UPDATE: Voucher Needed!! Pret a Manger soft opening 18th and M St, NW Location Tomorrow with Free Food

18th and M ST, NW

UPDATE: Voucher needed for the free food!!

A reader reports:

“Pret Opening at 1800M Opening tomorrow

They are offering free breakfast from 8am to 9am AND free lunch.

Soft launch tomorrow, official is on Sat.”

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  • You can barely go a block in that area without running into one of these.

  • Wow, I wonder if the food at this location will taste any different than the food at the Pret located at 19th and L or the one at 17th and K…

  • There’s a big clump of Prets to the south of this location, but none to the north. When I worked in Dupont it was a bit of a hike to get to any of the three (or four?) Prets near Farragut. At this spot it’s also competing with the best block of lunch options in the city – the 1800 block of M Street.
    This one is closer to Dupont, but it could have done better locating a block or two north of here. Thankfully, there are a million good lunch options near Dupont, so it wasn’t that big a problem.

  • I just stopped by on my way to work and got turned away for not having a voucher.

  • STOP! Only if you have a voucher. No free food otherwise.

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