GDoN “transformed into lavish residence” edition

This house is located at 2338 Massachusetts Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“JUST LISTED: Grand Embassy Row townhouse near Sheridan Circle newly renovated and transformed into lavish residence. Chef’s kitchen opens to family room/entertainment center with glass doors to southern terrace. Luxurious Master. High ceilings, wood floors, and generously proportioned rooms. A delight to behold!”


You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $2,995,000.

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  • The bathtub open in the bedroom like that is really weirding me out.

  • How do you spend that much money on a renovation without someone saying: “Hey, that bathtub that we were going to drop in the middle of a bedroom? Let’s go ahead and put that in a bathroom with walls..”

  • Maybe there are fine finishes that I am somehow failing to notice, but to me the only thing that seems lavish about this house/renovation is its price tag.

  • Is the bathtub on wood floor too? If so, I would be worried about getting the wood wet and ruining it…

  • I don’t get the whole “open concept bathroom and bedroom” look. It’ just silly. And on wood floors? Are you kidding me?

  • I think this is a beautiful renovation (agree with the comments re: the tub). I do have a gripe – and it is throughout the real estate industry – that list property taxes based on what they currently ARE. There is not way this house will have $4K property taxes. Mine are well over $6K, and my house is worth a fraction of this listing price. If this house sells for listing, the property taxes will automatically increase to approximately $22,000 a year. The agents know this.

  • The only time you are allowed to put a tub in the bedroom is when there is a spectacular view to be enjoyed from the bedroom, but not the bathroom.
    Even in this case, the tub should be closer to the actual bathroom.
    A giant mirror is not a worthwhile view.

  • I think it was a mistake to put the kitchen in the basement. The formal dining room is still upstairs. Inconvenient and odd.

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