SoulCycle at 14th and U St, NW had a very special guest last night


Thanks to Carleigh Smith for sending:

“Are Sasha & Malia at soul cycle on 14th? 5 cop cars and an SUV just hangin out”

Back in January the New York Times reported:

“The first lady arrives without fuss or fanfare, although her armored sport utility vehicle and Secret Service detail set her apart from the usual Lululemon-clad throng.

Michelle Obama is here to work out. She has come to put on professional cycling shoes, clip in to a stationary bicycle and engage in the steamy, heart-pounding, candlelit fitness obsession known as SoulCycle.”

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  • it must have been a pain to be a part of that class?

  • Carleigh Smith, about what time was this?

  • Mug of Glop

    We ran past here at about 7:15 last night and saw all those marked and unmarked cars with lights on, and were wondering whether maybe they had all pulled each other over. But this solves that mystery!

    • That would be funny. “You were speeding!” “No, YOU were speeding!” “Yeah, well, that guy ran a stop sign to catch me while I was speeding…”

  • Pretty sure this isn’t her first time there. I live around the corner and have seen the big collection of black SUVs in front a few times though usually late morning around 10am or so. Quite a hassle to do it at the end of rush hour as they take over the entire right lane.

  • Can someone please explain Soul Cycle to me? For what I understand, it is just people in a room riding stationary bikes with music. Wouldn’t riding outside be more fun?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Are you familiar with the popularity of cross fit?

      • Not really, I know it has something to do with throwing around a rope and jumping. I think all these exercise trends are beyond me. I just go out for a long run instead.

        • some people like to ride stationary bikes to music, inside, with other people who are also riding stationary bikes. other people like running. other people like crossfit. other people like to do ALL or NONE of those things. you might like some exercise trends if you tried them. but if not, feel free to stick to running outside.

          • It’s a great workout, but more expensive than most other workouts ($20-30 a 45 minute session). FYI, at SoulCycle and Flywheel your first session is free, which is why I went once and never again 🙂

          • soul cycle charges 20 for your first session now, but first at flywheel and zengo cycle are free. classpass is a great deal is you like spin classes at mutliple studios, but no soulcycle.

    • Who cares what is more fun? Instead, why don’t you just commend people for getting off the couch and exercising? Who cares how they choose to do it. Stick to your rides outside if that’s what pleases you.

  • She also partakes in workouts at solidcore on Mass Ave NW often… never quite understood it as I’m sure she can get the best trainers at the White House- but I’m sure she wants to get out!

  • jill biden would also frequent barre3 in georgetown

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