. Almost feel like I should go back. It would be super awesome if the colored string they used was colored nylon tuned so that it was a sort of musical instrument.
    Rave: Driving with all the car windows down and the sunroof open on Saturday. Looking forward to spring, however short it may be.

  • Rant/Pity Party/ Rambling: apologies in advance if I do not make sense.

    why do guys lie and say they are considering something when really they aren’t. I am so freaking depressed its not even funny. and yet I am full of excuses. I have low vision so I don’t drive and I do let it get in the way of me going out because I am shy and I don’t really talk to people. However, once I get to know people I open up so it is quite the vicious cycle. I didn’t sleep last night at ALL yet here I am at work. How I am functioning I do not know :'(. 10 stupid years and this person never wanted to work things out ever. and they PLACED all the blame on me. and went around bad mouthing me to every one. didn’t ever use the B word but might as well have. it was their cardinal rule in the beginning and I respected it. I didn’t bad mouth him to anyone. I agree I am beyond dating its ridiculous. hermit for life here. :'( oh and did I mention it was my birthday last Wednesday and did I get to be made to feel special? NOPE!!!

    • Sorry for all your rants ๐Ÿ™

    • That One Guy

      Can you leave work early and go for a walk to clear your head/get home early to crash? There’s a lot going on and it may feel like you’re weighted down by so so much but try to catch your breath.

  • I Dont Get It

    Bonus Hart Warming Rave: The video of the 106 year old woman meeting and dancing with the Obamas!

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