This Sorta Sums Up The Street Situation for Tonight


A reader reports:

“There’s an articulated bus blocking both southbound lanes of GA ave at Princeton. It was turning north and apparently got stuck. No one can get by on Princeton and of course Georgia is seriously backed up.

Good luck in the storm!”

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  • The roads were awful tonight… It was a disaster. Took me almost 3 hours to get home and passed by 6 wrecks with people fishtailing if they drove over 5mph. Saw a poor park police officer eat it on the ice while he was trying to direct the crazies who thought turning around in the middle of Rock Creek Parkway would be a good idea. I hope they’re better prepared if we get anything Friday. Stay safe out there guys and don’t be crazy!

  • Took me an hour and a half to get home on what is normally a 15 min commute. Saw two accidents. My car fishtailed when I would accelerate or brake. Just had to sloooooooowly roll up Georgia ave. Surprised there was so little news coverage of this.

  • Pablo Raw

    WUSA9 reports 100 (onehundred) accidents already in Va. This is just the beginning.

  • Technically, the bus is blocking Spring rd, not Princeton Pl.
    Amusing that the Mayor sent out a newsletter tonight claiming the city is ready for this weekend’s storm, right when the flakes were starting to stick on the city’s untreated roads.

  • It was a MESS! I was in Farragut Square and the bus was scheduled to come in 58 mins. All the cabs were taken. I then turned to Uber and surge prices were 4.8 (which is INSANE). I agreed and then my phone died. I literally had no choice but to take the metro back to Bloomingdale. DC really falls apart in the snow.

    • You realize that’s like a 20 minute walk, right? Use your feet!!!!

      • 20 minute walk? You’re crazy. Try 40 minute walk. Google it.

        • I walked home to avoid bus traffic. It was slippery and cars were loosing control and gliding toward side walks. It did not feel safe.

      • So, what I do when emergency type situations hit, I let you do you and I’ll do me. And I won’t say that the choice you made to get yourself home safely in your own way was the wrong way unless it somehow negatively directly affected me. I also saw a bunch of people slip on the ice (myself included while I was walking my dog), so don’t be gross.

      • As a disabled person, I thank you for being callous and ignorant enough to assume that everyone has the exceptional mobility necessary to traverse icy conditions. I walk with a cane normally and would have been left in the same predicament as OP in these circumstances, there’s no way I could have safely walked home.

  • I was out there driving and I frankly do not want to event get into how long it took me to get back home. The fact that the roads seemingly were not prepped at all is ridiculous. I also saw a number of empty city buses and vehicles that apparently were just parked in the middle of the street blocking multiple lanes and abandoned. You would think the gov’t worker would try and at least move the car slightly to unblock the road. I know that they may not be able to make it up the hill, but dont block all of traffic and abadon your car. I do not expect DC to be prepared like Boston or NYC but this was just embarrassing.

  • That’s nuts! I’m thinking I’ll walk to work today to avoid the messiness that there will no doubt be (very thankful I have that option). I was a skeptic for the Friday/Saturday storm but now I’m all in. Everyone was so focused on the big storm that no one even knew this was coming!

  • Very self-congratulatory email from Mayor Bowser arrived in my inbox last night, boasting how the city will be ready for snow by Friday.


    • I am of the opinion that Bowser’s performance as mayor is lacking.

    • Well, admittedly, they are claiming to be ready for Friday’s storm, and have made no comment on yesterday’s minor snowfall – because clearly the snow team was not ready yesterday.

  • DC prepared as always.

  • I took cab up 14th street last night and there were three Metro buses stuck/parked in the southbound lanes around Belmont Street. The streets were extremely icy. Bravo Mayor Bowser (sarcasm)! This ticks me off – all of these accidents would have been avoided if the city did a little prep work. The weather forecasters had been predicting this snow all day yesterday….

    • While the lack of treatment was bad, to be fair, it’s not like VA and Maryland had their shiz together either. It’s a regional thing – but considering how flush DC is with cash, you’d think they would maybe buy a few more salt trucks…

  • Now that the roads are all solidly packed with snow and ice, they should be REALLY great by Saturday night!
    There’s really not much to be done now, they can’t pre-treat the roads with this crap already on them. Stay safe everyone, don’t drive unless you truly have to!

  • I gave up waiting for the D6 in Farragut Sq last night when the woman at the bus stop told me that she had been waiting for over 45 minutes. It took awhile but an unoccupied cab eventually came by and on the way home I proceeded to see 3 D6s stuck and not moving (two were stuck on Q St between 34th & 35th, one facing each direction, another was at Macarthur & Q). Hopefully I generated some good karma by inviting the woman who had been waiting to come with me so that the cab could drop her off by her work (I gathered that she is a cleaning lady for Georgetown on the overnight shift). I just wish I had tipped my cab driver more!

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