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  • Sports Authority just declared bankruptcy. City Sports just closed. This doesn’t seem like a wonderful idea.

  • I wish we could get a more full service, one stop shopping, sports store, like Paragon Sports in NY. I don’t need to buy a team t-shirt, I need to find a place to get our tennis rackets re-strung and then grab a new pair of running sneakers.

    • A-M-E-N. Minus the tennis racquets, I think the REI in NoMA will be a godsend to this city regarding its lack of outdoors/sports retailers.

      • that’s what I’m hoping with the REI. Yes it won’t fulfill all my needs, but at least I can do several things at once–and no, not just six different versions of a nats hat for everyone in my family.

  • do they really have to put the “coming soon” sign in Chinese as well? We should just call the area Gallery Place now, it’s a joke at this point to pretend like there’s still a Chinese influence.

    • What does it matter? If nothing else, it’s a nice nod to tradition. Do signs in Spanish or Ethiopic annoy you too?

      • Just FYI, the predominant and official language of Ethiopia is called Amharic. I don’t believe there is such a language as Ethiopic. But I second your point on “Why does it matter?”

      • Making Starbucks have their sign in Chinese is only a nod to rich chains pushing out the old Chinese businesses and residents.

    • I think it’s part of the “settlement agreement” or something that businesses in Chinatown are required to put the names of their stores in Chinese (as well as English).
      I agree with Sproc — it’s a nice nod to tradition/history.

    • Chinatown exemplifies DC. Chinese signs by government mandate and not market demand.

    • Hmmm, do you really know anything about why the buildings have Chinese lettering?
      Every developer and retail/office tenant that does construction in the Chinatown neighborhood not only has to have their plans reviewed by the Chinatown but Chinatown conducts permit reviews at DCRA.
      -The Wah Luck House on 6th and H. Read up.
      -Metro PD Asian Liaison Division was previously housed on 7& H Street and recently moved to 3rd and Indiana

      I’m sure there’s more but just dropping a bit of info so you can re-think that comment. Happy Hump Day!

      • I know why they have the lettering, it just seems silly at this point since most Chinese businesses or residents have been priced out or left on their own. Wah Luck house is on its way out unfortunately, and multiple Chinese businesses have closed on H st have closed in past months. That Metro PD Asian Liaison office must be a cushy job at this point.

    • Actually, that’s Garrery Prace.
      I’ll be here all week.

  • Tangential, but does anyone else think that the Chinese signage for the Regal Gallery Place movie theater looks like they got someone to write the Chinese name with a Sharpie and then just blew it up to a large sign?

  • Modells bought the lease from City Sports which expires in about 3-4 years!!! After which the property will NOT renew it or offer a new one!!! The space was to be leased to another company (name hasn’t been public) once C.S. announced they would moving out of the space!!!

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