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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Bus to work wasn’t cancelled this morning, hooray!
    Rant: I may have pulled a jerk move on the bus this morning. I sat down in a seat that emptied slightly closer to the person who was standing on the bus next to me. They were on their phone so I thought they weren’t paying attention or didn’t want it, but they gave me a death glare after I sat. So I apologize, girl on the phone, if I took your seat preemptively.
    Rave: I can’t wait for the long weekend…
    Rant: Although it will probably be filled with homework.

  • Any popvillagers interested in giving short, informal guitar lessons to a 3rd grader? Like 20 minutes a week. In Columbia Heights. Or any recommendations for someone who won’t break the bank, likes kids, etc?

    • Maybe try TaskRabbit?

      • I’m looking for something informal. Just a neighbor who likes to play and would enjoy watching a quick learner with a strong ear for music pick it up. And who would enjoy an extra few bucks.
        There are TONS of instructors out there with curriculums and rate sheets and policies regarding cancellation… We’re not at that level.

        • How cheap are you looking for?
          I’m not an instructor — just wondering what you have in mind, given that it sounds like you want something less expensive (maybe significantly less expensive?) than a professional instructor.

          • It’s not so much about the expense (thought that’s a factor). It’s more about being flexible and having fun and not being terribly inconvenient for the instructor. Which is why, again, I was hoping for someone in the neighborhood who won’t view it as an official thing, but rather as a fun quick thing to do one evening a week on the way home from work.

        • Taskrabbit is pretty informal if they offer that sort of service. Just pay by the hour.
          Have you tried posting on a neighborhood listserv or even on those boards in giant?

        • Unless your potential instructor lives on your block, it’s unlikely that he/she is going to want to do lessons in 20-minute increments.

          • Accountering

            I could see this working, if you could find the right person. It wouldn’t be a guitar instructur persay, but perhaps someone who just wanted to make $20 in beer money/week. If I played guitar, was good at it, lived in Columbia Heights, and liked random peoples kids, this could be up my alley. Alas, none of those things are true for me πŸ™‚
            With that said, I can see this working for someone.

          • Are there any group houses with 20-somethings on your street? Maybe one of them plays guitar and would be up for this?

          • I Dont Get It

            Maybe the Partridges live near by?

          • Accountering

            That is exactly what I was thinking. Some kid in a group house who would like an extra $80/month in beer money.

    • I live in columbia heights and have been playing acoustic since i was in HS, I wouldn’t say i am good by any means but i could probably show him enough chords to play the majority of tabs out there. I don’t know music theory, but sounds like he just needs someone to point him in the right direction. I have never given lessons nor play with people often.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: On the first day of Valentine’s my true love gave to me, an otter in a Valentine tree!
    Rave 2: DC! I filed my DC taxes a week ago Sunday and received my refund last Saturday! Additional shout out to TurboTax!
    Question: I need to replace my garbage disposal stat! Has anyone had any luck using TaskRabbit for something like this?

    • I used thumbtack with success in the past. it is an app where you post what you need and you will get 5 bids to do the work. I had John C Flood install our disposal. They where there the next day.

    • HaileUnlikely

      If you want to hire an actual plumber for the job (which in my opinion is probably not necessary), I highly recommend Aspen Hill Plumbing (owner’s name is Dave Glick, phone number 301-933-0801). I personally would do it myself, but if I wasn’t up for that, I’d rather hire a professional handyman (or a plumber) than Taskrabbit for something that involves both plumbing and (very minor) electrical.

    • I Dont Get It

      I have a great plumber but I don’t want to pay plumber prices for this. I’ll check out a couple of handyman services since I have tons of other things one could do.

      • Not sure (it seemed like a good price to me – but maybe not?), I got a plumber to do mine and labor + the new disposal was $450

    • Check out Thumbtack for projects like this. I use that for minor house projects and I’ve always found someone for a decent price that does a good job.

    • I used Amazon Home Services for my disposal install (and disposal). It was $290 for the labor/installation (for a totally new disposal, replacement is cheaper) plus the cost of the disposal. I was happy with it, even though I got a lemon disposal (irreversibly jammed itself after a couple of easy uses). Amazon shipped me a new one right away and the guy came back to reinstall it at no charge.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      You are my neighbor, right? Union Row uses a handyman named Ramon. He recently unjammed my disposal for $60 bucks. If you are interested I can give you his #.

      • I Dont Get It

        Thanks, maybe for something else later? I found someone on Thumbtack that sounds really good and I’ve booked him for Friday.

  • Rave: This week is the last required visit from our Social Worker before we can file for the adoption of our daughter. We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Rant: -20 wind chills this Saturday???

  • Are there any sewists in popville who know of or are interested in starting a sewing group? I specifically am working on garment construction skills and would love to have other people to swap tips with and learn new skills.

    • I am, and would be very interested! Ive made a few garments, but I really want help with finishing and with sourcing for fabrics (where do you shop in the area?). A once a month meetup would be very appealing to me πŸ™‚

      • Awesome! How would we go about getting info to each other? Is that something the prince could help with?
        Sadly, there aren’t that many good local fabric resources that I’ve found (aside from JoAnn fabrics, and I never really find anything that great). There’s a small independent fabric shop in Falls Church which got good reviews on Yelp that I’ve been wanting to check out. I currently buy most of my supplies/fabrics online, which of course has its drawbacks.

      • My mom goes to weekly classes at – and gets most of her fabrics from – G Street in Rockville. From what she tells me, it sounds like the instructor is mostly on hand to help with complicated questions, but it’s really more like a facilitated advanced sewing circle. She gets as much help/advice/input from the other women in the class as from the teacher. She loves it – never misses a class.

    • Bits of Thread is Adams Morgan used to offer an open sewing lounge once a month, though it filled up very quickly, but they also offered a $6 smaller open studio night where you could work and get some pointers. I haven’t been in a while, but I did really like their offerings when I went.

      • I love Bits of Thread! Now their open studios are twice a week and they are $40 per session. I was taking private lessons there for a year and now I still drop in on the occasional open studio, but the cost definitely adds up!

      • Bits of thread open studio is listed at $40 for two hour sessions on their website

        • Hmm, maybe I’m thinking of something else. $40 for a 2 hour session is a lot.
          This is one of those things where I say I’d love to do it in theory, but I haven’t been sewing much lately. If the logistics work out, I would attend. My machine is a beast though and it’s really annoying to take places.

    • I sometimes organize informal garment sewing brunch meetups downtown via patternreview. We’re going to have one soon, probably on 21 Feb at the Penn Quarter Teaism. We swap fabrics, patterns, and supplies, show off projects, ask for advice, etc.

      • Where do I look for the info on patternreview? I am not familiar with that site. Thanks!

        • There is a thread in the pr forums under “Regional Communities”, but I’m pretty sure you have to register to read it. I can post under RRRR here once the date is finalized, probably tomorrow or the next day. I’ve been thinking of making a listserv for area sewing meetups and related stuff, maybe I should get on that.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I’ve not done anything recently but was avid in my teens and twenties. I have a serger and a Bernina.

  • Question for the skincare experts on Popville: Recommendations for a good, natural face moisturizer for sensitive skin? I was using Clinique but it was drying me out. Then I switched to Mama Mio which I loooved but they discontinued it. Something not ridiculously pricey would be nice.

    • Try a CeraVe cleanser. My dermatologist turned me on to it a few years ago. They are a drugstore brand (fairly inexpensive) and they are great for sensitive skin. I use the Hydrating Cleanser and it’s great — I used it when I was on Accutane last year and my skin was suuuper sensitive and it didn’t irritate it at all. The one downside is that it doesn’t remove makeup, so you’d need to do that step separately if you wear makeup. I also use their SPF 30 moisturizer and love it.

      • I should add that I’m not sure how “natural” it is, but the people at Beautypedia love it. If you go on Beautypedia you can search for their best-rated cleansers and you’ll find a bunch to choose from. I have found their ratings to be very accurate in terms of how things work with my skin.

      • Second CeraVe moisturizer. I use the cream version in the tub, which is hydrating but not heavy. I’m not sure how natural it is, but it works.

        • Allison

          Agreed, Cerave in the tub is great for extra dry skin, or Cerave PM for a lighter, thinner moisturizer. If you’re looking for a moisturizer with SPF, my current favorite thing in the universe is Paula’s Choice Hydralight Shine-Free Mineral Complex SPF 30. It’s a zinc-oxide/titanium-dioxide based combination moisturizer/sunscreen that doesn’t sting even if you put it all over your eyelids. It has really calmed my skin down since I started using it. “Shine-free” is a bit of an overstatement, but if you like the dewey look then go for it, or put some shine control powder (Neutrogena works well) over the top.

    • I was using something natural (orange container, they well it at target, but not Burt’s Bee’s) and they changed their formula. The “new improved version” left me with my eyes burning from the daily SPF, so I’ve gone back to Oil of Olay for sensitive skin. I don’t think it’s natural, but I do like it. I had the same issue with Clinique too.

      • Was it the Earth Science Almond-Aloe moisturizer? I use it and love it save for the SPF in the eye burning aspect.

      • Allison

        Maybe Yes to Carrots brand? Although it only has mineral sunscreens (zinc and titanium) and no chemical, so I would be surprised if that one burned. Yes to Carrots SPF 15 (available at Target) might actually be a good option for SKT if skin isn’t particularly clog-prone.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I like Oil of Olay too.

    • I use Burt’s Bees for sensitive skin when I absolutely need it, otherwise, I started using the primer by It Cosmetics called “Feel the Moment”. It’s got skin-calming essential oil in it, and moisturizes beautifully.

    • Thanks for the recs!! I’ll try some of these out. πŸ™‚

    • I have eczema and combination skin – the only products I recommend are:
      Aveeno (the original oatmeal formula)
      Simple Nourishing 24 Hour (get at Target for $8)
      Splurge: Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation. Changed my life, crushes my wallet. I only buy when Sephora has a % off sale.

      I am currently using CeraVe Facial moisturizing lotion but I find it to not be moisturizing enough. I get dry patches around my eyes so of course it burns like a mofo when I apply it inches away from my lids. Maybe I should try the regular creme?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Happy Mardi Gras!

  • Rave: Finally got a call from my brother who divorced six months ago and went almost completely off the grid. It was a huge relief to know he’s doing OK.
    Rant: I’ll be transitioning to a new job within a completely different part of my organization in the next few months. I’m excited about that, but the process is a disaster. The HR decision was made at a level over three of my boss’ heads not to backfill my position. Consequently, there’s lots of hand wringing about how to reassign all my duties. Being forced to make recommendations about who should pick up a particular responsibility is just awful when most of your co-workers have their plates completely full. Refusing to make any is not an option. It’s got me so stressed I can’t even focus on all the work I have left! Anyone handled a similar situation?

    • Can you coordinate with your co-workers so that they get a say in what responsibilities they will pick up? You could pass the buck up the line a bit, by saying “Supervisor has the final say, but I’ve been told to make recommendations on who should take over what tasks. I know that everyone is very busy already, but I wanted to give each of you the opportunity to have a say in what you will be taking over. These are the options….” Maybe via email, so everyone is on the same page?

      • Wow, I wish. There are so many “fingers to nose” around here. And I have supervisory duties as well, so it’s really hard to turn around and say, “sorry boss, your call” without making any recommendations.

  • Rant: Pregnancy-related carpal tunnel/tendonitis-esque pain. My thumb joints and wrists haven’t flared up like this since my waiting tables days.
    Rant: I had a rough evening. I managed to get cake batter everywhere while baking last night and almost broke into tears. I am just not feeling well, and I need more sleep than I am getting.
    Rave: Birthday cake is finished and hopefully delicious. Partner is appreciative.
    Rave: Long weekend ahead. I’m spending Sunday in bed as my day of rest.

  • Rant: Gum chewing. It’s ubiquitous. The smell of gum makes me nauseated, and people who chew it don’t realize how strong the smell is. I’m tired of listening to gum smacking. I’m tired of having to look at people chewing with their mouths open. I’m tired of smelling it on Metro and in meetings and seemingly everywhere. I don’t know when it became so socially acceptable but it is rude and gross. I want to be able to ride Metro without hearing the snapping of a wad of gum or getting queasy because the train smells like sickly sweet mint. Chew it in private if you want, but give others a break by not chewing it in public. Use a mint or something if you want to freshen breath quickly. That smell at least goes away.

    • I believe we had a conversation on popville at one point who are particularly sensitive to sounds? I believe this is one of those situations. While gum smacking in meetings drives me a little crazy, to be honest, I think you are really SUPER sensitive to this. I tend to be really sensitive to noise and I’ve literally never noticed the sounds/smells on metro or any other confined space. And I don’t think it’s fair to tell others not to chew gum when probably not many people are bothered by it. Have you tried speaking to a therapist about this?

      • “I believe we had a conversation on popville at one point ABOUT PEOPLE who are particularly sensitive to sounds?” – That’s what I meant.

      • Agreed with FridayGirl…. I am really super sensitive to the sound of people eating, particularly apples (and don’t get me started on slurping). But it’s my problem; I can’t say to someone “STOP! You’re driving me crazy!” Especially with something like gum, which can and is chewed every where. You might need to find ways of coping so that it doesn’t affect you so much.

        • Bear

          It’s a real thing – called misophonia.

          • Not saying it’s not real, and I was aware of the term; just that it’s my problem to manage and deal with. We can’t always expect others to alter their behavior for us, we can only control our reactions to the behaviors of others. I am sympathetic to the OP, it’s literally infuriating to have to deal with.

          • +1 to Anonamom.
            OP, although there’s nothing you can do about people chewing gum in public spaces like Metro, perhaps you could tell your colleagues that you’re unusually sensitive to the sound/smell, and ask them not to chew gum in meetings where you’re present?

    • Have you looked into anything to mask the smell? I’ve used Vicks or perfume below my nose when I’ve been forced into particularly stinky situations.

    • I’m no fan of chewing gum (mainly because of people who can’t be bothered to dispose of it properly and just throw it on the sidewalk)… but it sounds like you’re unusually sensitive to the sound/smell. I’m not sure if I’ve ever smelled someone else’s gum.

      • +1
        I get that it’s a rant, but really? Thinking that people should chew gum “in private”? That’s a pretty serious over-reaction, and I second the suggestion that you speak to a therapist.

    • Wow where does it end? Now we’re suggesting chewing gum in public is offensive?

  • Rant: St. Gabriel won’t do Funeral Mass for those who are not ‘official’ parishioners. Our kids have been baptized there. My grandmother’s funeral mass was there. We occasionally go but have never registered as parishioners.

    • I’m sorry you are having difficulties. I’ve heard of this sort of thing before, unfortunately. Call the Archdiocese. Every Catholic has the right to a funeral mass, and sometimes priests (or over-zealous non-clergy parish staff) need to be reminded that their employer answers to a higher power.

      • “Every Catholic has the right to a funeral mass, and sometimes priests (or over-zealous non-clergy parish staff) need to be reminded that their employer answers to a higher power.”

    • HaileUnlikely

      I am extremely surprised and disappointed to hear that. Did you speak with the Pastor directly or did somebody else tell you that? If it wasn’t the Pastor, please speak with the Pastor. If it was the Pastor, wow, that’s really disappointing and f*cked up. I agree with Anonamom and would encourage you to contact the Archdiocese. Also, if that was from the Pastor, I would encourage you to check out Sacred Heart, for the funeral or otherwise. Their priests are all solid people who walk the talk.

      • I, unfortunately, am not particularly surprised. When I was younger my mom and I were told I couldn’t take religious ed. classes (to lead to communion, etc.) at our local church since we weren’t official, donating parishioners. I hope Zandunga is able to speak with someone at a higher level about this… for a funeral, it is not just an annoyance but very, very sad.

        • I’m not surprised either. I have seen babies turned away for Baptism because their otherwise fully practicing Catholic moms were not married to the child’s father. Thankfully, usually another priest steps in. The thing with baptism is, though, that if the priest does not think the child will actually be raised Catholic and is being baptized for other reasons (like, just to have the ceremony), then they can with hold the sacrament. The same way that the sacrament of the Eucharist can be with held if the priest *knows* that the person should not be receiving (but even then, this is controversial, and many priests would say that they cannot/should not do this), or if someone cannot be married in the Church. However, anointing of the sick and a funeral mass should never be with held, especially for something as silly as not being a registered parishioner. Things do happen like scheduling conflicts (and this is the beginning of Lent so that could be possible), and things can get delayed, but refusing flat out seems really off.

          • HaileUnlikely

            The norm (which I believe is actually Canon Law but don’t quote me on that) is that a funeral is to be celebrated for any deceased Catholic in their home parish, where “home parish” is defined based on where one lives, irrespective of whether they were a registered parishioner there. If a person dies far from home and the body is not returned to the person’s place of residence, then the parish where the death occurred is to celebrate the funeral. If a person desires to have a funeral somewhere else (most typically when a person lives in the geographic boundaries of one parish but is registered at or otherwise has ties to another), that is allowed with the permission of the pastor of the church where the funeral is celebrated and notification is given to the pastor of the home parish.
            If I were to want my funeral to be celebrated in some random church in Kansas (I’ve never been to Kansas), I believe it would be fair, reasonable, and permissible for the pastor of that church to refuse. However, I am pretty sure that the pastor of the parish in whose boundaries I live would not be allowed to refuse to hold my funeral in his parish.

          • Haile – completely agreed. Technically speaking, you are supposed to attend/register at the church you are geographically zoned for – your home parish. In another life, I was one of those lay people who had to know those sorts of things, and we technically could turn people away for various things and tell them to go to their home parish instead. People attend different parishes for different reasons, and I know that in the ADW, at least, this rule is pretty liberally enforced/unenforced.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Yes, understood. I do not attend the parish that is zoned as my “home parish” either. I do not know anything about Zandunga’s situation, who the deceased is, where that person lives, or the extent of that person’s ties to any particular parish. My point was just that if St. Gabriel’s is the home parish (regardless of whether they were registered), and they refuse to celebrate the funeral, that is very wrong in a lot of ways.

        • I’m sorry to hear this, also suggest you speak directly to the pastor and also hope that you have a funeral Mass . But as a general observation, parish communities relies on participating members to sustain themselves, no matter what they can contribute in terms of time, money, prayer. And while it’s important to witness and minister to non-parishioners to the extent possible, it’s not realistic or fair to expect that something that one doesn’t support to be available to them whenever the need or desire presents itself.

    • Definitely contact the Archdiocese. It’s well acknowledged in the Catholic space that geographical location and registered parishioner status are no longer effective measurement tools for determining where and when services should be provided. I would specifically contact the vicar for clergy in ADW (Msgr. Fisher, I think).

    • anonymouse_dianne

      contact your neighbor hood Unitarian cong

      • If Zandunga is specifically looking for a funeral _mass_ (as opposed to a funeral service/memorial service

      • Sorry, that posted prematurely… If Zandunga is specifically looking for a funeral _mass_ (as opposed to a funeral service/memorial service), a Unitarian service is not going to cut it. (Catholicism and Unitarianism are pretty much at opposite ends of the spectrum — only Quakerism would be further away.)

  • Bear

    Rant: Trekked out to Bayou Bakery in Courthouse but I was too late to get one of their first come, first serve king cakes. I don’t have time now to try their Capitol Hill location, but I’m not sure it would be any different there. My husband’s birthday is today and he really wanted to go to New Orleans (it’s a milestone b-day) but we just couldn’t swing it. If popville sees any king cake-style treats around town today – cupcakes, doughnuts, etc – let me know!

  • Belated rant: Regal Gallery Place sucks.
    I’ve been boycotting this movie theater for the past 6-7 years. The other weekend, I temporarily lifted my boycott to go see the new Star Wars movie with some friends… and sure enough, the theater managed to disappoint. They were showing an open-captioned version of the film — presumably by mistake, since it wasn’t listed as such. I think it’s great when movie theaters make an effort to accommodate deaf audiences by showing open-captioned films, but I’ve always seen them labeled as such in the listings.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: I went through a long period of not feeling any enthusiasm about photography, I’m starting to feel that it has ended and I’m feeling interested again.
    That’s it for now.

  • topscallop

    Rave: back in DC after a month of international travel
    Rave: filed my taxes for free with TurboTax this morning. I love it!
    Rave: sweet BF’s idea for Valentine’s Day is to do something low-key and special to the two of us.
    Rave: Long weekend ahead and working from home today to catch up on things and also try to put my house back in order after so long being away. Maybe I’ll make cookies too!
    Rant: none πŸ™‚

  • Rant: Polinger Shannon and Luchs Inc can kiss my ass. I seriously cannot believe the push-back I’m getting from my apartment building while 2/3 of my ceiling is gone and my roommate and I can’t breathe due to the dust and dryness. They won’t let us crash in an empty unit – we can only make a permanent move and “there would be no discounts.” and they’re pushing back on other people who got flooded out, warning us that our renter’s insurance may not pay a claim and it’s probably not worth making a claim. F*&K these guys. Any advice? I’m so livid right now. I’m not paying for a place that I can’t use. My roommate and I are ready to break the lease (actually, technically we never officially resigned because the management is so terrible that they completely messed up and need us to come in to resign). Seriously, F*CK them. Advice?

    • Sorry to hear they’re being such hardasses. If you break the lease, do you have a place in mind that you could move to?

    • So sorry you’re dealing with this!!! I’d say either go ahead and take the new place permanently with them (is it at least slightly better for the same cost, would save you money, or anything?) or break the lease and get out of there. I don’t know why they would be weighing in on your rental insurance policy – that’s completely independent of them and completely worth making a claim. It sounds like they are trying to do damage control because they have multiple units in your situation – but it also sounds like they are completely bungling this whole thing. I feel for you!

      • If they’re bungling the whole thing, I would strongly suggest DON’T STAY! Something will happen in the future give your recent history of problems. Don’t get stuck there. It’s mid-winter, you’ll be able to find somewhere.

    • HaileUnlikely

      They are probably advising you not to file with renter’s insurance because they know that your insurance will go after the building owner and their insurance. Given that they don’t care about you enough to accommodate you, they certainly don’t care enough to altruistically want to protect you from wasting your time fruitlessly attempting to file a claim. I would recommend contacting your insurance company, not initially to file a claim but to explain the situation and ask their advice. I honestly do not know – I am not an insurance professional and have never had to file a claim – but I suspect that they would probably cover you and go after the building’s master policy to recoup their losses.

    • So are you month to month? And could you and your roomie find something comparable that’s priced similarly? Since it’s February you should be able to find something and maybe get some rental concessions. What neighborhood?

      • Emilie always recommends Bernstein – maybe check them out?

        • +1 (although I don’t know offhand if Bernstein manages any buildings in LBP’s current arrea).
          Maybe also check with Hammers’ building to see if they have any vacancies?

          • Er, “area,” not “arrea.”

          • hammers

            As it happens, my building does have at least one vacancy. There is a 1br that I know of, and perhaps more. But my building has far fewer amenities than LBP would be giving up.

          • Hammers – if it meant paying less, I’d be ok with giving up ammenities! plus I’d have you as a neighbor πŸ™‚

        • Emmaleigh504

          Bernstein is awesome, they fix things promptly and the couple of times I had to be out of the apartment for repairs they put me up in one of their courtesy apartments and didn’t charge me for the time I was out.

      • I had a good experience at Highland Park in Columbia Heights and paid more than $500 less per month than what they have listed on their website. It’s a huge building and generally has vacancies… especially in the winter.

    • Are you on month-to-month? Honestly, this isn’t the first issue you’ve had with the building, just the biggest. I am willing to bet you could find something nearby for you and your roomie paying less. I think at this point, that’s what I would do if I was in your shoes.

      • Yeah, I think my roommate and I are going to seriously discuss this tonight. I’m just so. freaking. tired. of moving.

    • If you never re-signed, then it seems you’re month to month right now. Sounds like a great opportunity to find another place. I’d give notice and file with renters insurance for the midpoint between leaving and finding something new. I agree with Haile that their suggestion is self-serving. Your company has every reason to try and get recouped from the bldg.
      I wouldn’t stay if I were you.

      • This is absolutely correct. You should speak with your renters insurance immediately (you pay for it, why not take advantage of it?) they can assess the damage and possibly find you a new place to live, or just reimburse you for your losses and call it a day. Either way it seems as if you are month to month I would give notice and get out of there!

        • Just to add…I’m not sure what renters insurance provider you have but in my case I had a complete loss where they paid for new housing and reimbursed up to the ceiling of my policy and my yearly payment went up less than ten dollars the next year. So I wouldn’t let raising your rates be a reason not to use it.

          • Thanks all for the advice – my biggest problem is that I’m worried the insurance company is going to say that since it’s habitable, they don’t have to pay a claim, and I’m going to be out (potentially) hundreds of dollars obtaining temporary housing and boarding for my cats. Speaking of, can anyone recommend a good place to board two cats?

          • It sounded like you couldn’t stay there yesterday, so even if you won’t be reimbursed, you need to move. I guess that’s more a stay there in a new apt v get a totally different place issue, right?
            Have you checked your policy? Even calling them to discuss seems worthwhile.

    • Review your renter’s insurance policy so you know what you’re covered for and what you’re not covered for. (I agree that they are probably telling you not to file because they don’t want to get sued by the insurance company.) Call the Office of the Tenant Advocate to get some guidance. I think the DC Bar also has a Landlord/Tenant Center. If your fellow renters are also getting jerked around, you may be able to pitch in together and hire a lawyer to protect yourself and get the landlord to do the right thing.

  • Neither rant or rave: Pondering getting into a side business that helps provide professional skills to a younger workforce. I could see companies wanting support in this area, especially for those with a significant divide between older and entry level staff. It has always troubled me so perhaps I need to do something about it. I don’t think what I’m describing is necessarily coaching, I can’t find the right term for it. Just a thought for the universe.

    • Coaching is probably as good a term as any. “Professional coaching to develop young talent for the modern workplace.” You could also sell it as onboarding. Or perhaps work the word mentoring in there.

    • Year Up is a national non-profit that does just that–professional skills training for 18-24 year-olds and a talent pipeline for major corporations nationwide. You should check them out.

    • hammers

      I’d consider it consulting, and helping bridge the gap between a diverse workforce

  • Rant: I really want to file my taxes and get my nice refunds, but I’m still waiting on a tax form. Come on Capital One, get your shizznits together!
    Potential Rave: I’m listening to the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, aka the KonMarie method and I’m getting excited about discarding a lot of stuff. Does anyone have experience with this method? Are there any pitfalls I should be worried about?

    • Have you checked online? Many banks make the forms available through the website.

    • IIRC, Allison and Andie have both used it, with successful results. (Maybe MPinDC too?)
      I’m a little skeptical of the method (and I think LittleBluePenguin had similar concerns), because I think it relies too much on having one big, grand clean-out (like, throwing all of your clothes on your bed and going through them). I think a modified KonMari method would be more realistic.
      This reminds me that I meant to do Apartment Therapy’s “January Cure” and totally fell off track. Oops…

    • If it’s Capital One 360 (the online bank that purchased ING) the tax forms now are online.

      • It used to be share builder, but now it’s capital one investing. I can’t believe it’s taking this long. I keep checking the tax forms tab in my online account to no avail.

        • Sorry, thought you were talking about the checking/savings accounts.

        • Capital One Investing sent me an email saying they’d be ready by February 11, and that they will email me as soon as my tax form is available. I think chances are good you can do the taxes this weekend.
          My wife made fun of me mercilessly over the “spark joy” business, but I really did find the KonMari method to be Life-Changing Magic.

          • Thanks on both counts. I don’t think I’ve gotten that email, or I deleted it in a mass unread clean out. That little refund tabulator on the upper left hand of Turbotax is taunting me while I wait for this form. I don’t even have plans for the refund other than saving, but I would like it soon.

        • binntp

          Can you do it without the form? My brokerage account never sends forms for interest/dividends until March, but I can simply add the interest up based on my statements and that has worked for me to file my taxes early.

          • That’s a good option, but I think I’ll wait two more days to ensure I get the correct number. If it were weeks I probably go with your option.

    • I didn’t do the method 100% (frankly, my clothing just does not spark joy). But I did find her ideas about doing all of one category of items at once helpful. It also resonated to me not to hold on to stuff just because at one point it gave me joy. I got rid of about 10-15 bags of clothes and 10 boxes of stuff. It really has made my house feel easier to live in. My advice is to take what you think makes sense from the book. Don’t follow it 100% dogmatically if you don’t buy into certain parts of it.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Ugh, I hate waiting on forms. We have a K-1 that never comes until mid-March.

    • +1 to Capital One. Same shit every year. I suppose I could switch tio another company, but this is my only problem with them and I’m lazy.

  • Did anyone go to the Crafty Bastards Cabin Fever fair on Saturday? I always go to Crafty Bastards but didn’t make it to this one and am curious what others thought of it.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Magnolia has been to the vet and is on the mend.
    Rant: Weirdly tense and contentious staff meeting this morning.
    Rave: Office Princess is going on another winter trip to Florida. Having her out for a week makes everything better.

  • Rave: Just started the conversation with my boss about long term travel. I still don’t know if he’ll say yes, but he didn’t say no!

  • Request: does anyone have recommendations for a dog walker in the Dupont area that will also do overnight pet sitting?

  • Rave: New (previously unreleased) song from Bon Iver leaked to the internet that was made in 2009
    Rant: Some but the rave is keeping me going today

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