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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Not feeling great today. I feel kind of queasy and was a little dizzy last night. I don’t know whats up but I wish it would stop….
    Rave: It’s almost the weekend. It’s a long weekend. I just want to sleep.

  • Rave: 3rd date last night. So far, so good. He’s a gentleman, and it’s very nice. I hope to see him again soon.

    Rant: Today is my friend’s wake and tomorrow is his memorial service and I am sad that I cannot make it to either thing. I am also sad that there are things like this that I have to go to for him. I miss him.

    Question: The partner (Il Divo) I work with is still unbalanced with me and other staff members. He’s been talked to about his behaviour by the head atty in our office. The staff members who he’s said abusive things about have also all been talked to by the head atty (and others in this office) and we’re told “Just please hang in there, we don’t want to lose you, we’ve spoken to him and if he says/does anything else please let us know immediately” What kind of protection do I as an employee have if he continues to say unkind, untrue or grossly distorted things about me to upper management (but then 3 hours later realizes “Oh, she did that correctly, it was my fault, I’m so sorry, let’s pretend this didn’t happen)? They said they’re aware of the situation and will make sure there are safeguards in place, none of us are getting fired, blah blah blah. Can they force him to get a mental health checkup?

    Rave: Really looking forward to the long weekend.

    • Ugh! I don’t have any answers for your question, but I truly hope others do so that you can maintain your sanity and don’t have to work in a toxic environment. And I’m very sorry about your rant, hope you can find something to do that might serve as your own way of remembering your friend. Happy about your rave, tho!

    • I’m sure there is someone else far more qualified to answer, however, it sounds to me like you have a good case for hostile work environment. Is he reporting to upper management that he is incorrect when he realizes he is? I’m not sure they can force him to have a mental check-up, I know they could force a drug or alcohol test.

      • I’m no expert, but I believe that in a hostile work environment claim, the hostility has to be related to a protected classification, such as race, sex, or disability. It’s a type of discrimination claim. Just being a jerk as a general matter isn’t enough.

        • This is accurate, as far as I know. As one lawyer in a case close to my family said “It’s not illegal to be an asshole.”
          What’s the deal with partners in a law firm? Is it like academic tenure? Do they have to do something grossly unethical to get fired?

          • Depends on the structure of the firm and whether they are equity or non-equity partners. A non-equity partner is much like any other employee and can be fired for any or no reason. An equity partner is a co-owner of the firm and is much more difficult to get rid of.

          • If they are making money for the firm, nobody wants to get rid of them. Creating a non-hostile workplace is not a priority.

      • He does tell them when he realizes, hours later, that he’s messed up and we did nothing wrong.

        • document document document! You need to describe in detail each instance so you have proof of what is going on. wdc is right its not illegal to be an asshole so all you can do is protect yourself and your position. I believe Kenyon Dweller is also correct…I used to work part time EEO stuff…to file a claim you need to be a member of a protected class and whatever you feel is happening to you does need to fit in some particular categories

          • Oh, I’ve been documenting. So has my office administrator. (She has a series of emails sent over a span of 3 hours in which we saw him basically self-destruct, and then the next day say “Oh, wait, I’m sorry, this was my fault. I’m embarrassed”)

          • Ha, BRKLND, great minds think alike. Hadn’t seen your comment before posting mine.

        • Well, that’s good, at least. As a CYA, if you’re not doing so already, you may want to keep running documentation of all of these incidents. (Dates, times, who was involved, what happened, etc.) Store it in a place that’s accessible to you if you’re fired (like in the cloud, not the hard drive of your work computer or on their server). Management may be taking time to build a case to fire the guy.

        • Maybe I’m looking through rose-colored glasses on this one, but I find it a positive that the attorney actually acknowledges that he was wrong and apologizes. (People who can’t/won’t acknowledge that they were wrong are bad to work with.) Maybe there’s hope that he can be trained (or train himself) not to keep blowing up at people?

  • Rant: Work stuff.
    Rant: Was re-reading the USAJOBS listing for a potential alternative. I don’t have some of the listed qualifications, but was thinking I’d try to apply for it anyway.
    Rant: No such vacancy is shown on the agency’s own website. I’ve e-mailed them to ask what’s up, but I have a bad feeling that the closing date in the USAJOBS listing is incorrect and the opening is closed.
    Rant: Woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep. I feel like a zombie.

    • The announcement could have been cancelled. I’ve recently applied to a few that were cancelled, yet the status on USAJOBS still shows as open or closed with application status as “received”. If you still have a copy of the announcement, reach out to the staffer listed.

  • Query: Where can I get some reasonably priced ($99-$200), cute women’s glasses? My prescription is pretty low-key. I might try Warby Parker, but any other suggestions are welcome.

    Rant: Too damn cold!!!!!!!

  • Rave: Flannel sheets.
    Rave: Not much planned for the upcoming long weekend.
    Rant: The predicted cold weather makes it harder to get the kiddo outside to run around. May need to hit a museum or two instead.
    Query: Contemplating hitting The Coupe for brunch Sunday or Monday. Any sense for how crowded it gets and what time we should try to arrive to minimize the wait? Thanks!

    • On Sundays the earlier you get there the better. It is supposed to be cold, so that might lower the numbers because there is a pretty big Coupe>trolley park pipeline and I doubt many will be going to the park.
      When I go with my sister on Sundays we usually get seated right away, but we get there around 8:30. When I walk my dog by later, like after 9-9:30 it can be mayhem.
      I can’t speak to Monday, but my guess is it won’t be as crowded.

    • There’s an app that you can use to put your name on the list at certain restaurants before you head out. I think it’s called No Wait. A friend used it the last time we went to the Coupe.

  • Rant: I overslept this morning. I remember setting my alarm last night, I don’t know why it didn’t go off. The worst part was I was half awake waiting for the alarm for a bit. I had this feeling I should check my phone and low and behold, it’s 8am. Thankfully my office is pretty flexible on in times.

    Rave: I’m pretty refreshed this morning. That extra hour of sleep helped!

    Rave: I got my work business cards yesterday! I feel all adult like! I do need to order new personal business cards, my work cards don’t include my personal email or cell.

    Is anyone planning a February Happy Hour? Granted I’ve been a bit too busy to check the site this week, I wasn’t sure if anything has been posted.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: The last three nights “Pillow” has started barking at around 2:30 am demanding to be carried outside. I hope this is not a new thing!

  • Rave: Bought my ticket to CA to visit my bff!
    Rant: My building management is still utterly infuriating. Looking into other options but also so exhausted from work and personal stuff that I don’t know how much more I can do.
    Rant: Waiting to find out funeral plans/details for my brother’s gf’s dad – she has lost so many family members and is now a 30-something orphan, and I just want to wrap her up in a big hug. Hopefully the service will be next week so that I can get up there. Her dad was such a lovely, funny man and I can’t imagine how hard this is for her.
    Rant: How do some people stay employed?! Never ceases to amaze me how lazy and yet entitled some people are!
    Rave: it’s almost a three-day weekend!

  • Rant: To the POS person who thought it was funny to continually stick his foot in the door of my metro car home last night, forcing us to offload…I hate you. You should be banned from using the metro. That was bad and you should feel bad.

    • +1. That’s a huge jerk move. (Side note: Every time I see someone stick their bag in the door while it’s closing I seriously hope that the train conductor just pulls away with their bag in the door…. jerks.)

    • HaileUnlikely

      Serious question: did it appear that he was trying to hold the door for another person, or was this person f*cking with the door for the sole purpose of trying to make the train offload? Both are massively infuriating, no doubt, but I have seen teen-agers block the door for no apparent reason other than to see if the driver will offload the train, i.e., clearly not holding it for another person and laughing about it, which to me, is a very different thing from somebody trying to hold the door for somebody else, probably not realizing what the result would be.

      • Nope, it was definitely someone just trying to mess with the operator. After multiple requests from the operator, people on the platform were being good commuters and not trying to hop on the train as she tried to close the doors. This f*ckwit was just standing there and laughing all the while.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Last time I saw that happen, the driver made an announcement, “This train will be holding here momentarily until the police remove the kids messing with the door in the fifth car.” The kids ran, and we were on our way. Props to that operator.

  • Rant: Sleep walked last night really badly – as in was heading out my front door badly. I haven’t done anything that bad in a while (in the past, I’ve actually left my home!). So I’m exhausted and worried and confused
    Rant: Dropped my favorite mug and it shattered (pre-tea).
    Rave: Was supposed to be shoved in a windowless conference room for the next three months of office renovation but I managed to find and squat in a corner with windows and sunlight!
    Rave: Off to NYC and 7 straight days with my husband tonight.

    • I am so sorry to hear about your first rant! That is terrifying! I have only had that happen to me once, ever (I walked out of my dorm room and locked myself out). But it is truly freaky.

  • Question: I am going to be in Tokyo for one night. Assuming I can’t get into Sukiyabashi Jiro (though I’m going to try), where should I eat/what should I do? Flight arrives into Narita at 4:30 pm, and departs the next morning at 11:00.

    • Jiro’s son has a restaurant in Roppongi Hills that’s generally much easier to get into. Where are you staying?

      • No idea – change in itinerary just happened this morning. I’d be grateful for recommendations as to a 1-night hotel as well. I’ll be by myself, if that makes a difference for dinner or hotel.

        • ANA Hotel is awesome but $$$. Shinjuku Granbell Hotel is midrange, nice and in a convenient location. Narita is in the middle of nowhere so it’ll take you a couple hours to get downtown — I’d recommend doing the Narita Express to Shinagawa and cabbing or taking the subway depending on how much luggage you have (as opposed to the Airport Limousine bus that always seems to hit traffic).
          As for dinner, IIRC you’re a fan of okonomiyaki. There’s a great all-you-can-eat/all-you-can-drink place in Nishi-Azabu called Bamboo. It’s DIY, which is the best way to do okonomiyaki. About 3500 JPY. Or there’s a great izakaya also in Nishi-Azabu called Teyandei. If you’re looking for nightlife, Golden Gai in Shinjuku is fun. Lots of really old 5 seater hole in the wall bars.
          Also, if you email me at sparklykittytacos at gmail I have a whole list of places I usually send to friends asking for recommendations.

        • Ooo, and also Maishin in Shibuya. I’m not sure if you’re a sake fan but it’s an izakaya with a lot of specialty sakes that you can’t get anywhere else in Tokyo. And they also have delicious classic izakaya fare.

    • If you have a sushi craving and are keeping weird hours, hit up Tsukiji fish market in the early AM hours. You can check out the tuna auctions and the market is closing after 90+ years in October to make way for 2020 Olympic development. There’s a bunch of small sushi stands surrounding the market that sell the freshest fish you will ever eat (and super affordable, compared to the high end places).

  • Rave: Getting first dibs on the department training budget. I guess this program has its perks sometimes.
    Rant: I’m glad that my office is allowing more telework, but the office is always really quiet now, and it’s kind of weird.
    Rave: Leftover paczkis from Mardi Gras
    Rant: Kinda bummed that I’m not doing anything for the long weekend. Seems like all my friends are doing things with their SOs because of Valentine’s Day or going out of town.

  • Rant: Quiet quiet quiet at work… BAM EVERYTHING AT ONCE AHHH
    Rant: So incredibly tired this morning. And cold. Really difficult to pry myself awake this morning.
    Rave: Two dates lined up this weekend with the guy~
    Rave: Had my 90 day performance review and it went really well! My manager was really complimentary, and I’m so relieved she thinks I’m doing great!

  • Rant: So congested that I am having trouble hearing clearly. Thank the gods that I can at least take Mucinex.
    Rave: My visit to the dentist this morning wasn’t too terrible.
    Rant: I am having such weird dreams lately. Last night, it was that half of my teeth fell out. Dentist fears much?
    Rave: So very close to a long weekend that I really need to resting and bringing some order to my house.

    • Re your rant: I think the bad congestion thing is going around (unless it’s a sinus infection). Boyfriend and coworkers all have it. I hope you feel better soon.

    • I get the teeth falling out dream pretty regularly. It’s fairly common for folks to have, but they’re always pretty weird and unnerving.

    • When I get the tooth loss dream, it usually means that someone close to me is going to die, and the number of teeth lost is the number of days in which is going to happen.

  • topscallop

    Rant: bored, cold, and unmotivated at work. I need a change!
    Rave: 3 day weekend coming up. I will see friends and update my resume
    Rant: bad yoga class yesterday
    Rave: I have a ton of sick leave and am plotting a mental health day sometime soon. What would you do with a mid-week hooky day? I’m thinking manicure, movie, and sushi lunch.

  • Rant: Performance evaluation. My scores aren’t terrible but still cause for me to be put under additional scrutiny at work (yes, I know it’s to support me, but I’m really burned out)
    Revel: We found a new roommate
    Rant: When we did showings of the room/house, we met some really creepy guys who lingered way too long and got uncomfortably close to some of the roommates.

  • Random query: I have a huge finished dollhouse- I’m talking HUGE- that I’m trying to sell to make more space in my row house. My other thought as an alternative to selling is finding a nice charity to donate it to. Problem is it’s very large and I’m not sure what charity could take that sort of thing (I want to avoid the Goodwill or Salvation Army route- I’m thinking more along the lines of a charity that will give it to a child or use it in their facility). Any suggestions from popville?

    • Perhaps look into housing for children/families like a Ronald McDonald House or Gift of Life Home. They typically look for quality toys for children to play with and are really fabulous charities!

    • That One Guy

      Put it up on Etsy?

    • Try calling Children’s Hospital. They may be able to use it on an inpatient unit, depending on what it’s made of and if they have room. There’s also charities like Ronald McDonald House that may take something like that.

    • A school might want it.

    • Is it 1″ scale? Do you happen to know which dollhouse it is? Like a Queen Anne or…?

      • It is 1″ scale and it is called the “Thornhill” by Real Good Toys. They still sell the kit today. It even has electricity already installed.
        It took me three years to decide to sell/donate it since my mom and I built/decorated it, but I don’t plan on having kids and my hope is someone else can enjoy it as much as I did when I was a kid.

    • How about Martha’s Table?

    • Boys’ and Girls’ club?

    • The Children’s Inn at NIH also may be interested

    • I would really recommend against giving a scale model like that to an institution of any kind. RGT products are some of the sturdiest on the market, but they still won’t hold up to the kind of treatment they would get at a school or a childrens hospital. Also, many small detachable pieces = choking hazard.
      Are there any children in your life? Nieces/ nephews? Friendly neighbor kids?
      If you want to sell it, there are internet fora full of miniatures geeks, and some of them are obsessive collectors of dollhouses with a history, like yours.

      • That is a good point about the choking hazard issue- there are indeed lots of little pieces. I’m an only child so no nieces and nephews, and all my cousins’ kids are teenagers at this point so they wouldn’t be interested :-/
        The main reason I made the decision to let go of it is because it’s just too darn big for a row home, so I imagine my neighbors would feel the same haha. Can you recommend a miniature forum that I could post it on? Problem is it’s so big it would have to be local pickup only.

        • The only one I can remember off the top of my head is Greenleaf (another dollhouse maker). It’s been a long time.

  • Rant: still waiting on my 1099, they say Feb 15th.
    Rave: I’m getting really excited about “tidying” this weekend. I feel like tidying is not the right word, it’s going to be more like a giant purge. I don’t feel great about the no music thing though, maybe once I start folding I can turn some on.
    Rant: I do not have a three day weekend coming up 🙁
    Neither rant nor rave, really: the boy is out of town this weekend, which avoids the need to make any vday plans, but it also means I have no vday plans. I might make the dog my valentine, but I don’t think he’ll find my bath plan all that romantic. Maybe I’ll go find the best hot chocolate I can.

    • Trying to picture DOG in a bubble bath with a glass of champagne is quite the image! I like your plan for finding the best hot chocolate, you’ll have to share what you find out with Popville!

      • I know he loves to get toweled off, but I’m not sure what’s going to happen before we get to that point. Sniffs and Wiggles (wonderful, but a splurge) said he was cool with the water and the dryer, but I’ll believe that when I see it.

    • Does it say in the book not to listen to music? That’s crazy-town! Music always helps me focus when I’m cleaning or exercising. If you think it won’t distract you, I would totally go for it.

      • Allison

        The reason the book says you shouldn’t listen to music is that music affects your mood, and you’re supposed to be able to feel — independent from any outside influence — whether your things spark “joy” or not. You might feel joyous when looking at something while listening to a song that makes you happy where that feeling wouldn’t otherwise be there. That being said, I admit to having broken this rule when I was Konmaring my kitchen because I felt influence was less of a risk there for me. Probably not a good idea during clothing or sentimental items.

    • There were a couple posts in the DC subreddit where a guy went to a bunch of hot chocolate places in DC and rated them. I’ll see if I can dig up the link later if you’re interested in ideas from that 🙂

  • Rant: Dreamt that the place I rented for this weekend (which is my immediately neighbors house, and is really nice) was a weird long room that looked like an interrogation room with linoleum floors and fluorescent lighting, that there were both mice and cats everywhere, and that my neighbor had left an entire room full of clean folded laundry in the house. So strange!
    Rave: Feeling well rested
    Rant: despite waking up in the middle of the night – which has been happening a lot lately.
    Rave: Knock on wood, it sounds like I’ve been lucking out in the public transit department lately.
    Rave: Finished Pattern Recognition last night and am looking forward to book club next week.

  • Rave – My space heater. I love my space heater.
    Rant – My crazy nutcase of a dog. I love her, but she’s such a high maintenance PITA that sometimes I wish I had a normal dog.

  • Rave: A bought a workplace-themed jacket that has accidentally become the most comfortable and warm thing I own. And it fits well too!
    Rave: I like my workplace enough to be willing to wear a workplace-themed jacket. That has never happened before.
    Rant: Change is hard.
    Rant: I never know when to stop pushing people to be friends with me. I invite-invite-invite people to do things and don’t stop until it feels bad to do it. I need to figure out another trigger for stopping the process before it gets to that point.

    • I had that rant from someone I had so much in common with, but we’re still not friends. I stopped after maybe 3 times of trying to hang out. Putting an easy to follow limit may help. After 2,3 times, if they still don’t want to go to an event or hang out, you know pretty well it’s not meant to be.

  • Sad fact: I’m overly excited by the fact that today they’ve got stuffed-crust pizza and sweet potato fries in the public school cafeteria.

  • I have a blind date tonight and am not sure whether this is a rant or a rave yet. I’ve become a bit gun shy re: dating, so its hard sticking my neck out again!
    rant: also have a cold
    rave: Friday looms near

  • That One Guy

    Rave: Proud of sticking to my no meat for the week resolution. Health wise, I feel better.
    Rant: Was eating a hard boiled egg this morning and was like is this considered meat?!?!
    Rave: Apple Music helping find new music. I didn’t realize Damien Rice had released an album recently (2014). It has some great lyrics.

    • Eggs are vegetarian not vegan, right?

    • I don’t eat any meat, fish, and super minimal dairy and yet I eat eggs. Eggs that I obtain from a responsible source. Those chickens need to lay eggs. I know this could spark a whole debate on where everyone draws the line.

  • Rave: The LIGO experiment announcement has me way too excited today.
    Rave: The other Mrs. Rabbit actually has President’s Day off. 3 day weekend!
    Rant: I’m so sick of the rhetoric of the presidential campaigns this year. The Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright comments really annoy me. Why on earth would I vote for someone based on gender?

    • Exactly. Being a feminist doesn’t mean shilling for anyone and everyone with lady parts. It means ignoring their funbits and focusing on their qualifications. I don’t give a rat’s keister what HRC has in her undies. I care that she is 100% owned by Wall Street.

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: CO2 alarm decided that 5am was a fine time to alert me the battery was dead
    RAVE: at least I’m not dead from CO2 poisoning

    • I can think of two improvements that need to be made to smoke/CO2 alarms, like, yesterday: One is an internal clock that turns off the low battery alert between 10pm and 6am. The other is a voice recognition feature that will turn the smoke alarm off if you scream “BACON” at it.

  • Rave: New working dishwasher! Finally, after almost two months of having a (brand new) lemon dishwasher that required multiple service trips. Fingers crossed no issues with this brand that I have never heard of until recently.
    Rant: No real plans for the weekend. Even as a married person, I still find v-day overrated and not worth trying to get reservations to a fancy-smancy restaurant that will be crowded, loud and have a “special” menu.

    • “almost two months of having a (brand new) lemon dishwasher that required multiple service trips.” OMG, I hope you didn’t have to deal with A&E Factory Service.

      • No idea who A&E is. We bought a Bosch through Bray & Scarff. Not the cheapest model either. Had a Bosch in the last house for 5+ years never had an issue and never used the warranty. Definitely think this one was a lemon. After fighting with the retailer and complaining to Bosch about them, Bosch offered to refund the retailer which gave us a “credit” (no offer of a refund on DW or purchased warranty) to get a new Bosch or a different brand. Have to say Bosch customer service is amazing and made us want to buy again, but didn’t want to end up with the same issues (if it was not a lemon). We switched it out with a Fisher Paykel drawer system that comes with a 3 year factory warranty.

  • This is Awkward

    Rave: I appreciate how clean DC’s streets and metros are compared to my hometown NYC. Leaping out of the way of scurrying rats was good exercise, but I don’t miss it!

    Rant: DC’s streets are pretty boring. Can anyone tell me where in the city are good places to explore if you’re interested in shooting graffiti, or anything other than pristine monuments and identical row homes?

  • It’s been so long!
    Life has been weird.
    Update on “low match”: just “friendly” now but not “friends” he’s in a relationship with someone he dated shortly after me though he did say he didn’t want a relationship so…hmm. he reached out a couple of times and we ran into each a mutual friends’ party last week. you know when you can tell someone wants to say something to you and they’re like staring at you/trying to get near you? have’t seen each other in months after a pretty fun summer/early fall. had a falling out and I decided he wasn’t worth the energy. plus side, thanks to him I have new friends who invite me to hangout fairly often.

    Update on job: current job = meh. potential jobs = ?. I did fly out to SF for a job interview with big internet search company but ultimately didn’t get the gig. recruiter said I should look into other positions since everyone thinks I should work there. taking a break and then going at it again. I love DC, so maybe I’ll hold off on SF until it gets cold again.

    Aside from those two things: life is looking not too bad.

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