I Love This Series at Petworth Citizen – Murakami Literary Cocktails in the Reading Room Tonight and Saturday


“February 5 – February 6
Feb 5 at 7 PM to Feb 6 at 11:59 PM

DC’s resident sherry expert Chantal Tseng (of RedEye Menus) is back behind the bar for her popular #GetLit literary cocktail series in the Reading Room. This weekend’s authorial inspiration: Haruki Murakami. Join us from 7pm-midnight Friday and Saturday nights for the most intellectual, inventive drinks DC has to offer. Bring your books and your friends.”

829 Upshur Street, NW

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  • Has anyone been to one of these before? Is it just $14 cocktail specials with an author’s name at the top of a menu? Or is there some kind of actual literary programming?

    I’d love to go to one of these if there were short readings of or about the author’s work or something like that. Maybe even have Upshur Street Books provide some copies of the author’s work to sell.

  • I love the Reading Room’s Get Lit series, and Chantal takes her work very seriously — have a chat with her and she’ll tell you all about how and why she chose and concocted the drinks based on the texts. There haven’t been any actual readings at the ones I’ve been to, but there has been organic discussion among the patrons who definitely lean more toward the literary-minded. That is to say, at the Bradbury reading we could lean over to perfect strangers at the next table (the back room only has 4 tables I think? maybe 5, plus 7 or so bar seats) and talk about Bradbury. I wouldn’t be surprised if readings popped up at some point (either “officially” or otherwise), and I believe Upshur St books brought some Murakami over for purchase last night.

    Take my comments with a huge grain of salt though — my partner and I are two incredibly book-nerdy people (one English PhD, another PhD candidate) who love cocktails and live in the neighborhood.

  • Uncanny. There was an event called Dance Dance Dance: a Murakami Inspired Affair on January 8th over at Steel Plate. Neat to see Mr. Murakami getting a husky dose of appreciation.


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