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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: People can be so deeply disappointing. I don’t think I will ever understand people who put themselves and their own selfish needs before their children.
    Rant? Rave? Gospel will no longer be a problem in my work place! However, shit is about to get really real with the work load.
    Rave: Half day today!

    • Accountering

      I put my own selfish needs before HAVING children 🙂 But yeah, no kids, so I am allowed to do that. Sorry you are going through whatever is happening 🙁

      • See, that is how it is supposed to work! Want to be selfish? Great! Don’t have kids.
        Thank you for sentiments, Accountering. I’m sure we will work things through. I’m not sure how, or how long it will take, but eventually. Thankfully this is not to do with my kids per se, but a kid I view as one of “my” kids.

        • Accountering

          This made me feel strangely good, like I am some sort of saint for being childless and selfish. That feels weird, but I am going to thank you regardless 🙂

          • saf

            Being childfree is not selfish! It’s simply making the right choice for you, as having children is making the right choice for those who want them.

          • +1 to SAF. And it’s also making the right choice for the hypothetical children. Selfish is having kids just because you want to, or someone else wants to, or you feel like you should, without any self awareness that you are not ready and aren’t willing to accept the change in lifestyle. That rarely turns out well, and if it does, it’s a tough journey getting there.

          • Being child free is definitely not a selfish decision. It’s actually a very self-aware decision that is self-less towards potential future children. I think that people should always carefully make the choice to become (or not become) parents, and that should always be respected.

    • I Dont Get It

      Did Ms. Gospel finally ascend to Heaven?

  • Accountering

    Rave: Obama is proposing a $10/barrel oil tax. Finally someone is trying to connect costs of driving to the costs of providing roads, bridges, railroads etc. This guy is a great president.
    Rant: Its DOA in this congress.
    Rant: Bowser loves spending our money. She is full on, 100% deploying everyone for a snowstorm where we may get 1-2″ overnight. The ground is quite warm, and it isn’t going to stick in the least. She is the worst.
    Rave: Friday! Going to Go Go Gadget in Clarendon tonight, and Don Tito’s before hand!
    Rant: Have to go to Virginia tonight. Going to keep working on getting more of our friends to move into the city!

    • Going to Go Go as well tonight! Are you a PSU alum? Every time they’re in town it feels like an alumni event

      • Accountering

        I went to CNU and OSU, but Andie is a Delaware alum, and PSU law alum, and spent a couple of summers in Dewey Beach, so it tends to be a Dewey Beach alumni event as well. I am guessing there is a lot of overlap between Dewey Beach people, and PSU/UD people haha.

    • All right! Prosposals that will never pass!

      • Accountering

        I can appreciate your cynicism. This proposal has a chance at least – it could be a part of a negotiation at some point theoretically (even if it was revenue neutral – this is a much better way to fund government than a tax on income.)
        Unlike single payer health care, which in our current political environment and with out current congress has to be about as impossible an idea as a wall along the Mexican border that Mexico will pay for.

      • I’m fairly certain this was the plot for the penultimate West Wing episode. Good stuff.

    • Actually, per-barrel oil fees (as an alternative to gasoline taxes) have been twice implemented through Executive Order, by Presidents Ford and Carter, only to be killed by Congress within months in each case. People out West and South preferred them, because they were not quite as bad on gasoline (and they were structured as import fees, thus giving protection to domestic oil producers), but they got killed because they really hit Northeastern states that relied on heating oil. Tip O’Neill as House Speaker and Sen. Mitchell of Maine as Senate Majority Leader made sure such proposals didn’t get anywhere in the ’80s or ’90s.

      • Accountering

        This proposal included protections for people in the northeast reliant on heating oil. With that said, it should have included subsidies to transition away from heating oil. The idea we are burning oil to heat homes is stupid, and wildly inefficient.

  • Rave: decided on Lupo Verde for dinner with my parents last night and it was fantastic! Really glad I got to try it out.
    Rave: parents had a great time at 9:30 and enjoyed the bluegrass a lot. 🙂
    Revel: I told my parents that someone had suggested Duffy’s (and described Duffy’s) for dinner and they said they would have loved that. They are so cool and I’m lucky to have them.

  • Rave: wearing non-maternity jeans for the first time!
    Rant: Took forever to get out of the house this morning. Good thing the toddler is cute, she’s getting good at getting on my last nerve these days.
    Rant/Rave: wife wants to take me to a hockey game for my birthday. I think I’m on board with the logistics of putting the baby down for bed early & letting a babysitter take care of the toddler, but I’m just not really feeling my birthday this year. And her birthday is eight days later & I’m coming up empty for ideas. Blargh. Either way, a hockey game sounds fun.
    Rant/Rave: super busy weekend after my first full week back at work. Mostly fun stuff though!
    Rave: Enjoying my new morning routine of getting up a little before everyone & eating breakfast/getting bag packed/etc on my own. A little quiet time first thing in the morning is nice 🙂

    • Accountering

      But hockey! You should definitely go – its a fun night for sure!

      • That’s definitely where I’m leaning. I just feel bad that I don’t have any ideas to celebrate her birthday and I’m feeling meh on my birthday this year, but that doesn’t mean she should have a lousy birthday. :-/

        • Accountering

          Don’t over think this IMO. Get a babysitter, go to the game, drink beer(s) on a school night, have fun. Don’t worry about it being your birthday, just have a fun night out with your partner and a night away from the little one.

    • Take her to SkyZone. It’s open late (fewer small kids at that hour) and probably totally unlike anything you’ve done together before. (Or maybe not. Maybe you won her heart through your mad trampoline skills.)

  • Rave: Beautiful snow out my window in NYC.
    Rave: Husband home in 6.5 hours (yes, I’m tracking his plane). I’ll be there to greet him, I cannot wait!
    Rant/Rave: The next two months are buckle down/grind out research and writing. But I have an exciting, currently unfunded stream of work that is strategically important and oh so interesting that I’d rather work on.
    Rave/Query: Good friend/former co-worker is looking towards awesome new beginnings and has asked me to write recommendation letters for masters program. So happy to be able to help – any tips on recommendation letter writing for schools? This is my first go-around.

    • I think it always helps to get a recent copy of her resume and a description of the program to which she applying. That way, you can provide specific examples to back up your assertions that she’s hardworking, industrious, a good fit for the program, etc. I would use the opening paragraph to state that you recommend her with recommendations and say how you know the applicant. The other body paragraphs can point our her positive traits with specific examples of achievements or interactions you’ve had with her.

      • Specific examples are key. Give an anecdote to back up every characteristic you describe.
        Also, letters that admit to the faults of the applicant are better than letters that do nothing but glow (b/c then the reader is left to wonder what is being left out). But you can spin them to be positives. “While he was slow to adjust to the writing style required in our field, he responded very well to criticism and coaching and is now one of the best brief writers in our office.”

  • Rant: for the life of me I can’t return library books on time. That means my hold on Marie Kondo’s audio book is blocked. Maybe I need to stick with electronic files.
    Rant: my dog has to fast for an appointment at 2pm. I feel like the worst dog mom ever. I gave him a new toy and left so I don’t have to feel as guilty.
    Rave: The Caps were sloppy for a lot of the game last night, but the blocked shots were impressive and it was a thriller in the end.
    Rant: some men not even acknowledging that gender bias exists or bothering to listen to womens’ experiences. The crazy grandpa is funny, the crazy grandma is psycho. Hillary doesn’t even get to wear her hair in an unfashionable cut, let alone have wild crazy hair that makes Bernie look endearing in a bumbling old man sort of way. Or just you know, people thinking only women have vocal fry when it turns out it’s pretty evenly split.

    • Yes! To the last bit of your last rant about vocal fry.

      • Seriously. Did you hear the This American Life episode where they read letters about it? Ira has so much vocal fry, but it was all about the women contributors. Women talk less than men, but are perceived to talk more. It’s frustrating.
        I should note that I feel incredibly fortunate that I don’t necessarily feel these pressures in my daily life *that* much. I have a lot of leeway in what I can wear to work and still be considered professional and any time I’m about to speak in a meeting, but someone else cuts in, my (male) boss will go back to me after to make sure I’m heard. But it’s so frustrating to have a window into the pressure society puts on women and then have people completely deny that it exists.
        Though, the amount of time and money we’re expected to spend to look presentable is definitely annoying.

    • It’s such a double standard, I would hate to be a prominent figure with so much gendered venom going around and many ways to spew it. Not sure if you listen to This American Life, but episode 545 is awesome and has a segment about the double standard of vocal fry and women’s voices.

    • Second your last rant. Like, you can support your candidate, without completely trashing the other. I’m sick of the Berniebros using the election as a way to legitimize thier misogynistic feelings. For the record I support either candidate.

      • But not all Bernie supporters are Bernie bros, and people are forgetting this. I’d consider myself a feminist, I’m a woman, and I don’t like Hillary. And it has nothing to do with her gender, I just don’t like her as a person. It sucks that there are guys who are immaturely using Hillary being a woman to take away the credibility of Bernie supporters who just like Bernie as a person better than Hillary as a person. Likewise, Hillary shouldn’t get the nomination just *because* she’s a woman.

        • Unless you’ve met them both, I’m not sure you can say, “I like Bernie as a person better than Hillary as a person.” And I’m also uncertain where your affinity for someone’s public persona should rank in the “who am I going to support” decision making process. For sure, it’s behind “do I agree with their policies?” “are they remotely electable?” and “do the policies I agree with have a snowball’s chance of being implemented?”

          • You’re right. I haven’t met them both. But I compare Hillary’s experiences and the way she acts and know she doesn’t not relate to me or represent me. And I can work in a building with her and see her walk around in her bubble of staff compared to others who have held her position and know that the way she *works* is not the kind of person I’d necessarily want my president to be. Would I vote for her compared to the GOP candidate, sure, along party lines. Do I feel like Bernie sincerely understands and connects with “average” americans like me? Yes, I do.

          • Accountering

            I agree with FG on most except the ” Do I feel like Bernie sincerely understands and connects with “average” americans like me? Yes, I do.”
            We are not average. This city is full of extremely well educated young professionals that have self-selected into the most liberal, political city in the country, by far, and hold jobs that take that to another level (non-profits, think tanks, law) and our friends are just as liberal and political.
            Otherwise, I think DCD that do I like this person should be a bit down the list, certainly after the three questions they posed.
            Much like I would love to sit down with an educated Republican who could explain to me why the heck they think some of their policies are best, I would love to sit down with a Sanders supporter (i’ll buy the first round!) who can explain to me who picking Sanders (who has a much lower chance to win in the general) makes sense, when Clinton and Sanders agree on virtually everything, and their only differences are things that have ZERO chance of happening in the next 8 years (single payer, free college etc)

          • I agree with Accountering (surprise, surprise, right?). Their stance on policies is so very close that I support either. And I think it should be clear that no one is making a blanket statement that all Bernie supporters are Berniebros. There are idiots of all types, supporting all candidates.
            One of my problems with politics as a whole, and one that makes me like Hillary more, is that in this country we love a straightforward, completely unnuanced, story of a virtuous person, even better if they had a hard start in life, who is better than us, but no inaccessibly so, and who has never made a policy mistake or changed their opinion. We, as a country, are anti personal growth. And I hate it. People change and that’s a good thing. I don’t like that Hillary supported the Iraq war, but I like that she admits it was wrong and that she has changed her mind in time. Bernie bashing her for something that happened over 10 years ago, that can’t be changed, that she says she regrets plays into exactly what I hate and I like him less because of that.

          • HaileUnlikely

            I agree with Accountering too (doesn’t always happen). I personally do not like Hillary Clinton, but I would much rather have her as a president than any of the likely republican nominees, and I seriously fear that if Bernie is the democratic nominee, he will lose the general election.
            I usually vote democratic but I’m a lot less liberal than most here. I could live with and even consider voting for Jeb or Kasich (not saying I would vote for them, but it would not be the same no-brainer for me as Clinton vs. Trump/Cruz/Rubio), but I don’t foresee either of them getting the nomination, and all of the other republicans scare the hell out of me.

          • I’ve heard stories from people who have worked with or near HRC. She is apparently horrendously two-faced. She will cuss you out for a minor error, and a half-second later, smile and put her arm around you for a photo.
            Part of being a feminist (and I am one, in case anyone doubted) is wanting the best person to get the job, regardless of genital arrangement. HRC’s womanness isn’t enough to get me past her awful personality, or the fact that she’s so deep in the pockets of wall street that she tastes lint.

          • ” I personally do not like Hillary Clinton, but I would much rather have her as a president than any of the likely republican nominees, and I seriously fear that if Bernie is the democratic nominee, he will lose the general election.”
            I agree with this wholeheartedly, and I’ll take it a step further – I’d prefer her as President over Bernie. He terrifies me on foreign policy, and his domestic agenda is unrealistic (and in my view, often counterproductive).
            “I usually vote democratic but I’m a lot less liberal than most here. I could live with and even consider voting for . . . ”
            This is true for me as well – I’m less liberal them many here, and would vote for a republican in a vacuum (although not JEB! – his Terry Schiavo catastrophe disqualifies him for me, and the fact that Kasich qualifies as a moderate is truly horrifying. I had friends who worked for him on the Budget Committee, and he’s no moderate.) That said, with the far right controlling the House, and a potential Republican majority in the Senate, I wouldn’t vote for ANY republican this year, no matter how much I liked him or her. Between the agenda an unchecked GOP government would push, and the potential Supreme Court vacancies, I couldn’t do it.
            “She is apparently horrendously two-faced. She will cuss you out for a minor error, and a half-second later, smile and put her arm around you for a photo.”
            Well, I’m not sure I’d want a chief executive who would remain angry for more than a half-second over a minor error (though I know that’s not what you meant.) More to the point, how a president treats his staff is pretty far down on my list of criteria.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Yeah, I’d probably prefer Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders as the actual president as well. I like Bernie a lot, but really question whether he’s ready for prime time, mainly for the same reason you cite. There are lots of people I *like* who probably aren’t particularly well equipped to be president.

    • Farragut

      Re: your library book issue–Is it a forgetfulness thing, or a timing thing? One of the things that helps me is that I always create a reminder or event in my calendar for when something is due (or when I should renew it). It’s been nice with DCPL’s “10 renewals” policy instead of the most of the rest of the local library’s “2 renewals” policy. I’ve even left a book in my bag for a couple days until I actually had an errand that swung me by a library branch for return.

      • Oh, it’s totally an “I’ll do it tomorrow” thing. I can set all the reminders I want, but then I just tell myself I’m tired, I don’t want to stop tonight, I’ll make a special trip to walk over there later, etc.
        I also lose track of time about these things. If you asked me how long I’ve had the books I’d have to think about it pretty hard. It’s the same way with how I leave dishes in the sink and don’t realize how long they’ve been there.

    • Kindle and Overdrive have saved me from a fortune in overdue fees. When the loan is up, the file just disappears! It’s like they know me.

      • Best kept secret (or maybe it’s not a secret): You can keep the file and still return it on time if you turn off Wifi to your Kindle. Then the file ostensibly returns to the queue and others can check it out but you can also keep accessing the file until you’re finished. This has saved me so many times on long trips!

  • Rave: Flying home today! Can’t wait to see my fiance, parents, and Tiny Dog.
    Rant: I’ll have to leave Monday morning. This semester has been especially difficult after almost a month of being home with all of my favorite people. Feeling a bit like school is here but the rest of my life isn’t. I have great friends here but when I’m home alone at night it can be tough.
    Rave: Wedding planning is a nice distraction.
    Rant: Non-ugly invitations under thousands of dollars are hard to come by.

    • Haha, yes, I hear you on decently priced, non-ugly invitations. I ended up getting mine from MInted. They were pricier than sites like Zazzle and Vistaprint, but I liked their designs and you get promo codes when you sign up for their emails. And they have free address printing!!

      • +1. We used Wedding Paper Divas and watched until there was a good coupon code once we decided our favorite design. We seriously didn’t want a huge “suite” with cards for everything. We stuck with invite + one enclosure card that included reception information and our wedding website + RSVP. Even though our RSVP cards came with envelopes, we ended up making them “postcards” and stuck a label and stamp on the back. Postcard stamps are much cheaper! I think we ordered about 120 and it came to about $400. Not as cheap as we would’ve liked but considering how expensive they can get, we thought it wasn’t too terrible and the design was lovely–we got lots of compliments.

      • If you are doing a small wedding, try Paperless Post. We went with them because you can do smaller batch prints. And then have a really beautiful selection.

        • I do love Paperless Post and I’ve used them for quite a few events. We are inviting about 130 so, unfortunately, it won’t work great here.

    • That One Guy

      Maybe contact bond.co to see if they do invitations. It’s a neat concept and they may be receptive.

    • I know you’re busy with law school, etc, but we took a class at Paper Source on making invitations and it was a lot of fun. And I actually ended up deciding to make our invitations & enjoyed it. I used a very simple design and it was good for brainless productivity in front of the TV. Embossed stamps & envelope liners were a really nice touch without being too challenging, and we ended up just spending a couple hundred dollars on supplies.

      • This is something I would love to do and a good summer project. I didn’t know Paper Source offered classes. Great idea!

        • If I recall correctly, the wedding invite ones tended to be in February. Perhaps check their website or give your local store a call to ask? Even outside of a class, the staff is SUPER helpful in giving tips, showing you how to use various tools, and letting you experiment in the store before buying things. I was obsessed with that store for awhile.

          • This is great to know, thanks! If I can get my act together far enough out to have time to make them, I think I would enjoy it.

    • Re: non ugly invitations…we bought a customized design from an etsy artist and uploaded into vistaprint. The final etsy picture files were ~30 dollars and with the vistaprint printing I think it came out to 150 or less.

      • We did something similar, a friend gave us as her gift her graphic design skills and created our invitations and then we had them printed. We used catprint.com and spent less than $100 for the 40 or so we had printed (invite, information card, RSVP card, RSVP envelope, and main envelope).

      • I was looking around etsy and was wondering about the printing since a lot of collections were digital files. Thanks for the printing recs!

    • FtLincolnLove

      Do you have a friend who has graphic design skills who would be willing to help? For our wedding, we had one of our friends (who conveniently is a graphic designer) design our invitations for us and we had them printed using Vistaprint! We had the invite, the RSVP card, and a card directing people to the wedding website for lodging information/directions/etc.

    • Allison

      Not gonna lie, we bought wedding invitation kits off the shelf from Target. They come in various designs, with a little software CD that you install on your computer, and it guides you through adding text to the invitation. We had access to a good quality printer, so we just printed them ourselves. Cheapowedding for the win!

  • Rave: Great news from a colleague at work. So, so happy!
    Rave: I think my hormones are finally working again after my pregnancy loss. The next two weeks will be informative but I’m feeling really positive given the signs. It has been more than 2 months(!), I’m ready to move on and have my life back to somewhat normal. I really hope this is it.
    Rave: No rants today, I feel awesome and fortunate.

  • Rant: Need to start going to bed earlier, keep waking up late and took Uber to work all this week. Not a good way to spend $30 this week.
    Bernie really needs to brush up on foreign policy, its getting embarrassing at this point

    • Accountering

      I am just going to leave a +1 to the Bernie bit. His foreign policy knowledge is somewhere north of Donald Trumps knowledge, and that is not a good spot to be. Was last night the beginning of the end? Those of us who hate the idea of a republican president can only hope so!

    • Bernie is a one trick pony. That’s unlikely to change.

    • Not sticking up for Bernie here because he is pretty bad at foreign policy, but that’s why president’s have advisers and huge staff….

      • Accountering

        I mean, if you can’t handle some grasp of foreign policy expertise, just arguing about Wall Street and the 1% capturing too much income isn’t going to be enough.

      • This was one of the rationales used to advocate for W’s election. “So what if he knows nothing? He’ll have great advisors – look, he already has Dick Cheney as his running mate!” Doh!

        • +1 to that! I love Bernie. I align with him more than Hillary. But I recognize that he is just too domestic, and really, too liberal to be any sort of unifying force. Look how hard the right fights against Obama, and he’s actually fairly moderate (seriously, how do they call him a Socialist?).

          • Accountering

            I like Bernie a lot. I agree, Single Payer, and free college tuition, and increasing taxes (mostly eliminating their tax shelters) makes a ton of sense. I am also a pragmatist, who recognizes the importance of keeping a Republican out of the White House.
            A clip of Bernie Sanders saying “Yes, I am going to raise taxes on the middle class” will be played in thousands of ads in Ohio. Do we really think that won’t hurt him badly with independents, who decide every election?

          • And add to that his meager support by minorities – support that is critical to democrats winning swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Nevada, even Virginia . . . I really don’t see the argument. But, like Accountering, I’m happy to have someone explain it to me. (As opposed to just deriding me for being insufficiently progressive.)

  • Rave – Leaving work early and going to Nashville for the weekend!
    Rant – All the trash that is left behind in the melting snow piles is disgusting.

  • That One Guy

    Ordered an air plant for the Girl/Woman. It arrived last week and she claims she just picked up the package yesterday. I don’t know if the plant survived. Ugh.
    Time to move on.

    • That One Guy

      Also, wonder what would have happened if the Super Bowl was scheduled for next Sunday (Valentine’s Day). Haha.

  • Rant: thought there would be free food at the new pret. There was, but you needed a voucher :/ At least it was on the way.
    Rave: no problem getting my 2 week trip in May scheduled at work. It really can’t come soon enough.
    Rant: my body couldn’t decide if I was sick or not this week. I’m also taking 50,000 units of Vit D per my doc, but that’s a good thing.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Tried to sleep in a little this morning but was awakened by noise from a pocket of otters.
    Rave: The young lady at Whole Foods last night pushing samples of some type of spread and I overheard her say “It’s fat free and I’m totally not lying this time.”
    Rant: I think the P.O.s were judging my Super Bowl tree so I finally had to shut the living room curtains.

    • Ugg. Judgmental, noisy Pocket Otters. Is there anything worse?

      • I Dont Get It

        They don’t seem to be impressed that I have Bravo TV on in the background in my *office*. Haters!

      • I Dont Get It

        They were just discussing bears on the Meredith Viera show just now She said she was confused the first time she saw in P-Town sign saying that the “Bears are Coming”.

  • Bear

    Rave: This are fairly quiet at work, so I actually can use my nights and weekends to focus on getting my life back to some kind of normalcy. Between wedding, changing jobs, and a really busy orientation period, a lot of the day to day things things have slipped.
    Question for POPville: Where’s a good place to get my knives sharpened? I have a pretty decent set but they’re old and not working nearly as well as they used to. I know Annie’s used to offer this service, but I don’t see it on their website. Any suggestions?

    • I Dont Get It

      Logan Hardware on 14th St does it. There is also a booth at Union Market that offers this service.

      • Bear

        Do you know if they do it on site or if it’s only on certain days? I remember at Annie’s they only offered it on certain evenings. I’ll call over there when I have a chance, thanks for the recommendation! I think Logan will be a bit easier to get to since I moved out of the city.

        • I Dont Get It

          It’s done at the same station they make keys so I assume every day. You might want to call first. It a surprisingly cheap as I recall.

    • I think you can drop them off at Annie’s, and the same outfit that has the booth at Union Market will sharpen them. But it takes a week. If you end up calling Annie’s to confirm, let us know what you learn!

  • Rant: I feel like my wonderful boss has aged 10 years in the last twelve months due to stress both at home and from her superiors. She seems so ready to retire and I really hope she decides to, even as much as we’d miss her.
    Rave: Out of the blue, Serial is doing daily updates from the Adnan Syed hearing.
    Rant: I still I can’t get into Season 2. Just don’t care.
    Rave: Homemade vodka sauce came out perfect last night!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Working at home!
    Rant: Cleaning ladies are here, so two cranky kitties and one waaaaaay over-excited puppy are corralled in my study. Fun times.

  • Rant: I need to keep my big fat mouth shut. I told somebody something because I was proud but I think I hurt her feelings.
    Rave: started on my crazy pills this morning
    Rant: I was informed a side effect of this is nausea. Now I have images of me puking in class and my students freaking out and all wanting to be a hero. Perhaps this is why I’m on meds?

    • haha! yes, that’s what the meds are for! When I went off antidepressants (I was on them for migraines(, I realized that that had also, weirdly, helped to keep some of my anxiety issues in check, and so when I would get stressed out, I would “foresee” all these bizarre scenarios – my cat tries to follow me out the door but I don’t see her and accidentally slam the door on her, decapitating her; I fall down the subway steps; I trip on a grate and break my arm, etc. I still struggle with those types of “what if” mini-movies playing in my head in times of high anxiety. Maybe I need to find some crazy pills too. But first I’m going to try more yoga and meditation!

      • Quotia Zelda

        Wait, everybody doesn’t have these mini-movies? Oh.

        • Allison

          The doctor-word for these is “intrusive thoughts.” I get them too! Much worse when I have anxiety, and they become less constant/noticeable when I’m not anxious.

      • I have those mini-movies but specific to one issue – my ankles. I grew up with terrible ankles (spent probably a year of my life on crutches, had ankle reconstruction surgery in middle school, etc.) and to this day, I envision the horrible ankle turning scenarios (stepping off a curb into the street, my ankle turning, my foot breaking, and me falling into traffic) and then visibly shudder and have to shake my head to rid myself of the thought…

        • Bear

          OMG, I have these too! I played soccer for a long time and had multiple ankle injuries, so they’re pretty much shot (along with my knees). I am constantly afraid I’m going bite it and have horrid injuries requiring surgery. Of course, my fear might have something to do with the fact that I do actually bite it once every few months, usually because one of my ankles turns. Still have a scraped up knee and bruises from the last time, which was before the snow…

          • Glad I’m not the only one!! Yes – I end up going down pretty hard every couple of months too – and typically just the fault of my own two feet – so the terrifying visions in my head are usually based off truth. I’ve got the horrible ankle and knee surgeries out of the way, so if you ever need doc recs, let me know ;-).
            Be safe out there!

      • I’ve seen all those movies, repeatedly. The decapitated cat one, but also its sequel, where the cat climbs into the fridge without me noticing, and I close the door and go to work. Tripping into the street and getting hit by a bus. Dropping my keys down a sewer grate. Slicing off someone’s fingers as they reach to steal a piece of whatever I’m chopping…

        • So paranoid about the chopping one, especially since my toddler loves to watch & help in the kitchen. We have firm rules about where hands can be if I’m chopping & I pay very close attention. But yes, so scared about that one. Ditto about the mini-movies in general as well.

        • A guy a dated had a cat who liked to sneak into the refrigerator and I was always worrying about it and checking inside. The cat would hide at the back of shelves. That was many years ago but now I’ll probably start worrying even though there are no more cats.

        • binntp

          Oh, the keys down a sewer! I have that thought, too. It was made worse when a friend of mine accidentally dropped her keys down down an elevator shaft (you know the tiny space between the door and the frame?). I didn’t even realize that was a possibility and now every time I guard my keys with my life on the elevator.

      • Wait. I have mini-movies too, only recently one of my mini-movies actually turned out to be somewhat true. I think this means that my mini-movies will be around forever :/

      • Oh my god you guys! you all just made me feel so much less crazy! Thanks!

      • anonymouse_dianne

        This is why my door slamming cats get closed in the bedroom before I leave.

    • Just wanted to let you know, I emailed you those pics of my hair colors last night to the sugarcoated email you posted! Maybe a hair change will help with the anxiety? Hope you start feeling better with them!!

  • Rant: Eyes are dry and irritated tonight even after applying eye drops several times. Oy. This is going to be a long and uncomfortable day in front of the computer.
    Rave: Almost at the end of the week. Good plans with friends this weekend.
    Rave: Arlo Guthrie tonight!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I got last minute tix to see Arlo at Strathmore a couple years ago. I think I literally got the last seat in the last row but the acoustics are so fantastic it was a pleasure. He was playing with a band that included his son. And the patter was great – he told a funny story about trying to remember all the words to Alice’s Restaurant.

  • RAVE: Back to Europe in April for work! Hopefully snow will still be decent in the Alps. The parties in London already look stellar 😀
    RANT: Big^4 Boss bitch slapped us via email yesterday at 5:55pm. Wants an entire memo being re-written from scratch, despite getting enthusiastic sign-off from all senior officers. We all look like a bunch of dolts.

    • Accountering

      We have had a wonderful audit so far. Last year at this point, we were basically already discussing MASSIVE audit adjustments, so this has been great! Bummer that happened – sounds like it is back to the drawing board.

  • MAJOR RANT: My apartment flooded last night
    MAJOR RAVE: We were spared the worst of things – no personal items damaged and I think we’ll have a lot less that needs to be ripped up / out. Unlike our neighbors upstairs and the ones above them – I listened to their floors being ripped up at 3 in the morning, and I’m betting the ones above them are even worse. So far building management has been very kind and responsive, so here’s hoping this is easily, and quickly, remedied.
    Rant: I have a sinus infection and with all the commotion last night, only got about 2 1/2 – 3 hours sleep. I feel like a zombie right now.
    Rave: so far work is quiet….

    • Yikes! Glad to hear that none of your stuff was damaged.

      • Thanks, yeah! I’m at work for now and the engineers are supposedly doing an initial foray into the dry wall, etc. so we’ll see where we stand in a few hours, but I’m hoping it’s not going to be too much of a crazy mess! Oh well, good motivation to do a really big, huge, brutal spring clean!

      • OMFG. Got a call from the building folks. They have to rip up my kitchen and bathroom. Have to leave work soon so I can start moving all my shit to the opposite end of the apartment. This is going to be a nightmare. I keep reminding myself that in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that big of a deal. But in the present moment, this feels like a motherf$*ing nightmare.

  • Rant: Work stuff.
    Rave: Almost the weekend.
    Rant: Winter weather. Spring, I want you back!!
    Trying-to-look-on-the-bright-side rave: At least temperatures are above freezing.
    Rave: Kittycat actually let me watch an entire TV show in peace last night. (She was snoozing next to me. When she’s awake, all too often she wants attention from me and if I don’t give it to her, she’ll start nibbling on/tearing at the edges of magazines, library books, etc. Which means I have to either join her on the floor to placate her, or shut her in another room for the duration of the program.)

    • One of my cats will intentionally knock things off of surfaces when he’s looking for attention or food. The other will nibble on my fingers (or ears if I’m trying to sleep). Those little furballs know exactly what they’re doing, don’t they?

      • All too well!
        I need to chat again with my friend who’s now a professional trainer (mainly dogs, but sometimes cats) in California. Last time we talked she gave me some good advice about my cat, but somehow I’ve forgotten the details.

  • Note to the Prince: Strikeouts are fascist. Rest easy, you are not.

  • Rave: Had another great date earlier this week, and seeing him again tomorrow. Whee… I’m having the hardest time focusing on work. Trying not to think too much about it, but he’s sweet and seems really interested. We shall see!
    Rave: Friday! Looking forward to the weekend. Finally going to see the new Star Wars movie.
    Eek: Got my 90 day review coming up at the new job early next week. Eek eek eek. Hopefully I’ve been doing okay!

    • Accountering

      If you weren’t doing okay, you would probably know. I am sure all is fine. Fingers crossed for you, but I am sure it will go well!

      • Thanks! December was a little rocky, but it was overwhelmingly busy and I was still getting used to things. It seems like I’ve been doing okay since, but it’s still a bit nervewracking. I never really had reviews at my old job, so not entirely sure what to expect.

  • Rant: I sent my tenants TOPA documents due to upcoming sale of my property. They chose not to exercise their rights and have since vacated the property. The mail at the house is being flooded by all sorts of RE companies as well as advocates on Tenant Rights. It’s almost as if the city declares/announces when someone has submitted TOPA forms? How is this even legal?

    • Accountering

      It’s a pile of garbage. I agree with this in large corporate run buildings, but for the one off, it is a joke.

  • Rant: Corner guys decided to let themselves into my yard again to get high and drunk and leave their trash everywhere. Had to stop working again to ask them to leave and then let my large dog out to emphasize the point. The older I get, the more bothered I am by these stupid inconveniences of living in a city.

    Rave: Grew up in DC and, despite these annoyances, still love the city. For me, the good still outweighs the tiresome.

  • I Dont Get It

    Bonus Rant Since I’ll Forget by Monday: If I ask if you want to buzz up to Target with me for a minute, please let me know in advance if you intend to do some extreme couponing. #DealBreaker

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