Alero Leaves Cleveland Park, However, A Mexican Restaurant Remains


Last week a reader sent word that Alero Cleveland Park had been removed from Alero’s website locations and a gank banner went up. When I stopped by they were closed but Alero U Street (Dupont Circle also remains Alero) confirms via email – alas providing scant details:

“That is correct, Alero Cleveland used to be part of our company.”

Anyone been to the now simply “Mexican Restaurant” above Medium Rare? The menu posted out front was the same – updates when more is known.

3500 Connecticut Ave, NW

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  • Can’t say I loved Alero, but this doesn’t look too promising. Hopefully they get a name/better sign soon… “Mexican Restaurant” isn’t particularly inviting.

  • I liked Alero Cleveland Park until they stopped happy hour on the patio. It went from being regularly full to half empty.

  • I’m not likely to eat at a place with a gank banner, either.

  • Didn’t a similar thing happen with the Allero in Columbia Heights? It doesn’t look promising now, but I was never a fan of Allero, so maybe this will end up being better.

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