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  • interesting. do you know how much more retail space is left at city center?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      There’s still a few empty spots I noticed when passed by yesterday.

      • I still wish they had something a bit more mainstream here (and would also increase foot traffic). Many of these stores are not even welcoming looking. I understand they don’t need the masses to make money as a couple purchases can handle their daily targets, but the stuffiness can be felt on the street….
        Wish there was a Nordstrom.

        • Yeah, I wonder about the long term viability of the CC’s retail strategy. It is mostly all full now, but there still dosen’t seem to be any foot traffic outside of the restaurants. I know these places don’t trade in volume and the location is as much for branding and sales purposes. But, unlike 5th Ave, Michigan Ave, Union Square, there aren’t hords of window shoppers here either.

          • I’ve wondered from the beginning about this place. Conventioneers, the odd tourist, and federal workers are not a formula for high end success, even with a few high end office tenants in the mix. It’s telling they didn’t entice Aldens to move from F Street–they’re a higher end store than Allen Edmonds but actually seem to have customers, as well as quality that fits their prices. It’s interesting that the Conrad hotel is long overdue to break ground.

          • Probably makes no sense for Aldens to pay the higher rent at CC when they get good foot traffic right where it is.

          • City Center is just a place for the Qataris to park excess cash and generate some safe yield in an era of ZIRP and negative rates. Even if half the stores are empty, the Qataris don’t care so long as they can sell it 30 years down the road without complications. Their investment in CC is a hedge against future Middle East instability.

        • Nordstrom in Pentagon City does so well and is so well stocked, I cant really see the need for a Nordstrom in DC outside of the Nordstrom Rack that is already downtown.

          • Actually, the Pentagon City Nordstrom was downgraded to a B level store a number of years ago. If they’d gone into Georgetown Park, they could have replaced it with an A level store like Tysons.

          • The Pentagon City Nordstrom is big and has a big inventory. But it’s not a high quality Nordstrom. The last time I went in for alterations, they called the dept., but nobody came. So the sales associate made the markings – which, not surprisingly, weren’t done well so I had to have them re-altered.
            And the thought of trucking out to Tysons from DC is not appealing.
            Doesn’t have to be a Nordstrom, but a Bloomingdales or something too.

          • Bloomingdales is in Mazza Galerie along with Saks, Neimans, etc…

          • John H. Paul Stuart is a nice place to check out in CC. I had got their magazines for a long time and was happy to see a brick and mortar store. They have nice menswear as well.

  • WOW–It was not surprising when Burberry moved from Connecticut & M to City Center, but I must say how shocked I am that Gucci has moved from Chevy Chase to City Center. It’s rare that DC steals luxury retailers from either Chevy Chase/Friendship Heights or Tysons. Hope to see more of the same.

  • The one in Tyson’s is going to close and consolidate at City Center too. A lot of the luxury stores that were previously at Chevy Chase and Tyson’s will be moving to CC.

    • This is really interesting. CC must be offering the stores big rent concessions over their current deals in Chevy Chase and Tysons. These brands would be stupid to say no to free money.

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