Final Sidewalk of Shame


I’m sorry I couldn’t get to everyone’s sidewalk of shame submission but this last one was one of the worse I’ve seen. Anyone know’s responsible for this section? A reader nominates:

“On P in Georgetown, just west of the bridge”

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  • Isn’t this abutting RCP?

  • That looks like the Pass of Caradhras in Lord of the Rings

  • As good a job as NPS did clearing Rock Creek Parkway, they seem to have completely neglected the heavily-used pedestrian path next to it. I saw a few very brave and foolish people actually running in the roadway on Sunday.

    • I saw this too and was thinking “ARE YOU CRAZY??”

      • Same here! Especially to the woman that was running in the middle of the road (as in, between the north going and south going traffic). That just seemed like a death wish to me.

    • I was one of the people :/
      my running buddy and I mostly stayed off the road but there were a couple parts of the trail that had such huge piles of snow that we had to detour briefly into the road. we ended up leaving the RCP trail at P street because we were sick of climbing over snow piles.

    • Unfortunately the NPS policy is to not plow Rock Creek Park trail I found this out the hard way Sunday, though wasn’t quite brave enough to shift to the road

      • This is a ridiculous policy, much like it is absurd that the sidewalks in the circles (Dupont, Scott, Thomas) aren’t plowed, either. First, the name of the agency is National PARK Service, not national commuter road service. Shouldn’t NPS be prioritizing peoples’ access to the PARK, not their ability to drive through it at 50MPH? Second, these urban “parks” are major thoroughfares for people walking and bicycling around DC. Aside from general bureaucratic disregard/incompetence, anybody know why such a “policy” exists?

  • On Sunday afternoon, I was a block away from this spot (taking the P Street exit off Rock Creek Parkway) and it was blocked off by a D.C. Parking Enforcement (??) car, with a Bobcat there removing snow. So maybe it’s now been remedied?

  • at this point you’d practically need refrigeration for the sidewalk to remain this bad. it’s almost an impressive feat of neglect.

    • That’s a bit of an illusion because of the extensive snow removal in the city. Anything shaded from the South is still pretty snowy.
      That said, this is still totally f-ed.

      • Agreed — snow that’s not in the sun melts MUCH more slowly.

        • No joke. The east side of our building is almost completely devoid of snow. The north side looks like it just snowed yesterday (yes, it’s shoveled, but there’s a big old pile in the tree lawn/lawn on either side, still).
          As a side note, and follow up on one of the earliest sidewalks of shame…I nearly had a heart attack to find that the gas station at 12th & Franklin NE FINALLY shoveled last Thursday or Friday. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I went to walk by and prepared to detour into the street (one of the neighbors just before there kindly shoveled a path from the sidewalk to the street). I have to assume they were warned/fined, since, as the submitter noted, they’ve NEVER shoveled before…EVER. They even cleared a path to get out to cross Franklin! Score one for enforcement, perhaps?

  • To be fair (to whom, I don’t know), the sidewalk immediately across the street on P is completely clear and has been since Tuesday (if not sooner).

    • That building is the Georgetown Gateway Condos (the main entrance is on Q). When I lived in a condo of similar size, we had a contract with a landscaping company to maintain lawns/shrubs in the summer, and do snow removal in the winter (a few years ago, someone complimented the crew for what a great job they’d done. Our condo board president – my next door neighbor – was quick to point out that the condo fees (that everyone thought were too high) paid for that snow removal contract).

      Now I’m on my own in a row house, shoveling my own snow, and cursing how often I have to cross the street with my dog when I walk her, so that we don’t have to go over the enormous piles of snow, or risk slipping and falling when you hit patches that have been packed down by foot traffic and turned to solid ice.

      • Not having to shovel snow/trim bushes/weed flower beds/cut grass is my favorite part of owning condos. Followed closely by having a responsive management company who can build relationships with repair/service companies so that we never have to wait long for service/get pretty good deals, and we don’t have to deal with the logistics ourselves (one email and it’s handled). Both are well worth the money. Some building go overboard with nice-but-not-necessary things (I’ve heard stories about insane budgets for fresh flowers in the lobby and other insanity like that…if the fees are reasonable and everyone’s on board with that, go ahead, but if people are screaming about the fees being too high, you don’t just spend thousands of dollars a year on pretty, perishable things), but for the basics…it’s nice to just write a check and be done with it.
        Thankfully, if I ever do buy a SFH, our landscaping/snow removal company is *really* reasonable and takes small jobs (while bigger than most SFH yards, our yard isn’t even really that big…some of the deeper lots in the neighborhood probably have more yard than we do owing to our building footprint being larger). If I ended up with a micro-yard, something that only justifies a push or electric mower and has 16′ of sidewalk period, I’d just do it myself. Anything bigger and I know there’s someone I could pay who wouldn’t gouge me/say the job was too small. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The north sidewalk on this bridge was cleared last Monday morning when I crossed this. I was very surprised but welcomed it. As a matter of fact there was a clear path on Florida to the north sidewalk on the bridge last Monday morning, even the crosswalk across the exit onto the Parkway. Unfortunately, by Monday evening the plows had come through and blocked the crossing for peds on the Florida side.

  • Also, one that hasn’t come up in the pictures but remains atrocious: The Pizza Hut at Georgia and Upshur.

  • maxwell smart

    This looks similar to a patch of Military Road at 30th street where this an open plot of land between residential – not sure whose responsibility it would be clear the sidewalk here, but it has since become the place to pile all of the snow from Military Road, which means the only way to make it along Military is actually on the road.

  • Also, the apartment building at the corner of 15th and R – doesn’t look like they’ve shoveled at all. Makes for some treacherous walking. I guess they’re waiting for the rain to take care of it?

  • In my 8 years in DC I’ve never seen that stretch of sidewalk cleared after a snowstorm and yet somehow I still manage to find myself often skating across it because I almost never remember. Ultimate sidewalk of shame because I always feel personally ashamed of my inability to learn!

  • That section of sidewalk is the responsibility of…..

    The DC government. Surprising I know.

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