Update on The Infamous Archibald Walk Treehouse

Photo by PoPville flickr user Erin

The Infamous Archibald Walk Treehouse has been denied a permit but the owners say they’ll move it according to the Washington Post:

A District committee denied a request Thursday to allow a treehouse on Capitol Hill to jut about 20 inches into a narrow public alley — a win for opponents in the neighborhood who want it removed.

But the couple who built it vowed to keep the treehouse for their young daughters, saying they plan to move it a few inches to comply with city requirements.

There, now we can all be friends again…

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  • I love love love that the castle has a security camera over the drawbridge. Caption contest?

  • now can we talk about that God awful shade of blue and green painted on the main house and fence?

  • This case has been fascinating. Everything very quickly went from “who hates a tree house” to “who builds two feet on public land without a permit.” If I’m the neighbor I solve this problem with a spite treehouse rather than a legal battle.
    Also, “they plan to move it a few inches to comply with city requirements.” Isn’t it at least 20″ in the public right of way? How is that possible?

  • I hope those precious, precious children don’t suffer a moment of distress over this most recent development. Think of the children!

  • I’m not sure why this is a problem? Did it affect traffic flow?

  • As attorneys, these chuckleheads knew exactly what they were doing and that it violated the law.
    And yes, that security camera over the drawbridge is the perfect allegory for parenting in our paranoid era. That is straight up Banksy irony.

    • Yeah, that’s why they approached dcra before building and had their approval. When my neighborhood gets like this I’m getting the f out since at that point everyone is holed up in their million dollar homes bitching at everything they don’t agree with.

  • Perhaps it would sense to move the treehouse to the rowhouse in NE at which the family and their children actually live.

  • I am glad they have to move it – it was super obnoxious to place it there to begin with. If anything, the children will learn that being considerate and respectful of other people’s rights is the right thing to do.

  • I’m unclear as to why the neighbors are so against it. Does it impede traffic. Or is it just principle or spite?

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